Trump cuckolds low information alt-right voters by reverting to 2013 pro-amnesty view

Donald Trump and his friends, the Clintons
Donald Trump and his friends, the Clintons

The so-called “alt-right” is a group of secular leftist white nationalists who supported Trump in the GOP primary because they thought he would be tough on immigration. They called traditional conservatives “cuckservatives” because they thought that voting for GOP primary candidates who had a record of being tough on immigration was less important than insults and vulgarity.  Well, just as policy-oriented conservatives predicted during the primary, Trump has reversed himself on his tough rhetoric and resumed the standard Democrat position on immigration: amnesty.

There are a whole bunch of posts about Trump’s reversal on immigration policy over at the Conservatives 4 Ted Cruz hub.

I want to focus on the “I told you so” comments especially.

The Hill reports:

Allies of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) say the former Republican presidential candidate saw Donald Trump’s “softening” on immigration coming.

“Everything Trump promises comes with an expiration date,” Amanda Carpenter, Cruz’s former Senate communications director, told Politico on Wednesday.

“We knew it during the primary, and now it is apparent he has duped his most loyal supporters on the issue they care about most, immigration,” she said. “Don’t say we didn’t warn them.”Chris Wilson, a top adviser during Cruz’s Oval Office bid, told the news outlet that Trump’s shift justifies Cruz’s decision not to endorse Trump, the Republican presidential nominee.

“It vindicates the speech, it vindicates what Ted Cruz warned would happen during the course of the campaign,” he said, referencing Cruz’s remarks at last month’s Republican National Convention.

“I do think, yes, the immigration point is another data point that he was right. It’s another data point that leads people to understand Ted Cruz knew what he was talking about, he was making the right decision.”

Rick Tyler, Cruz’s former campaign communications director, said that Trump’s evolving stance seems like amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“From what I have seen, he is now the pro-amnesty candidate,” he told Politico.

“If Trump is insistent on reversing himself on amnesty, then he will have fooled his entire base. He would have fooled enough people who voted for him to make him the Republican nominee. It’s deceitful; it was a betrayal.”

Cruz reminded voters during the primary: “Donald Trump will betray you on every issue. If you care about immigration, Donald is laughing at you”:

This is what Trump was saying in 2013:

In his own words: Donald Trump embraces amnesty in August 2013
In his own words: Donald Trump embraces amnesty in August 2013

The alt-right beta-male cuckservative Trump supporters were willfully ignorant, and Trump cuckolded them. Cruz supporters predicted this. The alt-right cuckolds chose a candidate based on confident words, not on proven battling for conservative causes. They didn’t know about Walker’s war against the unions over collective bargaining, or Jindal’s war against the Department of Education over vouchers or Cruz’s war against the Rubio and Obama amnesties. They listened to Trump’s words and foolishly misinterpreted his mocking insults and vulgarity as authenticity. Trump was, is and ever will be a Democrat with policies substantially similar to Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the Democrats he donated to many, many times. If the alt-right had cared about policy and proven record, they would never have chosen Trump.

Here is everything you need to know about Trump supporters in one video:

That’s every Trump supporter right there – including populist demagogues like Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc. Anyone who gave Trump any time at all to pretend to be a Republican, during the primary is that fool in the clip. That clip summarizes the whole primary. We had an educated, proven conservative who was defeated by low intelligence, low information voters.

I remember having conversations with my doctor, dentist, and other senior software engineers in my office about Trump’s obvious lack of intelligence. When we saw Trump answer questions in the debate, we instantly saw that Trump was not proficient in American history, structure of government, public policy, international affairs, economics, and so on. My dentist is a Democrat and the first thing he said to me was “how can you vote for a candidate who opposes free trade?” No conservative (or Christian) could vote for that, and to make it clear, none have. Trump gets his support from people like the one in the video – people who just don’t know what they are talking about.

This is what the beta-male cucks in the alt-right voted for:

Trump’s only skill in life was ability to inherit wealth. That’s it. The rest of his life has been committing adultery, hosting beauty pageants and declaring bankruptcy several times. Trump is not qualified for any kind of professional work. The presidency is a professional job and requires experience, judgment and proven ability. If we want to have a free country with the rule of law, then we need the alt-right people to stop getting their marching orders from the National Enquirer.

