Feminism triumphant: day care workers convicted of abusing children

Children need their mothers for at least two years after birth, and five years is best
Children need their mothers for at least two years after birth, and five years is best

Northern Virginia is one of the wealthiest areas of the country, because so many rich government workers live there and work in Washington, D.C.. Housing prices are high, and women often join their husbands in the workplace, in order to afford more and better things to show off to the neighbors.

But what happens to the young pre-school children? No problem, say Hillary Clinton and the radical feminists: we can just hand them off to strangers to raise, because children don’t really need a mother in the home in order to do well. After all, we have to make men and women identical, because feminism! No gender distinctions, because that would be sexism, and sexism is bad.

NBC News reports on what happened next:

Previously happy children became aggressive, were afraid of water and even stopped talking after they were abused at a day care center in Northern Virginia, emotional parents testified Monday in Manassas.

The trial of Sarah Jordan began Monday. Jordan is one of two women accused of abusing children age 16 months to 2 years old at Minnieland Academy at The Glen in Woodbridge. Jordan faces 37 charges in the alleged abuse of 13 toddlers.

Ten parents spoke Monday, some in tears, about seeing dramatic changes in their children after they joined Jordan’s classroom.

One after the other, parents testified about troubling behavior that emerged when their little ones were moved into Jordan’s class of toddlers, nicknamed “The Monkey Room.”

Parents said their children became aggressive at home, stomped on their parents toes and became afraid of water. Some refused to bathe, their parents said, and most cried when they were dropped off at the center.

Police say the behavior is the result of Jordan and Kierra Spriggs, who also is accused of abuse, spraying children with a hose and encouraging them to bite and fight each other.

One father, Adam Smith, testified that his daughter “completely stopped talking” once she was in Jordan’s care.

And there are updates on the trials of the two women  who were accused of abusing the children.

This one from the Washington Post:

A judge on Wednesday found a former day-care worker guilty of emotionally and physically abusing seven toddlers who were in her care at the Minnieland Academy in Woodbridge.

Sarah A. Jordan, 31, of Woodbridge, was convicted of seven felony counts of child cruelty and six misdemeanors in a bench trial before Prince William County Circuit Court Judge Tracy C. Hudson.

She faces a maximum sentence of 41 years and is being held without bail until her sentencing, set for May 6.

Jordan showed no emotion as the verdict was rendered. Parents of some of the children wept in the courtroom.

Jordan had pleaded not guilty and denied all accusations that she sprayed children full force with a hose and pitted some children against each other to fight, among other acts.

Jordan worked at the day-care center until August 2013 and was arrested three months later.

Here’s the latest news from NBC News:

A Virginia daycare teacher accused of turning her classroom of 2-year-olds into a “baby fight club” was knocked out by a jury on Thursday.

Kierra Spriggs was convicted of child cruelty and other abusive behavior charges after a two-week trial in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.

She was found guilty of four felony counts of child cruelty and two misdemeanor counts of assault and battery, according to NBC Washington. She could get up to five years in prison on each of the felony count convictions and a year for each misdemeanor count.

[…]At trial, witnesses described how Spriggs forced twin sisters to fight each other. They said Spriggs regularly mistreated the kids by stomping on bares toes, dunking them in cold water, and throwing them on cots.

[…]Shanna Greisen said she pulled her 21-month-old son out of Minnieland because dreaded going to daycare.

“He would just cry,” she told NBC Washington. “He would throw himself on the floor, you know. Just, ‘No mommy, no mommy.'”

Ah, but the show must go on, mothers of young children, so no use crying about it. The important thing is that mothers of young children keep on paying taxes to big government. Big government needs their tax money to buy other people’s votes.

Christians on board with feminism

The Gospel Coalition, which has embraced radical feminism for some time, celebrates daycare for 3-month-old children:

After 12 weeks of glorious (and delirious) maternity leave, I returned to my job. I worked out a solution with my boss to return in a capacity my husband and I felt would be wise for our family. While my work may look different than some other moms, I believe I am serving God faithfully in it, by his grace.

Three months, then back to work. All you have to do is claim that God is leading you to do it, (through your feelings), and poof! Divine approval for radical feminism.

My friend McKenzie, who sent me that article, wondered if the Gospel Coalition was just becoming Salon.com for Christians. All you have to do is take an article from a radically leftist publication, add a few Bible verses, and you have something to post on the Gospel Coalition. That’s how far radical feminism has spread, I guess. Once upon a time, women used to value men who had good practical degrees, good resumes, and good jobs – so that they could be stay-at-home moms and meet their childrens’ needs. Now, it’s just follow your heart. There’s no planning for the needs of children.

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3 thoughts on “Feminism triumphant: day care workers convicted of abusing children”

  1. Lori Alexander is doing a good job leaving some Bible based/truth based comments over there, but the “my personal experience” brigade is refusing to listen to her.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. breaks.my.heart.

    I have been a sahm all the way through, and my girls are now 16 and 18 … and I still haven’t found a good time to go back to work. granted, my 16yo has special needs and was in special ed from kinder till I pulled her out to homeschool. and I do not have any extended family support. and we do not know yet at which age she will be completely self-sufficient and able to be alone enough for me to be unavailable.

    still … the stories I heard echoed over the years repeated themselves:

    “You really *know* your kids!” this one always surprised me, but I heard it every year from the time my oldest began kindergarten, and especially when my sped kid began kinder. it was always stated with a kind of amazement. and I always wondered … how could I not know my kids? I was also always surprised at how many parents of special ed children were not involved in their education, leaving it all to the school. broke.my.heart.

    “I told them to stop working and stay home.” this one from the local police officer who worked directly with our schools. she spent a lot of time in the schools, and so I had opportunity to share several conversations with her over the years. without breaking confidences, she shared how many kids were struggling, on the brink of really tough stuff – middle schoolers, mostly, and the parents were lost as to what to do. she would tell them that they need a parent to stop working and be in the home. idk how many took her advice, but she was right.

    I don’t buy that kids only need a parent at home for just the first five years. imho, kids never outgrow the need to know a parent is available. my kids and I have heard their peers say many times over the years that they couldn’t call their mom and/or dad b/c they were working and would not be available to them.

    I also remember the years before kids, when I worked full-time … hearing female co-workers arguing with their husbands over the phone as to who should go pick up the sick kid from day care / school. that always incensed me. I decided then that if I ever had kids, I never wanted them to feel like I wouldn’t be there for them. and they’ll be the first to tell you, their mom is there for them.

    and … many people will tell you … when they need volunteers, they always go for the working mom b/c she already has child care lined up, and she’s used to being away from her kid(s).


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