Brainwashed by secular left radicals, college students reject freedom of speech

No media allowed, because it's a "safe space"
No media allowed, because it’s a “safe space”

I can’t link to every article I’ve read about this topic in the last few days, but I thought that I’d better put up something about what is happening on university campuses, now that Judeo-Christian values have been driven out.

Moderate conservative David French posts this message from the University of Missouri in National Review:

The secular left's fascism on university campuses
The secular left’s fascism on university campuses

So, if you feel offended by someone else’s free speech, the laws of the United States do not allow you to punish them. But university campuses are their own little fascist societies, run by secular leftist tyrants. They have ways of getting around the laws of the United States, even as they grow fat from taxpayer subsidies. It’s just disgusting. This is why we need to either scale back non-STEM departments in universities. Indoctrination programs will stop when we remove all the subsidies they get. When students have to pay for an education that is actually useful, then these left-wing re-education camps will disappear.

What do students learn in these left-wing seminaries? How to earn a living by creating value for others? Oh no – they hate capitalism. They learn that the first amendment (free speech) is morally evil.

Here’s Breitbart News reporting on one of the little brainwashed fascists:

[University of Missouri Students Association Vice President Brenda Smith-Lezana] was asked, we have tensions simmering at Yale University, protests erupted at that university because an email was sent to students urging them not to wear racially offensive Halloween costumes, and one professor complained that universities are becoming places of ‘censure and prohibition.’ What’s your feeling? Do you believe that that’s a place that we’re heading for [on] American campuses now, a place of censure and prohibition?”

She responded, “I personally am tired of hearing that First Amendment rights protect students when they are creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment for myself and for other students here. I think that it’s important for us to create that distinction and create a space where we can all learn from one another, and start to create a place of healing rather than a place where we are experiencing a lot of hate, like we have in the past.”

Would you hire someone like that? I would not. But this is the kind of person the secular left produces. I cannot imagine that anyone in the private sector would want to hire someone like this who cannot bear to hear opinions that disagree with her own, and actually wants those who make her feel bad to be silenced, coerced and punished.

Who teaches these little secular left drones?

The US Herald reports:

Sounding more like a 1970’s version of teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa, then an assistant professor of communications, Melissa Click was caught on video harassing a young student journalist who was attempting to report on the ongoing protests taking place at the University of Missouri.

Student Journalist Tim Tai, who was actually on assignment and freelancing for ESPN to cover the racially charged protests on Monday, was suddenly confronted by the agitated Assistant Professor Melissa Click blocking him from filming the protesters.

Professor Click is heard yelling for protesting students to help her stop Tai from taking photos, as the protesters push Tai as he tries to explain how the First Amendment actually works in a free society.

And Professor Click responds with a mind bogging retort; “I know, that’s a really good one, I’m a communication faculty and I really get that argument, but you need to go,” she says.

Tai is seen and heard trying to talk his way through the recalcitrant crowd who shouted at him, chanted “hey, hey, ho, ho, journalists have got to go” and generally made it impossible for Tai to carry out his First Amendment-protected assignment from ESPN to photograph the tent city.

The confrontation seems to heat up further as another student reporter, Mark Schierbecker, tries talking to Click. She tells him to “get out,” hits his camera and yells: “Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here?

Ah yes, an assistant professor of communications. A useless clown hiding from the demands of a private sector job in her “safe space” in academia. Unemployable as she is, she is still capable of forcing her mindless little captives to accept her own fascistic values. And at taxpayer’s expense. And if they don’t accept her secular leftist views, well, that’s what suspensions, expulsions and campus police are for.

The Wall Street Journal comments on the meaning of it all:

What was evident at the University of Missouri, and in last weekend’s confrontation over free speech at Yale, is that political dialogue on universities is disintegrating to the level of 1968, when many schools became places of physical and intellectual chaos.

Missing today, as then, is adult leadership. Too often university presidents, their boards of trustees and leading political figures default, and quickly, to the most reactionary progressives in modern student bodies. We want to be clear about this, because so many of these university leaders regard themselves as principled liberals. But their timidity is putting at risk the classical liberal values that are the essence of the idea of a university.

Many of our readers by now have seen the video of the Missouri communications professor calling for “muscle” to ban a student reporter from covering their protest. Or last weekend’s video of a Yale student shrieking at a dean to resign for defending free speech. Professors increasingly acquiesce to student demands for “trigger warnings” about course material that might offend them. Small student minorities ban commencement speakers or boo them into silence.

