Secular leftists demand Christian student senator resign for disagreeing with them

Isabella Chow, surrounded by secular leftist fascists
Isabella Chow, a Christian woman encircled by secular leftist fascists

I had to blog about this story about a tough girl at UC Berkeley who is taking a lot of heat for her Christian beliefs. It would have been easier for her to keep them private. But they forced her to vote, and she had to respect her conscience. Campus Reform posted an article about the facts of the case.

It says:

Isabella Chow is an elected student senator who represents the Associated Students of the University of California party Student Action. But after choosing to abstain from voting on a resolution to oppose the recent Title IX changes proposed by President Donald Trump, Chow’s own party disavowed her.

The proposed Title IX changes lack a legal definition of gender, effectively limiting “gender identity” to one’s physical sex, according to the Wall Street Journal.  The resolution before the Berkeley student government was a statement of opposition to these proposed changes, intended to display solidarity with members of the LGBT community, specifically “transgender, intersex, nonbinary and gender nonconforming students,” as reported by the independent student newspaper the Daily Californian.

That article was from November 9th, but The College Fix had some news in their article posted Monday:

Chow has faced intense backlash over her position, with numerous individuals slamming her on social media (one commenter on Facebook called Chow a “mental imbecile”) as well as in person. The response has been so hostile that Chow has made changes to how she gets around campus. “I don’t feel safe walking alone to class and take precautions not to walk alone at night,” Chow said.

Chow provided The Fix with multiple Internet postings openly accusing her of bigotry and hatred. One, from student senator Teddy Lake, said that Chow’s Christian beliefs “were not beliefs at all— they were hateful prejudices that deserve nothing less than the strongest condemnation.”

Several posts on the website Reddit were filled with angry comments. One commenter accused Chow of “sanctimonious holier-than-thou bullsh*t,” and another said: “She’s a horrible person.”

The editors of The Daily Californian published an editorial calling for Chow’s resignation, accusing her of “publicly dismissing the identities of individuals on campus” and “eras[ing] and dehuman[izing]” numerous Berkeley students.

“Chow used her powerful public platform to negate entire experiences and identities. UC Berkeley students cannot allow and accept leaders like Chow to make decisions on their behalf,” the editors wrote.

The campus’s Queer Alliance Resource Center, meanwhile, produced a statement in opposition to Chow.

“Her ‘love’ is no protection against the current oppression faced by trans, intersex, and non-binary individuals. Instead, her ‘love’ pads her condescending disapproval towards us and reminds us of our history of surviving so-called ‘love.’ Senator Chow’s ‘love’ is not of warmth and compassion but of judgement and disapproval. We cannot sit idly by while Chow sits on moral high ground casting moral judgements,” the statement reads.

The Center also produced a petition calling on Chow to resign.

[…]At a student senate meeting last week, numerous members of the Berkeley community publicly expressed their opinions, almost all of them explicitly critical of Chow.

“I condemn Isabella Chow’s words, not because they’re different from mine, but because they are dangerous, and inherently prejudiced. I encourage Senator Chow to reach a dialogue with queer-affirming Christian communities that LGBT existence is compatible with the love of God,” one student said.

Another attendee said to Chow: “Your Christian morals should not be in our student government or for any government; and if you cannot separate your religion from your job as a senator, please resign.”

Another accused Chow of “speaking words of hate, mashed under the name of love.”

Chow eventually approached The Daily Californian asking if the publication would run either a statement or an op-ed by her. The Daily refused to publish either.

She has sunk a ton of money into her education, and now she is at the mercy of far-left professors and TAs. For her sake, I hope that she is working toward a STEM degree. It will help her to find work going forward. This is definitely going to affect her whole life going forward – a lot of big companies aren’t going to hire someone like her who refuses to go along with the LGBT agenda. I hope she’s prepared for that.


I was watching this video from Prager University on resiliency, and it was talking about several ways that a person can make themselves defensible against unexpected setbacks.


I think it’s important for Christians to think carefully about what they will study and where they work. Having a good education and money makes it easier to deal with threats like the ones arrayed against Isabella. It allows you to find work more easily, to move if you have to, etc. It’s important to train your character by studying hard things, doing hard things and finishing what you start. Having a platform to tell your story is important. Having a network of accomplished friends helps, too.

If you marry, then marry someone with courage and strength, who will stand by you, and help you to persist. It’s a serious mistake to marry someone who doesn’t understand Christianity as service, and who doesn’t have any strength to deploy in case of a crisis. If you’re being attacked, you want a stable partner who has strength in practical areas, and informed convictions. Not someone who is drowning in sin, narcissism, student loan debt, peer pressure, drug addiction, reckless thrill-seeking, etc.

Some jobs and cities have a lot of anti-Christian progressives. It’s easier to avoid those if you have a good education, practical skills and a good resume. Often, the influence you have is going to be determined by the decisions you make to make yourself resilient. My ambition has always been to have an influence without allowing the secular left to easily silence me. If they know where I work, and where I live, then they can put pressure on me to recant my views. Conversely, if I am careful about education, career and finance, then I can put pressure on them to back off if they challenge me.

