Radical feminism changes men’s perceptions of women in the workplace

Radical feminists complain a lot about sexism, but damage is self-inflicted
Radical feminists complain a lot about sexism, but damage is self-inflicted

Lately, we’ve seen an outburst of radical feminism as more women have been equating actual rape and sexual assault with sexist comments or clumsy passes. How does this change how women are perceived in the workplace?

Here’s an article from Medium (H/T Tracy) by an anonymous male feminist.

The first point is about how women handle disagreement, compared to men:

When James Damore was asked for feedback from his supervisor and internally circulated his google memo, it got leaked, he got fired and women stayed at home the next Day because “for emotional reasons”

A ten page summary of data and analysis from Damore was enough to “emotional distress” the women at the company.

This lack of resilience and self-control disrupts the workplace, and results in lost productivity. If it turns into a lawsuit, the costs are even higher. This is in addition to women having fewer STEM degrees than men, working fewer hours than men, and taking months leave for pregnancy. Not to mention affirmative action hiring and promoting in order to meet quotas of women.

Second point, is increased hostility to men.

Look at this tweet from a writer at Teen Vogue:

Emily Lindin, a mainstreatm writer with a degree in music history, tweets her hatred of men
Emily Lindin, a mainstream writer with a degree in music history, tweets her hatred of men

She has 23,000 followers on Twitter – this woman is mainstream. I looked into her background a bit. No mention of a father at home, and a self-confessed “slutty” lifestyle from her early teens onward. Her entire writing career seems to be to attack everyone who disagrees with her promiscuity.

Feminism, as an ideology, does not allow women to prefer men who exhibit traditional masculine characteristics: providing, protecting, moral and spiritual leadership, chastity, fidelity. That’s “sexist”. So what’s left? Get drunk and have sex with the hot bad boys, since evaluating a man’s character is “sexist”. Then promote false accusations and misandry to get revenge against the hot bad boys you freely chose. This will only get worse as more radical feminists waste their 20s on hot bad boys, and raise more fatherless girls when they become single mothers by choice, in their 30s.

Do men want to work with women who hate men and make false accusations with people they disagree with? I’m a conservative, Christian, pro-life virgin. I disagree with all premarital sex. If this woman worked with me and found out my views, she would almost certainly get me fired.

Another article from Medium (H/T Wes) makes a third point about how conservatives are treated by liberal women in the workplace. The article is written by a female senior software engineer, who promotes STEM to women and the elderly. She is a self-described “moderate conservative”.


On September 27, 2017, I decided to attend the Atlanta Google Women Techmakers’ event “Idea Jam Session,” which was hosted at TechSquare Labs in Atlanta. At that time, I was still an active member of Women Who Code, the Atlanta GDG, and Google Women Techmakers and, perhaps naively, I just assumed that I had every right to attend the event like any other member of the group because I had not been banned.

Upon arriving at the event, Maggie immediately asked me to leave the room. At the door, she informed me that she would be extremely uncomfortable if I remained a member of the community because some of the views that I had expressed on Twitter are “very harmful to gender equality”. She then asked Daniel Sabeo, the event coordinator at TechSquare Labs, to escort me from the facility. I was deeply upset at being publicly humiliated, but left willingly without causing any disruption.

Two days later, I got an email from TechSquare Labs. Daniel had discussed the incident with Allen Nance, Paul Judge, and Rodney Sampson, the owners of the facility, and he informed me that they had collectively decided to ban me and my company from using their venue or attending any of their events because they were concerned about the “safety” of their members. I later learned from a fellow developer that Maggie had, in fact, told various people that I’d been stalking her.

[…]The following week, Martin Omander, GDG program manager for North America, formally banned me from the Google Developer Group and Google Women Techmakers and, again, declined to provide me with any details of the complaints against me or the rules that I’d allegedly violated.

How many women are likely to attack conservatives in the workplace?

Young, unmarried women voted 78% to 22% for Obama in 2008, according to exit polls.

Exit polls from the 2008 Obama vs McCain election
Exit polls from the 2008 Obama vs McCain election: unmarried women voters only

Obama was a radical feminist president who voted against banning infanticide multiple times as a state senator in Illinois. 78% of young, unmarried women voted for him anyway. Women who graduate from college in non-STEM fields are especially progressive. In my experience, young, unmarried women typically form their views by adapting to the dominant views of their community, which is overwhelmingly liberal on campus. In my experience, men are more likely to construct a worldview through reasoning and evaluating evidence.

