Tim Tebow chose his girlfriend for looks not character

The glasses don't make you any smarter, Tim Te-fool
The glasses don’t make you any smarter, Tim T-Bonehead

UPDATE: Report from TMZ says they never dated, but that Tebow did “show interest” in her, and so this post still works somewhat.

Everyone likes to pick on me because they say that I always blame women for their poor choices, when everything is really the fault of men. Well, that’s not true. I love to blame men when it really is the man’s fault. And we have a case now where it really IS the man’s fault, and you’ll never guess how all the Christian feminists are responding to me blaming the man.

Let’s see the story, first, which is very important. It’s from the UK Daily Mail.

It says:

Tim Tebow has made a vow to stay chaste until marriage.

But it seems as if Olivia Culpo just couldn’t wait.

The 23-year-old former Miss Universe has broken up with the hunky 28-year-old former professional American footballer due to his choice to stay abstinent according to a recent report.

Two points about this.

First, it’s very improbable (but not impossible) that a Miss Universe is going to have Christian character enough to step into the roles of Christian wife and Christian mother. If her entire life is spent traveling around, putting on make-up and prancing up and down a stage, that’s not going break her narcissistic, emotional spirit enough for her to orient herself in a Christian direction. Newsflash, T-Bonehead: just because a woman claims to be a Christian doesn’t make her a Christian.

Second, if you want to marry a real Christian women, I recommend looking for women whose lives show a consistent, multi-year record of studying apologetics and engaging for conservative causes in the public square. And again, it’s just safer to prefer women with STEM degrees. Women with STEM degrees have the emotivism and narcissism drummed out of them. STEM graduates know that no amount of intuition and wishing will make a program compile and run and generate correct output.

The general point here is that men are stupid – especially when they are young and don’t realize how important it is for them to choose wisely, when it comes to a bride. They imagine that because a woman is good looking, that must mean that she has a good Christian worldview – a worldview that includes a commitment to studying apologetics, and integrating Christianity with economics, politics, etc. Guess what, stupid men? Unless she has read people like Lee Strobel and J. Warner Wallace, she doesn’t know whether her Christian faith is true or not. Unless she has read people like Thomas Sowell and Jay Richards, she has no idea how her Christian faith integrates with economics or politics. Unless she has read people like Scott Klusendorf and Ryan Anderson, she isn’t really pro-life or pro-marriage – not beyond the level of feelings, she is not.You can’t sing your way to a Christian worldview, Te-Beau. Somebody needs to hand T-Bonehead my list of courting questions. I can guarantee you that Miss Universe would not be able to answer any of them.

Pretty girls are always used to getting attention from men for free, they never have to do anything they don’t feel like doing – and that is the exact opposite of what you need in a wife and mother of your children. Women who are less focused on their appearance actually have to care about helping and supporting a man in his plan to change the world with his marriage and family. So, they busy themselves before marriage getting STEM degrees, staying chaste, working with kids to practice, stay out of debt, building up a nest egg, and trying to make the society as Christian-friendly as possible through apologetics, activism, charity and political activism. She wants the world to be a safe place for a man to marry and raise a family in, and she wants to communicate to him through her serious decision-making that she will be a help to him, and not a loose cannon on deck.

Now I was going to tell you what all my good female friends on Facebook said, and here it is: all but one of them split the blame between Tebow and his girlfriend. They actually thought she was to blame in part!!!! That’s ridiculous. Only one of them thought that he was entirely to blame and she is probably the smartest one. It goes without saying that she is studying computer science.

There is no shortcut to an effective Christian woman who takes the Bible seriously when making decisions about things like chastity. A marriage-minded man has to check her worldview and past actions, just like you check an job applicant’s education and resume. Nobody hires a candidate to do a job based on attractiveness – not if the job is important. The job of a woman is not to make you feel good or to impress your friends with her looks. The job of a woman is wife and mother, and that is just as dependent on education and resume as any other job. If a man is serious about getting a partner who will help help to actually accomplish something for God, he needs to do his thinking with his mind, not with his eyes.

22 thoughts on “Tim Tebow chose his girlfriend for looks not character”

  1. WK, name-calling is beneath you. Plus you are making an assertion that you haven’t proven: that Tebow chose her for her looks. Maybe she chose him for his looks. If they broke up because he wouldn’t compromise, bully for him. My respect for him just went up 1000%.
    Plus, I know some very, very grounded women who participate in beauty pageants, doing so because they can win full scholarships to be things like doctors and nurses and teachers. Plus, I know some women with STEM degrees who are shallow and selfish. A piece of paper is no guarantee when it comes to character, you should know that.
    Bad form, bad form.

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    1. Whereas you have a fair point that we don’t know that he dated these ladies for their looks (although considering their public values contradict with his so we can assume he didn’t date them for mutual values or Christian convictions), his ex girlfriend took the virginity of Nick Jonas before dating Tim (Nick attested to taking off his chastity ring after dating Camilla and publicaly stating “saving himself for marriage is not what he is interested in doing anymore”). So she already had a bad track record. It was speculated by media sources that Miss Universe dumped him because he refused her sexual advances. Perhaps Tim did not get to know them well enough, perhaps they pretended or legitimately thought they were okay without sex in a relationship, but ultimately they either planned on seducing him (which he should be on his guard for when dating a woman who does not hold the same values) or they realized it was harder to change their sexual behavior because they weren’t truly convicted of the principle of chastity in dating.


  2. That’s quite sad. At least they broke up before getting married, though.

    Women are inclined to prefer rich and socially dominant men, regardless of character, and men are inclined to prefer gorgeous women, regardless of character.