As we saw when fascists broke down the door at Tucker Carlson’s home, we are living in a time of secular leftist facism. And this fascism is defended even by the elites in the mainstream media.

Here’s a concept every Christian should know that people in information security speak about… being a “hard target”:

hard-target is a person who, due to their actions and/or appropriate protective measures, is able to minimize existing risks and thus most likely represents an unattractive target. Originally, these two terms come from the military and relate to protected and unprotected targets.

The Christian life is a lot more strategic than churches teach us. We’re obsessed with compassion, feelings, and not being judged. Instead, we should be focused on having an influence and making ourselves into hard targets for the secular culture. We have a sanitized view of how sin corrupts non-Christians, allowing them to do unspeakable evils to Christians who merely disagree with them. We think that secular leftists will behave like moral people, as if denying God’s existence makes no difference to a person’s ability to be moral. We think that nihilists will respect our basic human rights – human rights that they can’t even rationally ground in their worldview. And we think that God’s job is to protect us and make us feel good no matter how unprepared and reckless we are.

If you want to have an influence, then you need to make every decision wisely, in order to prepare for the day when your cover is blown behind enemy lines. Remember, with respect to God’s purposes in the world, your happiness is expendable.

17 thoughts on “Secular leftists demand Christian student senator resign for disagreeing with them”

  1. Although I dont think your encouraging people to avoid certain occupations based on the saturation of liberal minds I would think that this girl has a huge opportunity to share the gospel with people who maybe don’t fully understand it, provided she has been taught sound doctrine. As Christians I feel that we shouldn’t put too much stock into whether or not liberal minds are prevalent in a field of interest, but I wouldn’t say to ignore it entirely either. My uncle is a doctor, strangely enough a lot of doctors seemingly dont have a belief in God and he is constantly challenged for his beliefs both religiously and politically. I dont think he gave the possibility of this being a thing a thought when he was going through school and learning, but rather he saw every conflict as an opportunity to share Christ.

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    1. I think people need to be careful about standing up from a trench in front of a machine gun. The key is effectiveness. How to have an influence. If you make yourself an easy target and burn through capital defending yourself, then your influence is diminished.
      Why spend four years in an English department fighting the left and then when you come out, you can’t find a job? Instead, do computer science, avoid the left, make a ton of money, and then have an influence by supporting conservative candidates and PACs. For example.

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      1. Its the difference between proselytizing and simply living out a godly life. What you are referencing with your machine gun example I see as someone looking at a particular field and intentionally going in to proselytize instead of learn, which isn’t a very smart move. Spending four years in an English department while living a godly life that people are aware of is different than standing up and yelling “I’m a Christian, just so you know!”, which is just asking for trouble. At the same time it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if it was “discovered” you were a Christian. Your life should already reflect that, shouldn’t it? I can’t see the “cover blown” mentality working as a Christian in the situation you are talking about. Aside from majoring in any kind of academia right now is a silly move anyway.

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    2. I think there is a difference between a doctor or engineer and someone who has been completely turned over to their delusions. In my experiences on the sidewalk, a person who is technically or medically trained is going to hear me out, because I am coming at them with science, logic, philosophy, and hard facts – just the sort of approach that WK advocates on this site. Even if they are hostile to me personally, I can begin with “why do you hate science?” and that changes their posture immediately.

      On the other hand, a person who has been trained to think with his or her feelings is a much harder sell. Not impossible, but harder. I’m going to try to see if I can get them to think they are in the place of the child being aborted or show them graphic images or something that will evoke their emotions. I’m going to ask them if they would protest with me if Blacks were being whipped inside of the building. I’m going after their emotions on the moral argument for God’s existence, but it is a tough sell, because their minds are not particularly rational. I’m definitely going presuppositional in those situations, because they cannot even handle a simple syllogism.

      But, the truth is that there is another class of people – there are a LOT more people out there right now who have just been turned over to their delusions. They don’t want to hear our Gospel – they want us in prison or dead, and there is no reasoning with that. Those are the secular fascists WK is referring to. You can talk until you are blue in the face, show them Christ-like behavior all day long, and it is going to be extremely rare to see any change. It is demonic at this point. Truly I see this, every single day, and this post by WK is just one manifestation of it.

      It is going to be very interesting to see how many people from inside of the churches survive this – in the spiritual sense. I see near-zero preparation inside of the churches for the spiritual warfare that has already begun. The Christians that I see who are strong are not strong because of the churches they attend. They are strong in spite of them. And many of them don’t even attend church.

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      1. What I foresee happening is that Christians just stop wanting to have an influence at all. They’ll just save their Christianity for church on Sundays, and never act like a Christian outside of church, because they aren’t able to read people to know who is safe (the facts people) and know how to talk to the safe people. Christianity is already seen as a private feelings-oriented method of life enhancement. God is the cosmic butler – he doesn’t want me to do anything for him (like defend the unborn with science) that would make people dislike me. So, I’ll just hide my views when I’m in public.

