Christian child care worker fired after being harassed by lesbian co-worker

Story from the UK Telegraph.


A Christian nursery worker is taking her former employers to court claiming she was sacked for her beliefs after refusing to read stories about gay couples to children.

Sarah Mbuyi says she was dismissed due to religious discrimination, having also been accused of “harassing” a lesbian colleague to whom she gave a Bible when she was recovering from an accident.

The case, lodged at an employment tribunal, comes amid growing concerns among some Christians that religious beliefs are being “outlawed” in the workplace. A Christian group backing the case says it is an example of believers being “robbed” of the freedom to express views.

[…]Miss Mbuyi, 30, who lives in north London, carries a Bible. She started work for Newpark Childcare, a London-based group of four nurseries, last April, before being taken on full-time in one of the schools in September.

The same month a lesbian worker also joined the nursery, in Shepherd’s Bush, west London. After discovering that Miss Mbuyi was Christian she repeatedly asked her about her beliefs, the tribunal will be told.

Miss Mbuyi, now working at another nursery, will claim her colleague sought to provoke her. In December the co-worker spent time in hospital having had an accident at work and Miss Mbuyi gave her a Bible on her return.

The present, Miss Mbuyi says, was as a result of the interest she had shown in her faith. It was received well, she insists.

The following month, however, Miss Mbuyi, a Belgian national who came to Britain six years ago, says her colleague told her she had received abuse about her sexuality from religious people in the past.

During the discussion, Miss Mbuyi says she told the woman that “if I tell you that God is OK with that I am lying to you”.

At a disciplinary meeting, her employers accused Miss Mbuyi of “harassing” her co-worker, saying such behaviour amounted to “gross misconduct”. The co-worker could not be reached for comment.

Already, we see workers in particular fields like nursing and child care being grilled by their co-workers and supervisors about their beliefs. Mandatory sensitivity training has been the rule in much of corporate America. It’s getting to the point where you can’t even be a Christian and keep your beliefs to yourself, as in the Brendan Eich or Frank Turek terminations. Even if you say nothing at all at the office, gay activists are apparently digging through your private life to dig up dirt on you in order to force you into celebrating their lifestyle. OR ELSE.

When I started this blog in 2009, I always knew that there would come a time with the immoral secular left would figure out who I was and make me unemployable. I have tried to keep clear of them so I could use the freedom I still have to make a difference for what I believe. But I have no doubt that the goal of the secular leftists is to make impossible to both be a Christian and earn a living.

This is something we need to fight now, while there is still time. It’s not just our religious liberty that is on the line – it’s everyone’s religious liberty. What I would really like to see is for the church to get serious about motivating all the people in church to see these threats and then be thoughtful about what they are studying in school, and where they are going to work. It’s important for us to study hard things and earn a lot of money so we can find back effectively against these threats. Not everyone can do hard degrees and make a lot of money, but everyone who can should. And everyone should be focused like a laser beam on these threats. We are not facing a threat from the poor, so we should not be focusing our main effort on helping the poor. We are facing a threat from the secular elites – that’s where the battle lies here and now.

6 thoughts on “Christian child care worker fired after being harassed by lesbian co-worker”

  1. Wintery Knight, you are singing a spiritual song close to my heart. I met the alinsky machine of personal character and financial destruction many years ago in our Public School System. One of the most horrifying realizations was that all this was done by nice, conservative, church attending people who didn’t have a clue as to the persecution nature of what was happening. Like Job’s friends, such an event would not happen to them because they were far wiser and more able than I. Obviously, it was something I had done “incorrectly” to earn the ire of a truly godless woman.

    Which is to say, that none of them would have even asked a question of long term benefit for the child to the tax-payer psychologist teaching an already identified emotionally disturbed child, NOT to listen to his conscience and those feelings of guilt for having done something vile to someone he really loved and respected! So, that tells you right there that as for having a Christian worldview as the foundation of their work ethic, these “Christians” weren’t any different from atheist public school people.

    Today, I still live as a 2nd class citizen…a lightening rod of personal animosity…because I speak of persecution in a personal way that convicts….and therefore is the greatest social faux pas of the age – divisiveness – because I tell the truth. So, those that want to be friends with the world and yet think themselves lovers of Christ must keep me isolated as a KOOK an extremist…and the bearing of false witness and the persecution continues on.

    Meanwhile the reality of what the lack of God in our Public Schools actually looks like – total chaos —marches on. Because where God is order…His absence produces chaos. Where God Glory is revealed in the study of every subject area, giving reason and purpose to intellectual pursuit…the absence of God is total meaninglessness and not only a lack of intellectual discipline, but a lack of self-discipline itself…i.e. chaos. Every Christian teacher who troubles her administration to instill a sense of order and discipline is only targeting herself for elimination of teaching career. That’s the real face of the absence of God. I don’t care how many prayers at the flagpole events the administration supposedly supports…that ‘s just symbolism over substance. And prayer at the flagpole is important…but without God actually founding the way the school is teaching the children…chaos rules that campus.

    For the second year I have submitted this resolution to the Republican Party of Texas Party Platform – that the tax money to educate each child follows the child. This puts parents in charge of their child’s education. The resolution was accepted by the entire state in the 2012 Party Platform. Please pray that the resolution is again successful in the upcoming convention. Then in regards to legislators that “think” we elected them to vote their “gut – best instincts” tell them…call them and tell them to just vote the Party Platform…period. Just represent the people…


  2. You took out the “welcoming persecution or quoting Bible verses” line even though I thought that was funny. I was going to quote you Matthew 5:10-12, and then point out that the only Christians who will be blessed by Jesus with this sort of persecution are the ones who actually remove their heads from the sand and – gasp! – speak the truth to others, as this woman did.

    The many churches hunkering down and waiting for the Second Coming – while ignoring the culture at large – will not be blessed, at least not in this manner. So, in fact, the blessings of persecution are indeed worthy rewards to be achieved – but only by those who actually do speak out and fight the good fight. Call me crazy, but I really think that this is a major incentive for us to speak out – if, indeed, we are serving an audience of One. Nevertheless, it is wise to pick our battles. All this woman did was to show Jesus’ love to a very lost soul.


    1. Well, I did to not offend the people who reply to every thing anyone says to them with Bible verses and bravado.

      But here is a replacement quote just for you:

      “To be ignorant and simple now- not to be able to meet the enemies on their own ground, would be to throw down our weapons, and to betray our uneducated brethren who have, under God, no defense but us against the intellectual attacks of the heathen. Good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, because bad philosophy must be answered… The learned life then, is for some, a duty.”

      — C.S. Lewis


      1. Wow – well-done! I have heard the “good philosophy” quote before, but not the lead-in to it. Thanks! I know you are not a big fan of his theology, but you have to admit that, as an apologetic, C.S. Lewis has an amazingly large number of quotes relevant to any time and place, especially ours.


      2. FWIW, on Lewis’ general point of doing good philosophy here’s a new (long) blogpost by Ed Feser containing his take on doing “Pre-Christian Apologetics” (“pre” as in ‘logically,’ not ‘historically’). (Already has a long list of comments, too!)


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