Today’s progressive activists, unlike their liberal antecedents, believe that ideas with which they disagree or which they deem morally repugnant don’t deserve to be heard. And so they shout them down or tell their speakers to “shut up” or “resign.” They believe that free-speech protection is a quaint obstacle to getting what they want, which is control.

Please remember to never vote for Democrats. They are the ones who inundate these leftist seminaries with taxpayer money. If secular leftist administrators, professors and students have to sink or swim on their own strength, they would be far less politicized. We have to starve the left-wing seminaries and force them to focus on preparing students to work, instead of indoctrinating them in hatred and intolerance.

11 thoughts on “Brainwashed by secular left radicals, college students reject freedom of speech”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I am a minority myself (originally from Nigeria) and you are spot on. The thing is, these social justice warrior types are infiltrating companies, specifically the H.R departments. This makes it easy for people, like lady interviewed, to find employment and slowly take over the culture of said company; making it a nest and breeding place for more of them. It’s one of the reasons companies (via HR) push diversity training. They then move from company to company and the cycle continues.

    A book I recommend is this:


  2. As a reporter, watching their treatment of Tim Tai sent chills down my spine; I promise you that if the woman had struck my camera and called for “muscle” to attack me, I would have entered “flight or fight” mode and knocked her to the ground.

    As for Tai, his mistake was thinking the students and teacher believed, as he does, that they all have the same rights to free speech and assembly. But as self-appointed state priests who held an exclusive claim to The Truth, they decreed he did not have the same rights because his being there did not conform to their version of The Vision.

    “The belief of The Vision™ can be summed up as follows:

    Everyone has the “right” to behave in accordance with social, ethical, moral, cultural, or religious views that fit within how things should be done in all sectors of life. A person’s “rights” can be revoked at any time if they violate or threaten the precepts.”

    Contrary to how it may appear, they weren’t illogical; they just refused to admit their underlying belief is at odds with the belief of equal rights Tai advocated.


  3. Many students are in the wrong institution. They want therapy, not education. It’s taken over our culture. They want therapeutic massaging of their emotions. The want a sanitarium, not a university. Everything has to be for personal fulfillment and personal growth in the most facile meaning of those terms. Many religions today emphasize the therapeutic, instead of serving God. Buddhism as popularly sought and practiced is very popular: mindfulness for avoiding upset and for fostering good health.


  4. It it’s me to no end that colleges get my tax money. Even if I choose not to send my offspring to a college, these state institutions, still get tax money


    1. Yes, and don’t forget the public schools where students are indoctrinated in leftism, and you pay for it whether you use it or not. The only solution is not to work… Or at least not to start a family and be locked into a lifetime of working in a demanding job forever, paying taxes to indoctrination factories.


  5. WK: “Would you hire someone like that? I would not. But this is the kind of person the secular left produces. I cannot imagine that anyone in the private sector would want to hire someone like this who cannot bear to hear opinions that disagree with her own, and actually wants those who make her feel bad to be silenced, coerced and punished.”

    Mozilla? Any number of LGBT-affirming corporations? I mean, you know exactly what software development is like – its hard to find anyone in the industry these days (especially in its upper echelons and in video-game development) who isn’t (a) Progressive and (b) a bit of a fascist. Opposing views regarding human origins are almost universally treated with contempt across the scientific community, with anyone who dissents from Darwinian orthodoxy silenced, coerced and punished. Notably, these folks were produced by STEM departments.

    WK: “This is why we need to either scale back non-STEM departments in universities. Indoctrination programs will stop when we remove all the subsidies they get. When students have to pay for an education that is actually useful, then these left-wing re-education camps will disappear.”

    I sincerely doubt that purging the humanities departments will remove the rot, as the problem is widespread throughout the university system. Both my brother, sister, and their partners are all paid-up, Guardian-reading, rainbow flag-waving Progressives – all of whom would sadly rejoice if social conservatives had their right to free-speech completely removed. And all of them graduated with STEM degrees. Same goes for numerous other individuals I’ve known. Whatever the solution to this problem, it must be a holistic one, which begins with actually educating children to weigh up opposing and sometimes controversial views from an early age. Having said that, its going to be nigh-impossible at this stage to encourage real tolerance when the existing system is rigged to purge anyone who dares challenge the sacred subjects.


  6. The departments that usually lead in this non-sense are English, Literature, and Gender studies (whatever that means). The philosophy and religion departments, which are usually the first to get cut in budget season to put funding into those departments are the ones that need to be stressed to teach people HOW to think so that much of that foolishness can be curtailed.


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