Pope meets with Fidel Castro, focuses on global warming

Barack Obama shakes hands with Pope Francis
Barack Obama shakes hands with Pope Francis

The Pope came to America and he had a lot to say about economics and politics. In fact, he endorsed Barack Obama’s plan to slow down our economy, so that Russia and China can catch up to us.

The Daily Signal explains:

But experts at a Heritage Foundation event Monday painted a bleak picture of its adverse impact on the poor, warning that the shift away from natural energy sources would lead to skyrocketing electricity costs that will have “devastating” impacts on low-income families.

Mario Lopez, president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, cited a report from the National Black Chamber of Commerce that found that by 2030, the plan will increase electricity costs for consumers by $565 billion annually.

“This makes it one of the costliest regulations in American history,” he said.

That cost, Lopez continued, will hit families directly through increased prices on nearly everything ranging from luxury items to everyday necessities like clothing and toothpaste.

“When you reduce the annual income of the individual by hundreds of dollars, then you are going to have an impact, and especially a disproportionate impact on poor people,” he said.

The regulation will also directly hit businesses, forcing owners to cut costs through layoffs and reduced hiring, Lopez said. The Black Chamber of Commerce report found that these predicted job losses would disparately hit minority communities.

By 2035, African-Americans are expected to lose nearly 7 million jobs because of the regulation, while Hispanics will lose over 12 million. The result is a projected 25-percent increase in total poverty.

“These are real people we’re talking about,” Lopez said. “The EPA and the Obama administration sometimes forget that, unfortunately.”

That response made me think of this clip of Marco Rubio from the CNN debate:

If you want to find out here “green energy” initiatives take a country, look no further than Germany. The electricity bills for consumers and businesses have been skyrocketing, damaging their entire economy. Oh well, it’s not like they were facing any kind of demographic crisis or anything.

Anyway, back to the Pope. Apparently, he didn’t have anything to say to Obama about abortion. The headline at The Federalist is “Pope Francis Visits White House South Lawn, Says Nothing About Abortion”. I didn’t see anything about him defending marriage either.

FrontPage magazine talks about how the Pope met with Fidel Castro, a brutal atheistic communist dictator, but declined to meet with Cuban pro-democracy dissidents.


In 1960, Cuban bishops declared that “Catholicism and Communism respond to two totally different concepts of man and the world which it will never be possible to conciliate.” Pope Francis however contends that Communism is really Christianity. “The Communists have stolen our flag,” he said.

The Cuban bishops condemned Communism as “a system which brutally denies the most fundamental rights of the human being.” Pope Francis’ criticisms of the Castro regime were limited to oblique references, a plea for religious freedom for Catholics and general criticisms that could apply to Cuba or any one of a number of other places. He failed to even reiterate his old criticisms of the regime.

Cuban dissidents were kept from meeting Pope Francis and even the “passing greeting” that had been planned was shut down when the Communist authorities detained political dissidents. When the protesters risked their freedom to get near him, they were arrested without receiving any acknowledgement from the pope. The Castros got their meetings and their publicity.

The oppressed, whom Pope Francis claimed to speak for during his visit and during his international travels, were left out in the cold. They were treated to another oblique reference, as Pope Francis expressed his desire to “embrace especially all those who for various reasons I will not be able to meet.”

“It simply doesn’t appear to us to be right or just that the pope doesn’t have a little time to meet with those Cubans who are defending human rights,” the head of the country’s largest dissident organization said.

Pope Francis spoke of Obama’s deal with Castro as a “process of normalizing relations between two peoples following years of estrangement.” But he knows quite well that it’s nothing of the kind. The Cuban people are not estranged from the Cuban refugees in America by a lack of diplomatic relations, but by the brutal suppression of political and religious freedom by the Castro regime.

The Obama deal doesn’t bring the “two peoples” together; it puts money in the pockets of a regime that Pope Francis had once called corrupt and authoritarian. It allows American leftists to tour Cuba for the trade in underage prostitutes that it has become notorious for. This isn’t reconciliation. It’s exploitation.

