Alliance Defending Freedom will defend Atlanta fire chief fired for his Christian faith

This report is from the Daily Signal.


Former Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran filed today a federal lawsuit against the city of Atlanta and its Mayor Kasim Reed alleging they terminated his employment because of his belief in traditional marriage.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division, states Cochran’s was fired “solely” because:

…[Cochran] holds religious beliefs concerning same-sex marriage and homosexual conduct that are contrary to the mayor’s and the city’s views on these subjects, and because he expressed those beliefs in the non-work-related, religious book he self-published.

Cochran had been a firefighter since 1981 and was appointed Atlanta’s fire chief in 2008. In 2009, President Obama appointed him as U.S. Fire Administrator for the United States Fire Administration in Washington, D.C. In 2010, he returned to serve as Atlanta’s fire chief.

Cochran is a devout Christian and active in his community as a member of Elizabeth Baptist Church, where he serves as a deacon and teacher.

On Jan. 6, 2015, after writing and self-publishing a book which briefly mentions homosexuality as one among many sexual sins from a Christian perspective, the city of Atlanta and Mayor Reed suspended Cochran without pay, subjected him to “sensitivity training” and ultimately fired him.

Although a city investigation found that Cochran has not discriminated against anyone throughout his career as fire chief of Atlanta, the city still fired him, citing the need for tolerance of diverse views.

“I respect each individual’s right to have their own thoughts, beliefs and opinions, but when you’re a city employee and those thoughts, beliefs and opinions are different from the city’s, you have to check them at the door,” said City Councilman Alex Wan, a leader in the campaign to oust Cochran, to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in November.

Alliance Defending Freedom, a non-profit legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith, is defending Cochran in his lawsuit against the city and mayor of Atlanta.

Please watch the 5-minute video above. The city councilman Alex Wan is openly gay, by the way.

If you want to help out with Cochran’s legal defense (and this is a case we really, really need to win) then you can go to the Alliance Defending Freedom page here and read more about the case, and donate, if you feel that this is a team you want to partner with. Even if you don’t donate, share the story in social media, because a lot of people need to understand what happens when gay rights activism conflicts with religious liberty. It goes to court, and that’s when Alliance Defending Freedom makes their stand.

Listen. If you are looking to steer your kids into a career that will make a difference, consider trying for an Alliance Defending Freedom lawyer. These guys go to bat for all of us, and if you work your parenting well, you might be able to make a child grow up who will make a difference.

And subscribe to the Alliance Defending Freedom podcast.

30 thoughts on “Alliance Defending Freedom will defend Atlanta fire chief fired for his Christian faith”

  1. Never talk about politics,religion,sexual orientation or race at work. Also don’t post certain things on your social media account because you job is looking at all this stuff.

    So when this book was discovered, the fire department needed to act because if they didn’t they would be members of the lbgt community that would want him fired. Same thing for what happened to eric garnier, there is a tape of this man being placed in a choke hold by a police officer and he died yet the officer was not indicted – so people protested.

    If you’re pro-gay or anti-gay,pro-christianity or atheist that is your belief at the end of the day when you go to work the people you work for or the people you work with may or may not share your views which why you keep it to yourself. I consider my self an agnostic but when i go to work i dont talk about it, i not gonna risk my job cause what if someone heard me and was like ‘oh she don’t believe in god,she can no longer work here’ – keep your beliefs and opinions to yourself.

    Finding another job is not easy


      1. Its like a known rule when you get a job, same thing as don’t date or sleep with a coworker. Its a job so treat it like one. I’ve seen too many people get fired because they talk about religion or they left because they slept or dated someone at work and it became awkward.

        I barely talk about religion at school cause last time i did i got made fun of and bulky because i didnt believe in god. Which is one reason i hated my high school years so much. I moved my hometown of New Orleans thank to Hurricane Katrina and now I live in Georgia.


        1. What about your opinions not at work? Does your right to hold an opinion stop when you get a job?

          Should a government employee be banned from attending church services on Sunday because one’s employer does not endorse one religion over another? Or is it OK as long as you never get caught because coworkers and clients don’t find out about it?


          1. My husband was forced to take a sensitivity training class at work because one of the higher ups is a transgender. What about forcing people to respect those who differ from them and then fire them if they don’t. Wouldn’t they scream foul play then when the shoe is on the other foot! 😱


          2. They certainly would, and they should. But when they do it to us, they can’t see the harm they are doing to us. I don’t insist that people who disagree with me celebrate my views in public. That’s up to them! I certainly don’t use force to make them agree with me.


        2. The mayor admitted that she fired him because his beliefs were not the same as her personal beliefs. Did SHE check her beliefs at the door?!? By your standards, she should be fired. Also, the city verified that he had never discriminated against anyone because of his beliefs.

          So, in summary, it’s just another case, among many, of the liberal fascism in Amerika. He was not fired for expressing his beliefs or for discriminating against anyone: he was fired for being in possession of the WRONG beliefs, according to the Gaystapo.

          I predict that ADF will make the City of Atlanta pay big time for this.


          1. To many christians, my lack of belief in god has cause many problems which is why i do not discuss it at work or school. I do not need Christians trying to help me toward salvation or tell me that i would make a good wife someday only if i sought jesus christ.

            I hear more people at my job talk about god & pro-marriage between man and woman and abortion is wrong and other things more than anything else but have they got fired- no they have not.


    1. You may hold any opinion you like, and write any book you want, as long as it lines up with political correctness. After all, this isn’t a free country, where we have free speech or anything. What WERE you thinking, writing a book?

      Next, we’re going to fire Firefox’s CEO for donating money to a “Marriage is between Men and Women” organization… (oh, wait, never mind, he resigned due to harassment).

