Survey finds conservative and religious students feel discriminated against

From Campus Reform.


Students with different political ideologies and religious beliefs feel the most discriminated on campus, according to a survey conducted by the University of Colorado.

The study, taken by students, faculty and staff, was designed to measure if students were feeling unsafe or discriminated against while attending the university.

The social climate survey—conducted on all four of UC’s campuses—asked participants to share their key demographics, such as religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, race, political party and political philosophy. They were then asked if they ever felt discriminated against or unsafe because of those identities.

The results revealed that 68 percent of students felt their campus was an overall inclusive and respectful environment. However, there were still students who reported that they felt discriminated against, and were intimidated when it came to voicing their opinions in class.

Of those who hesitated to voice their opinions, 23 percent said it was due to their political philosophy while 22.1 percent referenced their religious or spiritual beliefs. Political affiliation, such as political parties, was the third highest group who feared speaking with 19.1 percent.

[…]Faculty at UC were not politically diverse according to the findings of the survey. Nearly 59 percent of total faculty described themselves as liberal while only 12.9 percent said they were conservative. At the Boulder campus, fewer than six percent of the faculty are Republicans.

This is what liberals call “celebrating diversity”. They are all about creating an “open environment” that fosters “critical thinking”. If you’re going to college, stick with STEM subjects. Don’t put your face in the toilet of non-STEM programs.

5 thoughts on “Survey finds conservative and religious students feel discriminated against”

  1. “Don’t put your face in the toilet of non-STEM programs.” Nominee, Honorable Mention, WK Hall of Quotes.


    1. I think I went overboard there, but I am just furious at how these academics use their influence to push their opinions onto impressionable students instead of teaching them to think clearly.

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  2. I can say from firsthand experience that I feel really unwelcome at my university, especially in humanities classes. :/ For the first few years I felt OK, so maybe I’ve just become more cynical?


  3. I was used to being counter-cultural by the time I got to college and so I took to the label of “outsider” just fine, and even with a measure of pride in being different. I knew I was different, but I didn’t want to be like everyone else because I knew they were wrong.

    I guess when someone is convinced that they’re right and that the majority out there is wrong, they don’t want to fit in so much. In order to have that view though, they have to have solid, rational reasons for their beliefs and they have to own their beliefs. Borrowed faith won’t hold up against peer-pressure, competing worldviews, ridicule, and “professionals” who claim Christians are stupid and ignorant.


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