Josie Cunningham case shows real reasons some women choose abortion

The UK Daily Mirror reports.


Wannabe celebrity Josie Cunningham last night confessed the chance of appearing on TV’s Big Brother was worth more than her unborn child’s life.

Puffing on a cigarette and rubbing her baby bump, the controversial model and call girl – who will have her abortion at a clinic this week – said: “I’m finally on the verge of becoming famous and I’m not going to ruin it now.

“An abortion will further my career. This time next year I won’t have a baby. Instead, I’ll be famous, driving a bright pink Range Rover and buying a big house. Nothing will get in my way.”

Josie, 23, is already 18 weeks pregnant by either an escort agency client or a Premier League footballer.

[…]Josie – who caused outrage in 2013 when she demanded a £4,800 boob job on the NHS to become a glamour model – said: “Channel 5 were keen to shortlist me then they found out I was pregnant.

She’s used to taking money from the NHS:

“Suddenly I was pregnant and I could get free dental work on the NHS, so I got a tooth straightened for cosmetic reasons, and it all seemed great.

[…]“It’s not ideal situation and I wish I had never fallen pregnant. I’m not on the Pill and in December the condom split when I was sleeping with a client.

“Then I had sex with a footballer and didn’t use contraception at all. I’d known him for years and we’d had sex before. I didn’t even think about the morning after pill.”

The footballer and the client – who is a high-flying surgeon – both offered to support Josie financially if she had the baby. But she said no.

So the footballer agreed to pay for the abortion at a London private clinic.

[…]Josie – already mum to boys Harley, six, and Frankie, three – said: “I’ve had five miscarriages so the one good thing about the pregnancy is that it has shown me I can still carry beyond 12 weeks.

“I’m a good mum but this is ­something I have wanted for so long. I can’t give up my big break for anything.”

Later in the article, she is quoted saying that she is “a good mother” in spite of the fact that she is “still smoking up to 10 cigarettes a day and drinking” with an unborn child whom she intends to murder.

Daniel Rodger, who writes at the LTI blog, thinks he knows why this sort of thing is happening more often.


The way in which Josie talks about her unborn child as if they are something disposable and fickle exposes how successful the dehumanising of the unborn has been in the UK. The maternal relationship is now seen as something tentative and conditional. The unborn must meet societies standards of normalcy before they are allowed to continue their existence, that is providing they come at the right time.

Francis Schaeffer once said that the two values of middle-class America were affluence and personal peace and I think they’re also applicable in the UK, and you can see these values reflected in Josies’ reasoning. By affluence Schaeffer meant the acquisition of things and more things, that’s why Josie wants her pink Range Rover and big house, if her unborn baby gets in her way to achieving those ends (utilitarian reasoning) its the unborn baby who loses. Personal peace simply means wanting your own lifestyle undisturbed regardless of the effects on others and in this case the unborn functions as a disturbance to her personal peace.

Abortion is definitely very much at home in a secular worldview where it’s OK for the strong to mistreat the weak. I would suggest that we all examine ourselves and decide whether our own personal affluence and happiness is more important than someone else’s life – and especially of our own children’s life. That little child didn’t ask to be made by that woman, but her decision to have sex did make him, and now she is responsible. Single motherhood is a terrible thing, but it’s a worse thing to kill a child. The best policy is to not have sex until both people are ready to welcome a child into the world.

10 thoughts on “Josie Cunningham case shows real reasons some women choose abortion”

  1. Heartbreaking and despicable. She would have been supported financially, but even that is not good enough for her. And, the NHS boob job – unbelievable. Welcome to ObamaDoesntCare. Don’t they offer transgender services?

    I make no apology for defending the unborn. And what, pray tell, do we hear from the vast majority of the churches regarding abortion? Crickets. I have been shunned by family members, pastors, their wives, and even (alleged) Catholics for speaking out on abortion. Many of the Catholic bishops, thankfully, do speak out publicly on this. Otherwise, it is orthopraxy apostasy, everywhere I look.


    1. No, on my view sex should occur within marriage, and it is not only for procreation, but also to reaffirm the unity of the marriage and as a way of bonding the two different natures of each spouse together in a common purpose. I have a whole theory about it, but basically it’s a form of communication between two people who are engaged in a difficult, life-long self-sacrificial enterprise.

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  2. Not just a model, apparently, but also a ‘call girl’, which means a high-priced prostitute.

    Is anyone surprised that such a woman would murder her unborn child?

    This is the type of people that pro-choicers are and whose actions they defend.


  3. While this case is particularly dreadful, there are women who choose to abort because of legitimately horrible conditions (extenuating circumstances). Not all women who seek abortions do so for this particular woman’s reason(s).


    1. Unless it’s a situation of rape, they will have at least made the decision to have recreational sex with someone who had no interest in being a father. That is the NORMAL case – the most COMMON case – and not an exception at all.


      1. Right, but there are exceptions. Additionally, the birth could lead to the death of the mother (a real moral dilemma). Personally, I think the best rout is adoption, but I don’t think outlawing it (or slut shamming for that matter) is going to prevent women who seek abortions from actually going through with it. It’s going to take some loving and caring people to show them a better, life preserving way.


        1. “Personally, I think the best rout is adoption, but I don’t think outlawing it (or slut shamming for that matter) is going to prevent women who seek abortions from actually going through with it.” You are correct, Brandon. But, the law is a powerful teacher (just as it is in the Bible). There were still a fairly large number of abortions prior to Roe v. Wade, but they skyrocketed over the 7 years following its passage.

          BTW, I am totally against legalizing abortion in cases of rape for two reasons: women lie and lie and lie about rape – and then they lie some more; secondly, the baby produced by a rape is not guilty of anything in the rape. (Lots of famous folks have been conceived in rape, BTW, and there are surely lots of folks walking around whose daddies raped their mommies after they said no.) Many women who report rape don’t do it until after they found out they are pregnant. How convenient. The child is still innocent, and I am against the death penalty being applied to the innocent.

          In the case of the life of the mother or baby, how many more “Tim Tebow” stories do we have to hear in order to know that so many doctors are totally wrong about this?!? It seems like I see another story just about every day where the mother was told to abort by the doc, refused, and the mother ended up fine, and the baby came out fine, or almost fine. It’s also my understanding that many doctors will state that there is absolutely no health-of-the-mother risk for not aborting. By the time there is, we are late in the term, and a C-section is performed or labor is induced.

          In the case of ectopic pregnancies, removal of the tube is not, technically, an abortion. (Some ectopic pregnancies are survivable for both mother and baby, BTW, depends on location.) The tube is removed to save the life of the mother. The technology does not currently exist to save the life of the baby in the tube, but that might be the case in the future. Removal of an ectopic tube is not an abortion and, in fact, should not be performed by an abortion doctor, since they are mostly quacks and have killed quite a few women doing so.

          In fact, that is a great reason to end abortion: all the quack doctors will have to go find honorable work or go crawl back into the slime they came out of. Preferably the latter.

          And then, there are all of the health and psychological risks to the women during an abortion and long-term following an abortion. Those are rarely considered but they are mighty. Abortion is really, really bad for women, but if a legitimate case could be made for life of the mother, I would consider it.


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