UK police threatens those who disagree with NHS starvation of sick child #AlfieEvans

UK Police enforces the decrees of the government-run NHS
UK Police threatens anyone who dares express disagreement with the NHS

By now, everyone has heard about how an NHS hospital has essentially kidnapped a sick child from his parents, and they are trying to kill the (born) child through asphyxiation, starvation and dehydration. And it’s being performed by the government against the will of the child’s parents.

The parents want the child back so that they can take the child to a country that has modern healthcare facilities and skilled, moral medical personnel. Italy has volunteered to provide these things, and has even sent an air ambulance to transport the child. But the NHS instead wants to kill the child, because they have decreed that the child is unfit to live, i.e. – “life unworthy of life“.

The judge who initially ruled against the parents of little Alfie previously ruled that a patient in a minimally conscious state be starved to death, according to Life Site News. The appeals court judge also ruled against the child because the parents were hostile to the NHS. So, the NHS can’t release the child because his parents are “hostile to the NHS” after the NHS kidnapped and starved their child. This is the kind of legal reasoning that you can expect from the judges in the UK.

Government-run healthcare in practice

In the UK, the government runs a massive health care delivery system called the NHS. The NHS takes your money through taxes and then decide how to spend it according to their own priorities. The less they spend on healthcare, the more they can pay themselves in salary, benefits and pensions. Naturally, it’s very tempting for the NHS to kill their patients in order to cut costs and reduce their workload.

The NHS administration actually pays NHS hospitals “bounties” if the hospitals kill more patients by withdrawing treatment.

The UK Telegraph explains:

Hospitals are being paid millions of pounds to reach targets for the number of patients put on a controversial pathway for the withdrawal of life-saving treatment, according to data based on Freedom of Information requests.

The NHS regularly starves patients to death. Health care is a lot of work, and this is government. Would you go to the Post Office for health care? That’s what people are doing when they go to the NHS.

The priorities of the UK police

The UK police tweeted that they are busy monitoring Twitter for speech critical of the NHS. You might think that they have better things to do, like cracking down on sex-trafficking of underage British girls which happens in many, many UK cities. But it’s not politically correct to enforce laws against underage sex-trafficking, because it makes the UK’s far-left immigration policies look bad.

The UK Telegraph explains what happened in the most recent underage sex-trafficking case:

The newspaper’s probe alleges that social workers were aware of the abuse in the 1990s, but that it took police a decade to  launch Operation Chalice, an inquiry into child prostitution in the Telford area in which seven men were jailed.

It is also claimed that abused and trafficked children were considered “prostitutes” by council staff, that authorities did not keep details of abusers from Asian communities for fear of being accused of “racism” and that police failed to investigate one recent case five times until an MP intervened.

In several other underage sex-trafficking cases, the police also failed to act because it was not politically correct.

The UK police also thought that it was a good idea to arrest a 78-year-old pensioner for defending himself against a burglar who invaded his own home. That’s law enforcement, UK-style.

What does the NHS do instead of healthcare?

Here is an example of what the UK spends health care money on instead of spending it on sick children:

Josie Cunningham checked into a clinic last week to get rid of her unborn child, enabling her to create the face she believes she needs to be a porn and glamour model.

A series of doctors had told her the cosmetic surgery was too risky.

Josie, who terminated the unplanned pregnancy at 12 weeks, told the Sunday People: “I’m having this nose job no matter what gets in my way.

“Pregnancy was a major obstacle and an abortion was the answer to it – so that’s what I did.

[…]She had a £4,800 boob job and botox on the NHS, smoked and boozed while pregnant and ­admitted she had planned to abort her youngest child ­because she had a chance of going on Big Brother.

When government takes over control of healthcare, their ambition is simple. How can we use the money we are collecting for health care to buy votes from the voters so that we can get elected? A sick little child is useless to them, but an escort who wants to be a porn star has great value. She can vote for higher taxes, more government and better salary, benefits and pensions for the NHS employees. So, what she needs is therefore called “health care”. But what the parents of a sick child wants is not health care.

That’s what it means to go to a single payer system. You pay all your money to the government in taxes, and then they decide how to spend it to achieve their goals of buying votes and winning re-election. If you need an abortion, a sex change, breast enlargements, botox, or IVF for single women who can’t be bothered to marry, then the NHS has “health care” to trade for your vote. But if you have a sick child, then you are out of luck.

Fortunately for the NHS, their screw-ups can apparently be covered up by the judges and by the police. No American could accept such restrictions on liberty, security and prosperity. We are not slaves.

The Alfie Evans story might make you recall last year, when the NHS killed a sick child named Charlie Gard. This is not a rare occurence. I have covered literally dozens of NHS horror stories over the past 9 years. You can take a look at some of them here. The conditions in NHS hospitals are absolutely appalling, and the people who work there are lazy and incompetent. The politicians, administrators, judges and police all work together to cover up the failures, so that they can keep giving themselves exorbitant salaries, benefits and pensions at taxpayer expense.

14 thoughts on “UK police threatens those who disagree with NHS starvation of sick child #AlfieEvans”

  1. This kind of stuff makes the Futurama meme, “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.” seem a lot less humorous and a lot more a plea for help. Unfortunately no matter where mankind goes, his wicked and sinful nature will follow. I was really hoping that reports were true and that there were people willing to storm the hospital and take the child to Italy by force, but it didn’t happen, or, at least it hasn’t happened yet.


