Was Hitler a Christian? Is Nazism similar to Christianity?

One of the strangest things I have heard from atheists is the assertion that Christianity is somehow connected to the fascism, such as the fascism that existed under Adolf Hitler. Two posts by Jewish author Jonah Goldberg from National Review supply us with the facts to set the record straight.

Let’s start with the first post.

Here are some of the points:

1) Hitler wanted Christianity removed from the public square

Like the engineers of that proverbial railway bridge, the Nazis worked relentlessly to replace the nuts and bolts of traditional Christianity with a new political religion. The shrewdest way to accomplish this was to co-opt Christianity via the Gleichschaltung while at the same time shrinking traditional religion’s role in civil society.

2) Hitler banned the giving of donations to churches

Hitler banned religious charity, crippling the churches’ role as a counterweight to the state. Clergy were put on government salary, hence subjected to state authority. “The parsons will be made to dig their own graves,” Hitler cackled. “They will betray their God to us. They will betray anything for the sake of their miserable little jobs and incomes.”

3) Hitler replaced Christian celebrations with celebrations of the state

Following the Jacobin example, the Nazis replaced the traditional Christian calendar. The new year began on January 30 with the Day of the Seizure of Power. Each November the streets of central Munich were dedicated to a Nazi Passion play depicting Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch. The martyrdom of Horst Wessel and his “old fighters” replaced Jesus and the apostles. Plays and official histories were rewritten to glorify pagan Aryans bravely fighting against Christianizing foreign armies. Anticipating some feminist pseudo history, witches became martyrs to the bloodthirsty oppression of Christianity.

4) Hitler favored the complete elimination of Christianity

When some Protestant bishops visited the Fuhrer to register complaints, Hitler’s rage got the better of him. “Christianity will disappear from Germany just as it has done in Russia . . . The Germanrace has existed without Christianity for thousands of years . . . and will continue after Christianity has disappeared . . . We must get used to the teachings of blood and race.”

5) Hitler favored the removal of mandatory prayers in schools

In 1935 mandatory prayer in school was abolished…

6) Hitler favored the banning of Christmas carols and nativity plays

…and in 1938 carols and Nativity plays were banned entirely.

7) Hitler abolished religious instruction for children

By 1941 religious instruction for children fourteen years and up had been abolished altogether….

And now the second post.

8) Hitler opposed the ideas of universal truth and objective moral absolutes

…Just as the Nazi attack on Christianity was part of a larger war on the idea of universal truth, whole postmodern cosmologies have been created to prove that traditional religious morality is a scam, that there are no fixed truths or “natural” categories, and that all knowledge is socially constructed.

Practically everything this man believed was 100% anti-Christian. But he fits in fine on the secular left.


Adolf Hitler was a man influenced by two big ideas: evolution and socialism. His party was the national SOCIALIST party. He favored a strong role for the state in interfering with the free market. He was in favor of regulating the family so that the state could have a bigger influence on children. And he favored the idea of survival of the fittest. His ideas are 100% incompatible with Christianity and with capitalism as well. Christians value individual rights and freedoms, small government and the autonomy of the family against the state. The differences are clear and significant.

11 thoughts on “Was Hitler a Christian? Is Nazism similar to Christianity?”

  1. Listen. I lived as an American-Exchange student in what was then called “West Germany” in the 1986-1987 academic year.
    I was seventeen.

    My host family, when we vacationed in West Berlin in that summer of 1987……they took me to a place………

    It was quiet, a non-descript place called Polensee Prison at Trepowter Park. No fanfare. It wasn’t even listed in tour-books at that time.

    It was a museum (former prison) that was dedicated to the Germans that stood up to National Socialism. Now, we KNOW from history there were not too many Germans who did this. We know that many ‘might’ have wanted to stand up to Hitler, but were powerless to do so, and were AFRAID. We know that some in the military did (towards the end of the war) ,and take a stance against Hitler, or tried to. Okay. Some credit given.

    Who was there from day one fighting against this nightmare? Not the college professors. Not the college students. Not the activists. Not the German press. Not the Unions. Not the women. Not the entertainment figures of the period. Who were the GOOD Germans that risked, and ended up paying with their lives?????

    Because they WERE caught and they were murdered. They were given sham trials, and shamed before the court…..

    and there in Polensee Prison in Trepowter Park;a room with meat-hooks, there these GOOD Germans were hung and strung from piano wire. The gruesome ritual was even filmed…


    Catholic Priests and many in their flocks.
    Protestant Pastors and many in their flocks
    Lutherern Priests and many in their flocks
    Soldiers / members of The Salvation Army of Germany

    That’s who.

    These brave men, and deeply devoted people to Jesus Christ could never stand to or want to live in a Germany where Christ would not be welcomed or allowed. They, from DAY ONE in 1933 worked, supported, and feared for their lives while they kept up this struggle, and to a nation that turned deaf ears to them. Yet they stayed true, would not submit…and they paid with their lives.

    I saw it. I was there. I read the displays. The papers, and the few photos that remained.

    Hitler considered himself a “Catholic” but not practicing, and if you read “Mein Kampf” he wanted the Bible replaced with “Mein Kampf”.

    It was a humble, quiet place. My host family felt that this was really, the only place they could show me, and tell me about the few GOOD GERMANS who hated this nightmare.

    They were all deeply Christian men and women.


    1. I think most militant atheist like Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne and people like that would agree with Hitler straight down the line in his opposition to Christianity.


  2. It’s simple. Some people like to tell other people what to do. Some are Christians some aren’t.


  3. It’s possible to turn the claim around on the atheist. I wrote down the following quote when I was reading Heinz Hohne’s “The Order of the Death’s Head”:

    “A flood of anti-Christian propaganda was loosed on the heads of the [Verfugungstruppe] to compel them to renounce all the rules of bourgeois Christian morality and to sever all ties with the Church. The Verfugungstruppe became a stronghold of that atheism peculiar to the SS which, in their
    perverse terminology, the Nazi propagandists christened “Gottglaubigkeit” (belief in God). By the end of 1938 53.6% of Verfugungstruppe men had left the Church, a figure surpassed only by the even more rabid Totenkopfverbande with 69%. Many men were literally compelled to leave the Church…Every opportunity was taken to humiliate and ridicule [those who had not left the Church]…The young Verfugungstruppe officers were continually called upon to prove their uncompromising opposition to the Christian message of reconciliation and tolerance, which the SS regarded as un-German. From the outset they were ordered to abjure the Christian faith as a destructive, eff eminate and “Jewish” doctrine. — pp. 449-450

    The Verfugungstruppe was the precursor to the Waffen-SS, and the Totenkopfverbande — which Hohne claims was the most atheistic group — was the organization in charge of the Nazi concentration camps. In short, the Holocaust was committed by a group of men who were primarily atheist.


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