      Land of the Free… HAHAHAHA! What a joke. This is the Land of the Regulated, Land of the Opinion and Thought Controlled.

      Child: When YOU get fired for writing a book, having an opinion, stating it in a non-work-related situation, perhaps you’ll understand. Then again, perhaps not.


      1. If i were to write a book i would mostly be called a satanist because my book would involve supernatural beings. Also political correctness has become a problem in this country that is true but everyone gets harassed for not agreeing with someone’s opinion or belief.

        A friend of mine had to leave school due to fact she was a muslim and the righteous christians thought her religion was wrong and that she was a terrorist. Me on the other hand was bullied by these same christian because i didn’t believe in god . Christians are not the only group in america that faces discrimination.

        You think its easy being a non-christian when everywhere you go its always something about god? Do you think i like being made fun of? I have enough problems being black and a female


        1. I’m sorry you got bullied, ChildofRa, not good. Not all Christians are bullies anymore than all gays are bullies. What kind of stuff did they do to you when they bullied you?

          You know, Christians believe in supernatural beings too. God is one of them. And, the angels and demons and all.


          1. Thank you & i was referring to supernatural beings like vampires and fairies. It just seems like to every christian anything that is none christian is automatically seen as evil. I just have a very creative imagination


          2. Good for you, Child! Have you read any of the Narnia series by CS Lewis? I just started reading some of them for the first time. Quite creative, IMO. God bless!


          3. ChildofRa-Dianne says you’re welcome.😊 Now about supernatural beings,yes they are very real. Vampires are considered from the occult world. And the occult world believes in the supernatural. The Bible is full of human interaction with supernatural beings that are both good and evil based on what God considers good or evil. Don’t vampires do “evil” to their human prey? (I.e. Kill them by draining their life blood) Having an imagination is good, however it’s how you use it is what counts. Good or Evil !


          4. Well that’s the good thing about having an imagination, one can change the origin of the supernatural being in their story or use the creature as a metaphor .


          5. WorldGoneCrazy, it’s good to see that others are really hearing what the heart of others is really saying. Your comments to ChildofRa was very sensitive. Keep up that kind of Love!😊


          6. “Thank you & i was referring to supernatural beings like vampires and fairies. It just seems like to every christian anything that is none christian is automatically seen as evil. I just have a very creative imagination”

            That “every” Christian line is a bit exaggerated. I could sit here and talk A Song of Fire and Ice all day. I also listen to Post-Hardcore music and listen to secular life improvement/entrepreneurial podcasts. I don’t care what my friends think or how my pastor feels, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to disregard it. I’m with you I get that feeling, but it’s on you if you let it get to you.


          7. Hello Morgan,sounds like you are not willing to let your fleshly desires submit to the laws of Christ. Been there,done that. Being a Christian means being Christ like. Do you believe Jesus would respond like you did to ChildofRa? And yes you should care what others think especially God and those whom He has put as an example before you. Your pastor is the under shepherd of your soul. Check the scriptures and please also for


          8. Your edification please read and meditate on Galatians 5:16-26. Please don’t forget to pray before responding,because it is so easy to reply in frustration and anger. Let the peace of God fill you first and then take time to reread what you are
            considering to say. Peace to you today😊


        2. Hey Sister, sorry for all the Christians that hurt you in your life. On their behalf and the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ please forgive us. May the precious Holy Spirit who loves you so very much bring healing and wholeness to your entire being. May every bad memory be healed and may your precious heart be filled with love from God as never before. You are precious in His sight. God wants to be your friend. He’s been a faithful friend to me all of my life even when I didn’t know Him as my Lord and Savior. I was brought up in church but I did my own thing for many years until I finally surrendered to His sweet offering of peace. Please go on line and read from the book of Isaiah 1:18,19 in King James Version. You can download one for 99 cents from Kindle Books. Then start with The book of John 3:16 and take in a little at a time. Maybe with a little understanding you’ll get the bigger picture. Please feel free to keep in touch if you have questions. God Bless you much! 😊 ChildofRa now maybe Child of God? Peace


  2. “Citing the need for tolerance and diversity.”

    How about citing the need to FIGHT FIRES?

    The houses can burn to the ground, but heaven forbid a gender-queer trans-pansexual afro-kin feels “excluded.”


  3. I understand from the article that Fire Chief Cochran wrote the book for a men’s bible study. How did it get in the hands of the Mayor? Seems like someone wanted to cause him trouble. He did not take the book to work to flaunt before others, so he did leave his opinion at the door. I want to support his case because he has a right to his opinion and he did not try to force others to believe what he wrote and he also never discriminated against anyone who held another opinion. This is discrimination against him and an attempt at forcing him to agree with those he clearly doesn’t agree with. This is communism at work here in America by the radical Homosexual,Lesbian agenda! Fight Christian Soldiers Fight Back Now!!!!!! May Our Great and Mighty Lord God Almighty avenge His People!💒


  4. I think we should not fight this at all and just take Romans 13 out of context as a way to justify cowardice. Just kidding! Yes, I actually had Romans 13 thrown at me on a related story to this! By a Calvinist, no less! I wanted to go all Jonathan Edwards on him. Unfortunately, the piece had ended comments before my scathing reply got in there. Let’s just say that the word “coward” was in there, “blood on your hands,” “what’s the difference between you and an a-theist, besides the fact that the a-theist does not cower behind Romans 13?”, “how did Paul end up in prison if he held Romans 13 up over all of the rest of the NT?” You get the point.


      1. Is that because when I try to be funny I am pathetic at it? Or because when I try to be funny, I AM funny? Don’t blame me: I learned snarky on the WK blog. :-)


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