    It’s time to recognize that part of our nature, and choose to keep beauty and wealth in perspective.


  3. Waiting for this post to explode the comments section. 5,4,3,2,1,… :-)

    Seriously, one good thing is that he has probably learned your lesson quite well, and he is better off without her. It also sounds like she caved when he would not, and that is something to respect him for, although your point of his poor selection to begin with is certainly valid. And, yes, what is her past record on engaging in the public square from a solid Christian perspective – doing things that will NOT get her liked or popular?!? That is what it takes to be a Christian wife and mother – not winning popularity contests.

    It seems to me that Tim is pretty solid in the faith, but young, and this lesson will surely be imprinted on him. Given the statement he made – that he gave up a Miss Universe for chastity – this could actually be used for God’s Glory. He has done some pretty awesome work with his charitable foundation, and while I agree 100% that he could take a tougher stand and be a lot smarter, I cannot throw many rocks here, given where I was at his age. :-)

    Then again, I chose wisely when it came to wife and mother for my children – even as an atheist – and my wife meets your criteria, except for the dreaded “Apologetics Quiz for Future Wife that Even William Lane Craig Would Only Score 75% On.” :-) . Or more correctly, God chose wisely for me when it came to a wife.

    But, your message is spot on, especially this part, IMO:

    “If you want to see real Christian women, I recommend looking for women whose lives show a consistent, multi-year record of studying apologetics and engaging for conservative causes in the public square…and trying to make the society as Christian-friendly as possible through apologetics, activism, charity and political activism. ” That is pure brilliance right there. Thanks for writing that!

    Nevertheless, WK, did you not see that pass he made to Demaryius Thomas against the Steelers in OT of that playoff game?!? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ0UOxrcS2Q) Of course, Thomas did all of the hard work there too. :-)


  4. “Somebody needs to hand T-Bonehead my list of courting questions. I can guarantee you that Miss Universe would not be able to answer any of them.”

    I can guarantee you the number of women (or men) that can are few, and this includes within the church. As I’ve said before, I don’t enjoy stating unpleasant facts, but to ignore reality when looking for a wife is beyond foolish. Yet how many parents, especially mothers, will tell their sons to do just that?


    1. I don’t think that anyone in the church is telling women that they need to prepare to support their husbands in order to make a difference, nor is anyone telling men that there is anything more to women that physical beauty and simplistic blind faith. I have heard from women who actually do read to develop a Christian worldview are extremely upset that most of the men in church want “Barbie with a Bible”, and Tim Tebow is no exception. I think I wrote this post because so many of these women have told me about this problem that it makes me mad, too. And they don’t dispute that the church produces Bible Barbies.


        1. Beauty is nice but if you want a woman to be your wife and mother of your children, she gonna need more than beauty to bring to the table.


      1. Rollo Tomasi has written on this before, (http://therationalmale.com/2012/07/09/the-adolescent-social-skill-set/) but I would also add that modern churchianity obsesses over male chastity and makes it into a cultish thing, as though being virtuous is directly correlated to what makes them attractive as a potential mate and if you remain a virgin you’ll find the perfect wife. And while they emphasize that men seek out godly women when a man is young, once he gets beyond the college years and is still unmarried, they do an total about-face and suddenly tell the man to lower his expectations when looking for a wife. He’s taught that “he” must adhere to a set of morals but he is sometimes even explicitly told not to apply them to a potential mate as a means of vetting (“You shouldn’t judge others” is a common rationalization)

        A man looking for a “Bible Barbie” is a man who has been told by others, particularly spiritual/moral authorities, not to have high standards of women, and usually this comes after their college years. Chances are, the intent was to get him or others like him to “man up” and marry the actual Bible Barbies in mind.


      1. If so, then you look like me. Poor fellow. :-)

        The points you made are still applicable in a wider general sense, so IF it is fake, so be it. It made a lot of sense, and in many ways, speaks well of Tebow too.


    1. The story was not fake, Olivia, Camilla and his current girlfriend are the only 3 confirmed women that he has dated. He is otherwise quite private about it, but these three have been confirmed


  5. As it relates to many of the convergences of faith and pop-culture. I think something that goes overlooked in today’s church is not that women are being groomed in a specific way that would create a family oriented enviromnent once married to a husband. Nor are men being groomed to be a husband to their wives but rather a provider for his family somewhat disconnected once married. What I have seen and was brought to my attention earlier today is that much of the church is very individualisticly driven here in the west where the personal relationship with Christ has become more personal and less relational within a community context. Truthfully its difficult to get involved in church and in a community with people you dont know, without proper community based discipleship believers are content to show up on sunday, maybe volunteer here and there and then go back on their merry way with an “army of one” approach to their christian life. Its no wonder that even believing christians struggle once married to overcome this individualistic mentality that eventually divides the couple on their seperate ways.
    I believe that Stem degrees, and firm beliefs as well as a gospel oriented marriage plan still falls second to the relational and community based approach to discipleship which stimulates a more unified and complementary approach to all relationships (particularily a marriage or even dating relationship) However without a community based approach many are happy to stay in their bubbles and live the “lone(ly) wolf” christian life, which in turn would only logically follow into marriage. I do believe that all points made are valid and really appreciate the expressed ideas from you guys here. Tebow is in a tough spot, but I think his woes are a snapshot of a church gone quiet and a family of believers who are about as close as me and my family who meet up two to three times a year for holidays. When we get closer I think we will see marriages get stronger.


  6. Reading this in 2018 after finding he is dating yet another Miss Universe and thinking/hoping he is not making the same mistake again. 3rd time dating an uber-star


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