Bisexual Latino professor chased out of CSU Northridge for being too conservative

Young people seem to like gay marriage more than they like individual liberties
Young people seem to like gay marriage more than they like individual liberties

This College Fix article is a must read. Don’t just read my excerpt, you need to click through and read it all. (H/T Katy)


Even when one can check off a few “minority” or “marginalized” boxes, if they have their own opinions that run afoul of the party line, they’re the enemy.

Case in point: Professor Robert Lopez of California State University Northridge, who has been harassed and vilified by students and peers to the point that he can’t stand his work environment anymore and he is leaving his position as an English professor — and the safety of tenure with it.

[…]As Lopez explained on American Thinker on May 26, he was also the target of frivolous student complaints, “including charges that I ‘had erections while teaching,’ called Helen of Troy ‘promiscuous,’ and said that liberals were ‘nutjobs.’”

As for the administrative Title IX probe into his decision to allow students to attend the pro-traditional family conference at the Reagan Presidential Library, the investigation remains “open and undecided after 600 days.”

“The case was based on a gay student claiming he had a nervous breakdown because of anti-gay ‘targeting’ at the Reagan Library and a woman who claimed I did not nominate her for an award because she alleged that the five female speakers at the Reagan Library were ‘anti-female,’” Lopez explained, adding:

By 2014 I could no longer trust any of my students. I was teaching like a robot: come in, hook up the laptop, give one of my canned lectures, tell the jokes at all the right junctures, try not to screw up, and get out before students can get into any unsupervised conversations. I had an inkling which of my colleagues were planting students in my class to annoy me – at first I thought I was crazy to suspect it – but when it was clear that most of the people lodging weird complaints had the same few professors as mentors, I knew that there were no real coincidences anymore. You don’t try to guess who the snipers are; just assume they are all out to get you, and never get close.

In the end, it was all too much for Lopez.

“I had served for eight years under a dean trained in Women’s Studies, surrounded in her executive suite by lesbians and feminists, who hated me for celebrating the beauty and glory of chastity and Biblical love. I could not have my relationship with Jesus Christ and this job simultaneously. The choice was not that difficult,” Professor Lopez explained in a June 7 op-ed in The Daily Caller. “It is a rare thing for a relatively young scholar to walk away from tenure after three years. But salvation is also a rare thing. So is happiness.”

Tenure did not protect the professor at Marquette university either. This is one of the reasons that I decided to abandon my plan to go for a PhD. If tenure only protects liberals, then there is no point wasting time and money on a PhD in order to teach at a secular university. Black conservative professors face similar hatred. As the article shows, there is no tolerance or diversity at the modern secular university. Secularism doesn’t produce open-mindedness, it produces fascistic bigotry.

So what do we learn? This is yet more evidence for the advice that I give the young Christians who I mentor about what to study. If you are going to blow $15,000 a year on a university education, you cannot study politicized brainwashing nonsense that teaches you nothing useful for getting a job. You need to stick with STEM degrees – especially math, engineering, physics, chemistry, etc.  Get in, keep your mouth shut, get a job, and then when you vote, vote to cut off all subsidies for state universities.

5 thoughts on “Bisexual Latino professor chased out of CSU Northridge for being too conservative”

  1. If you are going to college consider a community college for the first 2 years. Cheaper, more business like attitude and while not poz free, they seem to be less infected. Many CC’s have agreements with good 4 year universities. Here in CA for example, the UC system, which generally is well regarded for STEM, has TAG, transfer agreement guarantee for 6 of the 10 UC’s. This means you are guaranteed a slot for your chosen major if you meet the criteria, take the appropriate classes and maintain a GPA of 3.0 – 3.4 depending on degree. Also, it is my understanding that transferring into a top tier college may be easier then getting in as a freshman. I am following this path with my boy, he is in a CC doing good and we will be taking a swing at UC Berkeley (one of the UC’s that does not do TAG) and a couple of top tier engineering schools. Worst case he ends up with a very good engineering education at one of the 6 UC’s.


  2. STEM subjects are fine, BUT, I don’t – can’t – agree that there’s no point studying anything else. My research area is late ancient saints’ lives and liturgies. I translate Greek,Syriac,Aramaic, Coptic, Irish and Latin texts. Bible translations don’t do themselves! Imagine if you could read the language Jesus spoke, think of the Lord’s Prayer as he actually said it! what does ‘your name’ actually mean in context? Why God’s holy name rather than God? The last research paper I gave on ‘Searching for God in the Desert’, a study of the types of prayer people used in the Egyptian desert in the 2nd-4th centuries,and it’s introduced me to new prayer inspiration to incorporate into my own spiritual life.

    There are as many tracks leading to the road to God as there are people,

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  3. STEM areas may produce more well grounded people as they have to deal with the world as it is, and not they would like it, but I have met some loopy physics majors, and when I was one we made fun of the engineers. Used to say they were actually commerce majors, with enough science to get by. But at least they weren’t Arts majors. ;-)

    I am joking, but after reading some of these articles …..


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