  2. Its indeed creepy thought policing. But perhaps it ought to be weighed against the fact that people are hurling death threats against hospital employees and major conservative figures are insinuating that in the US they’d use guns to liberate the boy.


    1. At some point the heel of crushing government control will be pricked by the needle in the hands of those being governed. The onus of weight is being placed on the governed and not the government, who is telling a mother and father that they, THE STATE, has deemed their child unworthy of life or the continued effort to allow them to live, and that the desires of the child’s parents are of no consequence. If allowed to continue it will spread until the government alone holds the keys to life and death, and who is worthy of both. Its a sad state, but it is one the state itself has created.
      Not sure where you hail from, but remember, the citizens of the United States once took up guns and assaulted a ship of tea over taxes. How much more so would people do such a thing over who controls their own life?


      1. I’m British. And I value the rule of law. Ideally, this is how civilized society functions if two sides on any issue cannot come to an agreement (& sadly, both parents and doctors thoroughly alienated one another by now). The judiciary ought to rule in accordance with the evidence and natural law; which has been how things were done before now.

        A depressing number of Alfie’s supporters are making death threats, setting off fire alarms when children are having operations inside, stopping ambulances getting in and upsetting families of other sick children. This is not how we do things in the UK and it is genuinely shameful. This is the reason why the police are taking steps here; to protect staff and patients.


        1. The entire purpose of the Rule of Law in any civilized nation is to protect the innocent and defenseless. At this British law has clearly and criminally failed (full disclosure: the state of the RoL is not much better here on the western shore of the Big Pond).

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I would agree that assaulting the hospital and disrupting the staff is counter-productive. At the same time I would assume that what your government is doing now with regard to restricting the boy from receiving care is also “not how you do things in the UK”, at least up until the past decade when governments, throughout the world, not just in the UK, have started to overstep their boundaries and micromanage the lives of their citizens. Honestly the posts I have seen on the Twitter pages from UK police make it easy to believe that they were “monitoring social media” simply for anyone speaking negatively about the NHS or government in general.

          The rule of law should be valued, but it should also be understood that even the law can be corrupted and turned into something that oppresses the people rather than protects them. When this happens people can either sit idly by and watch the beast grow until it consumes them or they can take preventative measures to prevent it from growing. As they say around here: “If not by the ballot box then by the bullet box”. Americans work hard to peaceably keep the rule of law and ensure that government officials do not overstep their boundaries, but when government officials blatantly break the law of the land, laws which guarantee freedom of life and self preservation, there could be a point that ballots make no difference.

          “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

          This is as it has been since the beginning of time. Because we are more “learned and cultured” means nothing. The hearts of men never change without Christ. We are altogether wicked beings and prone to take our given power and use it to control far beyond what is necessary. I pray it never comes to this, either in the US or the UK, but history tells me it will.

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          1. “What your government is doing now with regard to restricting the boy from receiving care…”

            The British Government is not doing anything. The judiciary is an independent branch, and is acting as arbitrator in a dispute between medical professionals, who believe on medical grounds it is wrong to move the boy and instead offer palliative care, and his parents. Nobody disputes the need for palliative care – even the Italians are aware that the only steps left are palliative.

            “Honestly the posts I have seen on the Twitter pages from UK police make it easy to believe that they were ‘monitoring social media’ simply for anyone speaking negatively about the NHS or government in general.”

            As I say, the posts are indeed creepy and Big Brotherish. I’ve been very outspoken about the British police and their online policing tactics – especially in relation to so-called ‘hate crime’. Just providing a little context as to why the police are involved in general.

            “As they say around here: ‘If not by the ballot box then by the bullet box’.”

            Thankfully, in this instance, we are far away from such an undesirable eventuality in the UK. But as someone who lives in Northern Ireland, I’m acutely sensitive to this rhetoric from our own folks and am aware of the pain and suffering caused by violent insurrection against percieved tyranny. I understand that America is a country founded on rebellion, but trust me from someone on the inside of that kind of conflict – you don’t want that, even in joking. I also pray it never comes to something like that.


  3. There is getting in the way of safe hospital operations and that isn’t good.

    But going against opposite thoughts are what repressive societies do.

    We aren’t far away from being a big brother society that wants us to rat out those around us that have politically incorrect thoughts. In order that the correct authorities can deal with the threat.


  4. Brother, I feel your frustration, I’ve been doing my small bit to help him out. Then, the father reads that obviously forced letter…

    Spurgeon and Chesterton would be turning over in their graves over what that great nation is becoming.


    1. Can I just recommend that, if anyone wants to really understand and grapple with the actual ethical issues at the core of this, they read the British Medical Journal guidelines which the Doctors and medical staff are referencing in their decision making:
      I’ve found that folks have an unfortunate tendency to demonize the hospital staff in this matter, which is deeply unfortunate. There are serious questions here for everyone to grapple with, with respect to parent’s desires coming into perceived conflict with a medical professional’s hippocratic oath etc. Incidentally, I don’t think the letter is forced, but is the act of a father trying to rebuild a relationship with the doctors treating his son, and averting further problems caused by the crowd surrounding and disrupting the hospital.


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