Eric Metaxas interviews Stephen C. Meyer on his book “Darwin’s Doubt”

Just watched this Friday night, and it’s a very good discussion that starts with the 5 basic questions you need to understand before you can understand intelligent design.

Here are the first 5 questions:

  • What is intelligent design?
  • What are the three meanings of the word evolution?
  • Is Darwinian evolution compatible with intelligent design?
  • Is intelligent design science?
  • What is biological information and where is it found?

There are many more questions covered, and Eric Metaxas is a very witty interviewer. I laughed out loud many times. There is a period of question and answer at the end. Those were some of the most intelligent questions I have ever seen from a lay audience.

2 thoughts on “Eric Metaxas interviews Stephen C. Meyer on his book “Darwin’s Doubt””

  1. I am not a scientist but I was able to thoroughly enjoy listening to Meyer. I can’t pretend to understand everything he said, but he spoke so well that I was able to always at least have a general idea of his points. Moreover, he always spoke with respect for those with whom he disagreed and yet did not equivocate about what he himself believed to be right and important.

    Like Thomas Sowell in economics, this man deserves a larger audience.


  2. That was absolutely fantastic! There is enough information to glean enough for casual apologetic discussion fodder and then to direct them to this video directly. Thank you for posting this!


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