Pro-lifers win: abortion clinics closing at record pace

I'm Scheming Unborn Baby, and I approve this study
I’m Scheming Unborn Baby, and I approve this report

Today is likely to be a rough day for conservatives in the election, as many “evangelical Christians” and “conservatives” elect a con man who openly supports funding Planned Parenthood, and who describes himself as “very pro-choice”. Depressing.

Well, there is good news on the abortion front, from Life News.


Abortion clinics are closing at a record pace across the country as they fail to meet new health and safety requirements and the demand for their business drops, according to a Bloomberg analysis.

While abortion activists blame the closures on laws that require basic health and safety protections for patients, the report indicates that many factors are involved, including the lack of business and fewer doctors willing to do abortions. These numbers, coupled with plunging national abortion statistics, point to the fact that fewer women actually want abortions. As modern technology shows clear pictures of unborn babies in the womb, and as more pro-life groups offer women alternatives to abortion, more women have access to the education and resources to choose life for their unborn babies.

Since 2011, at least 162 abortion clinics have shut or stopped doing abortions; 21 new abortion clinics opened in that same time period, the report states. The top four states that saw abortion clinics close were Texas with 30-plus, Iowa with 14, Michigan with 13 and California with 12, according to the report. A report from Operation Rescue also showed 53 abortion clinics closed in 2015 alone.

Lack of business has been a major factor in the closing of abortion clinics, according to the Bloomberg report. The news group found that of the 162 abortion clinics that closed, 19 percent were in counties with fewer than 100,000 people. This seems to indicate that rural abortion clinics aren’t doing as well financially. Last week, a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Blacksburg, Virginia announced that it was closing for this very reason, LifeNews reported. A Bridgeport, Connecticut abortion clinic also told Bloomberg it closed in 2015 because of reduced demand.

I think the pro-life movement has a lot to do with this success – everything from pro-life sidewalk counselors to the CMP sting videos helped. But Republican lawmakers helped, too – by passing laws that regulated abortion clinics:

Abortion clinic regulations, such as those currently being challenged in Texas, also have played a major factor in the closing of abortion clinics. In March, the Supreme Court plans to hear a lawsuit bought by abortion businesses against the pro-life Texas law responsible for closing abortion clinics that could not guarantee they could protect the health of Texas women. The law has been credited with saving the lives of more than 10,000 unborn children. Abortion clinic regulations in other states also have resulted in dozens of abortion clinics closing, according to the report.

Here’s an article from The Blaze that talks about how many pro-life laws have been enacted:

According to a new report by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, states have enacted 288 restrictions on abortion since 2010.

The “2015 Year-End State Roundup” also shows that almost as many pro-life laws were passed in the last five years as were passed in the previous 15 years.

In 2015, 17 states enacted 57 new pro-life laws.

According to the report, states implemented a variety of regulations on the abortion industry, such as requiring an ultrasound, counseling or a waiting period prior to a procedure, or limiting abortion to the first trimester of pregnancy.

Thirty-one states enacted at least one new pro-life law in the last five years. Ten states enacted more than 10 new regulations. Those 10 states are responsible for 60 percent of the new regulations.

Four states — Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas and Oklahoma — each enacted more than 20. Kansas has enacted 30 pro-life laws since 2010, the most of any state.

Now we have to be vigilant, because pro-abortion judges are always anxious to strike down pro-life laws. And of course the Democrats are trying to pass a bill at the federal level that will neutralize all restrictions on abortion at the state and local levels. But for now things look pretty good.

3 thoughts on “Pro-lifers win: abortion clinics closing at record pace”

  1. The battle for life has been going on for a very long time, step by step. The battle for freedom is turning now and the step to elect Trump is a small step in that direction as well.


    1. He supports funding Planned Parenthood, he’s donating vast sums of money to Democrats, he described himself as “very pro-choice”, and for partial birth abortion. He has never donated to, or fought for, the pro-life cause. And this is what his supporters also believe, which is why they are voting for him. At least, that’s what I assume.


      1. I believe he did those because those made most sense for business — the left controls the dollars and, when you are not a follower of Jesus, you follow money. He will be more conservative outside of the profit pressure.


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