[…]If Pope Francis really wished to speak for the oppressed, there are eleven million of them in Cuba. They are not oppressed by capitalism or by global warming. They are oppressed by that fear, the paralyzing anguish that it brings and the apathy that comes with it. They needed weapons against that fear.

The pope’s visit gave the Castros what they wanted, but failed to give the Cuban people what they needed.

Conservative radio show host Mark Levin asks why the Pope chose to talk about global warming instead of the plight of Christians being raped and murdered for their faith by ISIS.

I’m a Protestant evangelical Christian, and Bible-based. I’m pro-life, pro-marriage and I defend religious liberty and conscience rights. I’m not Roman Catholic.

16 thoughts on “Pope meets with Fidel Castro, focuses on global warming”

  1. That is a black liberation theology Communist shaking hands with an Hispanic liberation theology socialist in that picture. There would not be a lot of room for disagreement, and the fact that the Pope will not call out Obama on gay “marriage” and abortion is beyond reprehensible! (Catholic apologists: veiled references which can be interpreted 5 different ways do NOT count as a “calling out.”)

    Meanwhile, Fox News is doing stories about how “tingly” people feel when they get close to the Pope. Isn’t there a super blood moon coming up?!? I will try to hold my lunch down until then. :-)


  2. I’m a Protestant, and Bible-based. I’m not Roman Catholic. And nothing that this Pope is doing makes me think I’ve made a mistake in my decision. I don’t vote for abortion or gay marriage.

    You might want to take a closer look at that list (the one that was in the emailed version of this post that has now disappeared, where Obama’s voters are listed by religious demographics) before you boast about how much better Protestants are than Catholics. It’s black Protestants that top the list by a pretty large number. Besides, there are a lot of Catholics (the ones who are devout; not necessarily the ones who were born into Catholic families but aren’t devout themselves) that are quite alarmed by the current Pope’s ways. This post isn’t an accurate representation of what many of us believe on these issues.


    1. Good Lord, if they are voting for Obama, then they aren’t Protestants at all. I’ve implied so in millions of posts! Every time I post that graphic, that’s what’s being implied there.


      1. Good Lord, if they are voting for Obama, then they aren’t Protestants at all. I’ve implied so in millions of posts! Every time I post that graphic, that’s what’s being implied there.

        Well the graphic isn’t clear then, because it comes across very differently. Unless you wrote a post where you explain how to decipher the graphic that I didn’t catch. I don’t read all millions of your posts, only the ones that jump out at me, as I don’t have that kind of time most days.


      1. I second that. There is not a single Catholic who stands on the sidewalk with me in front of the abortion mill who likes this pope. And they like Obama far less. And, in a city of 10% Catholics, half of those who stand on the sidewalk are Catholic. So, Catholics are putting most Protestants to shame when it comes time to walking the talk on the signature issue of our era!

        The problem with all of this is when you have a centralized church with clear teachings on the Sanctity of Life and Marriage, and you STILL have over 50% voting for Obama – twice! But, as my good Catholic friend, who survived labor and concentration camps for speaking up for the Jews under Hitler, puts it: “There are no pro-abortion Catholics.” Ditto for Christians in general.

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        1. I will say that on the whole, when it comes to the big moral issues of our day, traditional Catholics are absolutely spot on and I am extremely grateful for all their hard work. Unfortunately, they are quickly being overwhelmed by those with a liberal-bent – especially at the top of the pyramid and the academy. I don’t blame them for being uncomfortable about Francis’ direction, although this does raise the fascinating question – if Francis was an anti-pope how would you ever know (here and now) and what impact would that have on the Catholic Church and those he has ordained?