I’ve personally never met a young, unmarried woman who could answer basic political questions, like naming prior terrorist attacks against the United States, US allies, or US assets abroad, or telling me the amount of the national debt. In my experience, young unmarried women are not concerned with the plight of women in Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan. They’re not concerned with spending money today that will be paid back by generations of taxpayers not yet born.

Instead, I usually hear that they are progressive because they want taxpayer-funded abortions, taxpayer-funded contraception, no-fault divorce, single mother welfare, student-loan forgiveness, etc. They want taxpayer-funded bailouts for problems caused by their own free choices. They feel that if society is paying for something, then it’s “normal” and they don’t have feel guilty about making poor choices. Their primary concern about politics is being able to do what they feel like without anyone disapproving. Everything bad that happens is “unexpected”, and so society should have to pay for it. It wasn’t their fault that their “follow-your-heart” plan didn’t work out.

I don’t even speak to young, unmarried women about religion and politics in the workplace. It doesn’t matter if we have the same views or not. Feeling offended and going full totalitarian is just too widespread. The rational choice for men is to disengage. I can have conversations safely about religion and politics with men, even if they disagree with me.

6 thoughts on “Radical feminism changes men’s perceptions of women in the workplace”

  1. And that really is the point. They use the intolerance of women and white knighting to shut down any and all dissent in a public venue. All a woman has to say is “I’m offended.” and suddenly there are questions to be answered. It’s a pretty impressive and effective means of pretending to be fair and open while excluding half the population from expressing an opinion.

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  2. So true! Also, let’s not forget the #metoo hysteria. I wrote an entire article as well on how the me too movement makes men afraid now to work with women, or mentor them due to feminist hysterics who would mistake even the slightest innocuous thing for some sort of coercion or sexual assault! Women are now a liability to work with for men, and I personally have had many great, intelligent and intellectual male teachers who were delightful to talk to pull away from talking intellectually with me in fear I might accuse them of something, or think I was trying to come on to them and create a liability. I have not been discriminated against for being a woman by men until the radical feminist movement decided all interactions with men are dangerous and male teachers pulled away from getting to know me as an intellectual out of fear of their careers being destroyed!

    It’s sort of an ironic paradox, to the liberals, what was once innocent is now profane, and what was profane is now acceptable. Cheap sex, hookups, “any family is a real family” propaganda, a do whatever you feel like consequence free attitude, political correctness, and so on are now perfectly normal, whereas being alone with a teacher, hugging your family members as a child, little girls wanting to play with dolls that are feminine, people valuing marriage and waiting, and jokes that are perceived as exactly what they are: silly nonsense, not soul crushing insults, are profane. I agree with you too, conservatives are now “in the closet” as many would seek to destroy their personal and professional lives! As to this #metoo business, I say #NotMe!

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  3. Though it will never happen in my lifetime it would be wise to remove the majority of women from the workplace and academia. Overall their introduction to these two institutions has diluted the market and made labor and degrees cheaper (As is the case with ANY kind of good on the market. Increased availability means decreased value.). Now men who have been the default breadwinners for most of history, unable to make a decent living wage. Who is surprised that the average household requires two incomes to survive when the introduction of women into the workplace doubled the available workers! Now employers can pay lower wages because their selection pool is much greater and there are plenty of workers willing to take a lower wage just to have a job.

    Academia suffers the same way. The market is flooded with degrees, useless ones at that, but those with degrees want to get paid more, regardless of what their degree is. Your degree in gender studies does not entitle you to make double what your coworkers get paid at every job you run to! Double, or triple, the degrees devalues ALL degrees!

    Add in the fact that women, without the proper venue to direct their motherly instincts toward, namely, children, will start to mother the adults around them and you get what you have explained in your post: Women who want everyone to have an equal outcome, who want to control everyone so that no one gets offended or their feelings hurt. They end up getting put into positions of power in the HR department and the whole business becomes a Nazi concentration camp.

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  4. I have always supported the idea to give tax credits to a stay at home mom’s that equals to some point govt subsidized daycare.

    That way they can have the real parent able to care for them and it costs no more to the govt, while removing a worker so more jobs are made.

    But those ideas are always opposed by the left

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  5. A man is smart to not be alone with any woman that is not one they are engaged to or married.

    I didn’t spend time alone with women overall. There were a few rare Christian women that I knew I could actually trust and we both kept things far from being mistaken. Even sitting far enough apart so no incidental contact could occur.

    It isn’t because isn’t just to be prudish it is to minimize the odds of being sued in a work where truth is irrelevant in the legal system.

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