It’s Sex Week on major university campuses

Time for students to learn all about drunken immoral pre-marital sex, thanks to your tax dollars.

Let’s start with the College Fix‘s report on the “Sex Ed Warrior Queen”.

They write:

When Megan Andelloux comes to campus, no object is off-limits for being sexualized – including a genitalia-themed puppet.

The clinical sexologist and former Planned Parenthood educator, known professionally as “Oh Megan” and a self-described “Sex Ed Warrior Queen,” encouraged Vanderbilt University students to masturbate in their seats even as she spoke during an interactive sex workshop Tuesday on campus.

“Want to Be Brilliant in Bed?” was sponsored by the Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center…

She led a workshop at the University of Tennessee last year that described an orgasm as a “political act,” as The College Fix reported.

[…]Andelloux did not shy away from graphic details or descriptions of “sexual adventures” throughout her workshop.

[…]Andelloux also expertly demonstrated how to put on a condom using only her mouth, according to a female student who stayed for the entire two-hour workshop and asked not to be named.

Very important to note sexualizing college students is a “political act” sponsored by the Women’s Center. That’s where this stuff comes from – feminists. And this is what universities do with their money – it’s not to teach you how to program in Java or C#, it’s to make you accept the left’s view of sexuality and reproduction.

Next up, Campus Reform reports on feminism at the University of Utah.

They write:

Students at the University of Utah can win a year’s supply of birth control, including pills or a vasectomy, this week during Sex Week events.

According to a promotional flyer from the public school, U of U’s Center for Student Wellness, Students for Choice, and Planned Parenthood have partnered for this year’s Sex Week, beginning on Feb., 9.

“The more events you attend, the more chances you’ll have to win a year’s supply of the birth control or STD protection of your choice,” the flyer reads.

The flyer says that the birth control options are limited to those offered at Planned Parenthood, which are: 365 condoms, a 12-month supply of pills, one Intrauterine Device (IUD), four Depo-Provera shots, one diaphragm, one vasectomy, 12 NuvaRings, 52 OrthoEvra patches, one Implanon, or information on fertility awareness methods.

The events include a wellness fair, panel discussions, and a showing of “ Obvious Child,” a movie about a young woman who chooses to get an abortion.

[…]Katie Stiel, program manager at the Center for Student Wellness, told Fox 13 that Students for Choice “went through the appropriate channels” to get funding for the events and it would not be removed from campus or cancelled.

Note that Christian clubs and pro-life clubs are being de-funded and disbanded by student governments, but using taxpayer dollars for this is no problem!

Last one is actually not about Sex Week, it’s about feminism magazines.

This is from the Federalist:

True confession: Until last week, I had never read Cosmopolitan magazine. I actually kind of like fashion magazines, as a genre: The more spacey-eyed, pouting women in $900 shoes slumping against helicopters parked on yachts the better, I always say! That said, I tend to shrink from those fuschia-flecked, scantily clad drugstore nightmare sheets that screech at me to “HAVE BREAK THE BED SEX!!” when I’m just trying to mind my own business and buy some freaking dental floss.

The genius of Cosmo, of course—and, I suspect, the reason it’s the most popular magazine for young women in America—is that it will breezily suggest 131 creative ways to WEAR NOTHING BUT THAT FREAKING DENTAL FLOSS whilst you DRIVE YOUR MAN BATTY IN THE BOUDOIR. So with Sex Week arriving at the Federalist, I decided to enter uncharted territory. I would not only read Cosmo, but I would try its sex tips!

Here is her conversation with her husband:

ME: Here’s one. [Reads headline aloud.] “I Basted My Boyfriend Like a Sexy Thanksgiving Turkey!”

I did garner some male feedback on Cosmo’s rather earnest and disturbing sex-advice column.

HIM: Um.

ME: “I Took My Boyfriend to A Dominatrix!”

HIM: Nope. [Refrains from making eye contact, which is puzzling, as I did not just order a fancy and intimidating Cotes Du Rhone.]

ME: “I Covered Myself in Food For Sex!”

HIM: [Looking up.] Hey, didn’t George Constanza do that once on “Seinfeld”? No, no, wait. He just wanted to eat a sandwich while having sex.


HIM: This is getting ridiculous.

ME: “I Tried All the Sex From ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in 1 Weekend!”

HIM: Who are these people?

That article made me laugh.

If you’re a young marriage-minded man of some means, and your heart is set on marriage and children, you will have to search far and wide to find a young, unmarried woman who desires the same. Young unmarried women don’t want marriage and children, they want free birth control and kinky sex. It’s “adventurous” and marriage with children is “boring”.

7 thoughts on “It’s Sex Week on major university campuses”

  1. I don’t know where people get the idea that married sex is boring. It certainly doesn’t have to be. And it’s way more fulfilling when you’re committed and you’re doing it out of love, not to try to get what you want from a stranger or boyfriend that’s going to leave you. It makes absolutely no sense to me to see marriage or married sex as boring. Marriage – if you’re doing it right – is a wild and crazy adventure with a person who loves you no matter what and will always be there for you.


    1. This is college- regardless of not that has this sex class or not those college students more than likely are already engaging in sex especially if its one of those party schools where binge drinking is very popular to the point where girls passed out and cant remember what they did last night & some could have been sexually abuse and dont even know it.


  2. Hey WinteryKnight, I am wondering what resources you might recommend to read up on about the morality of birth control in the context of marriage, specifically oral contraceptives (in regards to risk of abortion-is there any at all?, etc.), but also wouldn’t mind more info on condoms and such. Thanks!


    1. I can give you my view on birth control and my reasons why.

      I’m against hormonal birth control because all of them (yes, all of them) have the very real potential of causing an early abortion by preventing implantation. All you have to do is look up what the manufacturers say about how their product works. Some of them, such as the mini-pill and the morning after pill, even prevent implantation as their primary way of stopping pregnancy. Hormonal birth control also has some fairly serious health risks to women.

      I’m also opposed to any other form of birth control that acts after conception (such as IUDs) because they also cause early abortions. Life begins at fertilization and methods which cause the death of a child that has been conceived are not okay.

      I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to try to prevent pregnancy or to space children as long as you aren’t killing children in the process. Thus, I am not opposed to condoms, diaphragms, spermicides, or other contraceptive methods that prevent conception.

      I recommend natural family planning methods, however, over artificial means. However a couple wants to do that is fine. I have no problem with pulling out, abstinence during fertile periods, or barriers during fertile periods.

      Family planning decisions should be made as a couple wherever possible, with the husband making the final decision in case where they can’t agree – and with the caveat that an unexpected pregnancy will always be welcomed with love.

      I do think that Christian couples should be open to the gift of children. The Bible teaches that children are a blessing and that one of the major purposes for marriage is to raise godly offspring. Thus I don’t recommend permanent methods of sterilization except for health reasons. I don’t necessarily think it’s sinful, but I don’t think it’s God’s will for Christian families.


  3. Behold, a bizarre world where the sexual act is completely (and forcibly) divorced from reproduction. -_-

    Wow, this is depressing. Can we have a happy story about kittens, unicorns or something fluffy next, WK?


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