UK: Half a million new STI infections in 2012

From the left-leaning UK Independent.


Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are soaring among young people, with chlamydia the most virulent, health officials have warned.

Nearly half a million people were diagnosed with STIs last year, with those aged under-25 experiencing the highest rates of infection, according to new figures released today.

Health experts have warned that the rise in STIs shows too many young people are still putting themselves at risk by failing to practice safe-sex.

Last year there were 448,422 diagnoses, which was a rise of five per cent from 2011, said Public Health England (PHE).

Almost half of all infections were chlamydia, amounting to 46 per cent of total STI diagnoses.

The number of new gonorrhoea diagnoses increased by 21 per cent, which is a particular cause for concern among health officials as the global threat of antibiotic resistance grows.

People aged under-25 accounted for 64 per cent of all chlamydia and 54 per cent of genital warts diagnoses in 2012.

The UK has some of the most aggressive and early sex education of any Western country. But all of this effort to educate young people hasn’t reduced the amount of sexual activity at all. When young people learn about the mechanics of sex, and are taught that recreational sex is normal and healthy, then they have more of it. Young people aren’t able to assess risks like adults can. They think that nothing will happen to them. No amount of sex education can cure youthful recklessness.

3 thoughts on “UK: Half a million new STI infections in 2012”

  1. And of course, all “they” can advocate is that people practise so-called “safe sex”, even though this is part of the problem – people think they can duck the consequences of sexual licence. Telling people that to be abstinent outside of marriage and to wait until marriage is considered moralistic and “judgmental”.


  2. The problem is that sex-ed doesn’t tell kids that the only truly safe sex is had within marriage by those who remained chaste. The problem isn’t that kids aren’t having “safe sex.” It’s that they’re having unmarried sex. Even if they did exactly what the experts tell them to do every time, if they have sex often enough, things are going to happen. Plenty of STIs can still be transmitted, even with “protection” in place. And of course, condoms break, birth control fails, and there are other consequences (such as emotional baggage) that can’t be prevented either. Thus, no matter how “safe” their sex is, it isn’t safe enough when they’re doing it outside of marriage.


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