        My alias is not so that I can hide my views from people at work. It’s so that random people on the Internet who read what I think can’t get me fired, or vandalize my house, or attack me in restaurants. And like I said in the post, I balance my education, career and finances in a way that should anything ever happen where I get cornered and have to lawyer up and fight it out in the courts, I’ve planned for that.

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        1. Yes, great points – in fact, this is already happening inside of the churches of my friends and myself. Those who speak of God’s Coming Judgment or pro-life are already cordoned off within the churches. We are allowed to conduct our activities – just not be too loud about it. Certainly not loud enough to affect the collection plates.

          I believe that many churches have an Underground Church within them. I consider myself a witness when I go into any church these days.

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        2. Your observations are quite valid. It’s not enough anymore to agree to disagree and walk away. Now it’s a finely tuned gotcha action plan to go after one’s livelihood, business, home, family, reputation, or to go full blown scorched earth to destroy one’s life. Keeping one’s faith base or tradition, and politics private is absolutely imperative for survival in so many toxic work cultures out there today. Just calmly stating a factual observation of the extreme sloth, chronic absenteeism and tardiness, and personal drama of snowflakes and single mommies in my work experience has cost me jobs and /or merit raises, and has brought reprimands from management who enables bad behavior, and celebrates single motherhood like some badge of honor. I’ve learned to bite my lip hard, do my job and others jobs as well, and frequently say the ancient Jesus Prayer “Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner”.

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    3. I have a Christian doctor. I’ve experienced the atheist doctors. What a contrast. My Christian doctor (D.O.) is genuinely compassionate and interested in my health and quality of life, and likes to offer natural treatment in lieu of pill pushing. The atheist doctors were cold, dismissive, narcissistic, and pill pushers. My 88 year old mother asked a doctor if he’d perform abortions. When he answered yes, she refused to accept treatment from him. She found a doctor who refused to perform abortions.

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  2. It’s tough to discern the right hills to die on / when to stand up / when not to stand up.
    There are plenty of Christian parachurch ministries which have been browbeaten and/or ousted off campus e.g., Harvard College Faith and Action (Feb. 2018) is on probation, Tufts de-recognized their evangelical/InterVarsity group as of 2012… David French has this article on National Review (2015):
    I am thankful for ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom) and their efforts.
    I do think it takes thinking on another level / being on a different gear to think about “how to influence the culture.” I’ve been trying to talk with various parachurch ministries especially on my alma mater to brainstorm ideas of how I (and/or others) might assist, for instance:
    * guest speaker on various topics
    * assisting with and/or leading various activities/events such as teaching on Christian spirituality and Christian doctrine/distinctiveness (and of course apologetics)
    * informally (via friendship) or more formally (via small group) doing leadership development, especially focusing on “understanding and being a cultural leader” (let’s just leave it that there are two schools in a northeast corner of the United States which are considered cultural elite, for different reasons, and Christian graduates thereof need to understand their role)
    * coordinating events (such as an apologetics conference) with assistance from college students to help them learn the ropes of organizing things in and outside the church, as well as pass on lessons/advice/wisdom

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    1. When I was an undergrad, my IVCF club was de-recognized. Then in grad school, our pro-life club was de-recognized. But we still had to pay fees so all the atheist pro-abortion clubs could have ample funding.

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  3. I submit that Christians, especially young Christian men, unless they are specifically pursuing a STEM career path, should steer clear of anti-male leftist universities and higher education in general. For STEM seekers, Christian and faith based STEM colleges like Le Tourneau University are a good choice. I further submit Christians learn and pursue trades, or entrepreneurship. From the feedback I hear from military men in my church, the military may no longer be a viable alternative. Still yet, I submit that even the more dirty, nasty, unglamorous, and even dangerous occupations will not be such a feces magnet to attract SJWs. Granted, you will have to deal somewhat with rough, irritable, and even toxic people in trades, and the occasional HR ditz. 4+ years of college, insurmountable student loan debt, hostile professors and classmates, worthless toilet paper degrees, and occupations in academia, government, the arts, women owned companies, feminized made for work jobs, and Silicone Valley type employers should best be avoided. The juice is not worth the squeeze.

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    1. I agree with everything you said 100%. My recommendation to young people right now is computer science at a low-cost non-party school, followed by a job in a small company not in a major city. People on the left are attracted to big liberal cities and big corporations.

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      1. Spot on. Millennials want to flock to large, often liberal urban areas, where they fall victim to an exorbitant cost of living, and further leftist indoctrination, not to mention the nihilism and atheism that goes hand-hand with this. I have a friend who graduated from an obscure small second tier engineering school with a B.S. in M.E. He ended up in a string of jobs over the next 15 years that neither utilized his skills and interests, and like many engineers, his wages topped out very quickly. He decided to go back to school to earn an M.B.A. And go deep into debt. But right before making a bad life decision (the guy is very level-headed), he met a man who owned a mid-sized aluminum foundry. The man offered him a job, and told him he’d train him in every aspect of the business that would be far superior to any university M.B.A. program, plus he’d not incur massive student loan debt. The guy is now the Plant Manager, makes a very nice living, and enjoys going to work daily.

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