11 thoughts on “Trump cuckolds low information alt-right voters by reverting to 2013 pro-amnesty view”

  1. I heard Trump directly speak and not from someone’s take on his words to twist and spin

    Trump said he was abiding by the Laws of the US in ref to illegal aliens

    And no illegal alien would receive American Citizenship

    Trump’s plan will be out in detail soon


    1. In his own words, he embraced amnesty – people who came here illegally would get automatic green cards, and their children will get citizenship and vote for bigger government and more welfare. Trump is a Democrat. He is liberal on everything from abortion rights, to gay rights, to federal spending to amnesty. His supporters never looked at his political record and his political donations. It’s Democrat down the line. You have to look at the person’s record to know what they will really do. Not stories printed in the National Enquirer. Seriously, a Trump supporter is not informed enough to vote. They don’t understand the Constitution, and are not real conservatives or Christians. We need to deport them all to Mexico, then build a wall to keep them out. There they will fit in with the other big-government socialists. That would make America great again, and we could have a real Christian conservative like Cruz as the 2020 nominee.


  2. @Wintry Knight

    I would invite you to visit Vox Day’s site, particularly this post.

    “The Alt Right believes Western civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement and supports its three foundational pillars: Christianity, the European nations, and the Rule of Law.”

    There’s plenty of atheists in the Alt. Right movement but the ideology is far more diverse than people might believe.

    I sense a lot of the confusion by #NeverTrump folk is they don’t realize the political paradigm has transformed. It’s not longer conservative v. liberal. It’s nationalism v. globalism, and liberals and conservatives can be found on both sides.

    Trump is not a conservative yet he is not a leftist in the traditional sense. He donated to campaigns like Clinton’s not because he likes their politics but so they would either cooperate or not interfere with his business affairs. He’s an opportunist.

    What he is, is not beholden to anyone but himself. That makes him a threat for reasons that have nothing to do with partisan politics, per se.

    There is a reason why his rallies got attacked by mass mobs and not other Republicans.

    Personally I don’t care what Trump says about what he will do if elected. Writing checks you can’t cash is the name of the game when running president. Ronald Reagan couldn’t even kill off the Dept. of Education during his “Revolution.” George W. Bush said in 2000 he’d get out of nation-building as Clinton had done for eight years.

    The problem in this country were not and will never get solved by electing the right man into the White House, which is why some Alt. Right men like Jack Donovan prefer that Hillary get elected so American men will finally accept that.


    1. The official immigration policy of the alt-right is now that illegal immigrants pay a fine and back taxes and then get permanent residency. That is amnesty, and it is equivalent to the Rubio Gang of Eight bill. That is Trump’s view, it is Vox Day’s view, it is the view of the alt right as a whole. You were always for amnesty, and never for a wall. This is your guy.


        1. The thing about Cruz is that he wasn’t looking tot he state to save us. He was going to abolish or cripple 5 federal departments. If you’re a small government / limited government guy, as I am, Cruz was your man. Trump was for expanding ethanol subsidies and for maintaining entitlements (unreformed). Trump is big government, and Trump is corruption.


          1. Apologies for the delayed response.

            I don’t really have a view on Cruz either way other than to say I’m too cynical about the political process to think anyone who might change anything will get near the Oval Office. It’s why even if I supported everything Trump said I wouldn’t put my faith in him.

            You’re right about one thing: the Alt. Right is making, in my opinion, a terrible tactical error by making Trump inextricably linked to their movement when he doesn’t even claim to be a part of it. He could and probably will change his stance on key fundamental issues to them and put them in a position of renouncing their “god emperor” or compromising – the very thing they lambast conservatives for.

            A lot of us who supported Ron Paul in 2012 saw him get treated like garbage by the GOP. He also felt like he wouldn’t be able to accomplish much even if elected. That was sort of an epiphany moment for a lot of people that “our guy” was never going to get elected and to win a man has to fight dirty and at best they can be a thorn in the side of the enemy.

            My main contention is that the frame of the discussion is no longer conservative versus liberal as it has been for decades. I’ve predicted before that by 2020 we will have an out-and-out nationalist party, and this election is the planting the seeds for it. Whether Trump loses or wins, I believe he is in the process of creating it – unwittingly or not.


  3. “Trump reminded voters during the primary: “Donald Trump will betray you on every issue. If you care about immigration, Donald is laughing at you”:

    Do you mean
    Cruz reminded voters during the primary: “Donald Trump will betray you on every issue. If you care about immigration, Donald is laughing at you”:?


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