          1. Not sure if I am answering the question that you are posing, probably not, but I CAN tell you that the way that true Catholics (ones that follow the church’s teachings on orthodoxy and orthopraxy) deal with apostates like Pelosi, Sebellius, and renegade bishops, cardinals (like Dolan and Kasper, e.g.), and priests (even pro-choice nuns, yes nuns!) is to just mention that they have ex-communicated themselves from the Church and are not worthy of any further comment, much less their precious spit. (One has gone so far as to say that the floor of Hell is made up of the dried blood of apostate priests. WK has nothing on these folks, needless to say. :-)) They also tend to say “Popes come, popes go, the Church goes on.” But, of course, that leads into the question of whether it is Jesus Who is unchanging (yesterday, today, tomorrow) or the Church, which might be the minefield for which you are headed. :-)


          2. Ah, just to clarify WorldGoneCrazy, my question was aimed more at Roman Catholic sacramentalism. If the validity of the sacraments is derived from apostolic succession, what happens when an anti-pope ascends to the Holy See and proceeds to appoint Bishops and in-turn Priests who exercise the authority to forgive sins, perform the Eucharist etc.? If the first link in the chain is invalid, it surely follows that every link from that point on would also be invalid, since they derive their authority from the first. And since the Mass is at the very core of sanctification in Catholicism, what result will such chaos have on the lives of the faithful? One of many odd quandaries.

            Worse still, the ultimate validity of a Pope, it seems to me, is determined in hind-sight by future generations – hence, one could be dutifully following an anti-pope and a corrupt magisterium (as indeed he has the final say in matters of faith and morals – even the catechism is not infallible and is subject to revision) and suffer the consequences of that decision. I think back to the post-Nicene period where the majority of the Catholic Church – Bishop of Rome included – had effectively denied the eternal deity of Christ and embraced the heresy of Arianism. Or the period where we had simultaneously three Popes vying for recognition.

            Even today I see this frustration playing out quite strongly with traditionalist Catholics who strongly disagree with Francis or post-Vatican II developments (some going so far as joining the sedevacantist camp) and other traditionalists who are willing to embrace and follow the Pope’s teaching and that of Vatican II. As an interested outsider, its quite fascinating and raises interesting questions about the authority of the Bishop of Rome, apostolic succession, sacramentalism, and what ultimately determines the direction of the Catholic Church.


          3. Gotcha, Andy – you took my last sentence and ran with it beautifully – nice exposition – thanks!


  3. WK: “The headline at The Federalist is ‘Pope Francis Visits White House South Lawn, Says Nothing About Abortion’. I didn’t see anything about him defending marriage either.”

    OK, to be completely fair to Francis I’d like to note that his speech to Congress included the following references to marriage and abortion:

    Francis: “The Golden Rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development.”

    Francis: “Yet I cannot hide my concern for the family, which is threatened, perhaps as never before, from within and without. Fundamental relationships are being called into question, as is the very basis of marriage and the family. I can only reiterate the importance and, above all, the richness and the beauty of family life.”

    For more details, please check out the following transcript: http://time.com/4048176/pope-francis-us-visit-congress-transcript/


      1. Oh yes, here come the apologists for Francis. (Not you, WK.) He makes oblique references yesterday to life, then heads immediately into a discussion of the death penalty (forgetting about the death penalty that is applied, without trial, to 4000 innocents each and every day in the US alone!), but he just cannot manage to say the “a” word, much less “Stop murdering babies in the womb, you heathens!” and here we go again – for the thousandth time?!? “The Pope meant this, the Pope meant that.” Gosh, can we turn the clock back a few hundred years and tell the Pope that Obama and the Democratic Party just left the “One True Church?!?” I will gather the kindling. :-)

        But, we gotta save Mother Earth by starving the poor, of course, and today he gets applause from the delegation of one of the Axis of Evil countries – yes, the one that wants Israel wiped off of the map – for their deal with the US, while buddying up to brutal dictators in Cuba. Disgusting! It’s days like this that make Tim LeHaye look like a veritable genius! :-)


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