Darwinists thought whale hips were accidents of evolution, then science happened

Another win for reason in the long war between science and naturalistic philosophy.

Science Daily reports.


Both whales and dolphins have pelvic (hip) bones, evolutionary remnants from when their ancestors walked on land more than 40 million years ago. Common wisdom has long held that those bones are simply vestigial, slowly withering away like tailbones on humans.

New research from USC and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM) flies directly in the face of that assumption, finding that not only do those pelvic bones serve a purpose — but their size and possibly shape are influenced by the forces of sexual selection.

“Everyone’s always assumed that if you gave whales and dolphins a few more million years of evolution, the pelvic bones would disappear. But it appears that’s not the case,” said Matthew Dean, assistant professor at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, and co-corresponding author of a paper on the research that was published online by Evolution on Sept. 3.

[…]”Our research really changes the way we think about the evolution of whale pelvic bones in particular, but more generally about structures we call ‘vestigial.’ As a parallel, we are now learning that our appendix is actually quite important in several immune processes, not a functionally useless structure,” Dean said.

This is not the first time this has happened – as they said, the appendix now has known functionality.

Flashback: ENCODE study falsifies Darwinian prediction that most of the genome is “Junk” DNA.

7 thoughts on “Darwinists thought whale hips were accidents of evolution, then science happened”

  1. LOL

    vestigial parts, junk DNA, “science of the gaps,” imaginary evolutionary “trees,” etc…

    it’s almost as if some folks want “science” without the messy, you know, sciency parts.


    1. Are you saying that my holding out for Star Trek style answers to the Big Bang and the cosmic fine-tuning is wrong? You’ll see I am right! There really is a multiverse and green skinned women on Andromeda and Santa Claus is REAL!!!


  2. So these guys are reconsidering old hypotheses based on new information, and they found one that looks shaky. The vestigial hip bones are vestigial hip bones. No doubt about that. But like a lot of other structures whales inherited from land-dwelling ancestors, they’ve been repurposed. That’s how adaptation works.

    These little evolution factoids are fun, as is any ongoing series of illustrations of how an honest science works openly and transparently to refine it’s picture of the world (you could do a series contrasting these guys with the “climate change” fraudsters).

    But there’s nothing here that doesn’t reinforce the impression that creationists are so crazy that they simply interpret absolutely everything as proof of their position, without the slightest regard for actual content.

    Your remark about the appendix doesn’t even make sense: we couldn’t figure out what it was for, then we came up with some guesses, therefore god designed it? Huh?


    1. Can’t speak for WK, of course, but the thing I took away from this posting was the religious fanaticism with which some Darwinists cling to their miraculous evolutionary pre-suppositions. It kind of reminds me of the response by many Darwinists, present company excluded I’m sure, to the ever-increasing evidence for the Cambrian explosion of life: they introduced the Darwin-of-the-gaps concept of “punctuated equilibrium.” Or, as we used to say in engineering school (with poor results, I might add) when we could not fill in the details of a formal derivation: “then a miracle occurs.” :-)


    2. Nah, evolutionists have used whale hip bones as a bludgeon against creationism. “If God created whales as they are” they say” then what is with these useless hip bones?

      We have an answer, and it doesn’t require evolution.


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