Stephen C. Meyer discusses Richard Dawkins on the Michael Medved show

The Michael Medved show is a national radio show broadcast out of Seattle, Washington. According to Talkers magazine, he has the fifth largest radio audience. In the last week of April, Mr. Medved accounced a new segment on origins, evolution and intelligent design that will be heard each week.

Here is the original announcement:

Does science conflict with religious faith? Does nature offer scientific evidence of design? Should public-school students learn about all sides of contentious scientific issues? Or should teachers spoon-feed them with only the politically approved views? Should scientists be free to pursue the truth, wherever the search takes them? What if it leads to conclusions that are disturbing to a rigidly secular point of view?

Starting this Thursday, April 25, the Michael Medved Show will shine a bright light on these and other fascinating questions that are vital to the future of our nation and our culture.

[…]From Darwinian evolution to climate change, science has become a major flashpoint in the culture war. In using science as a political and cultural weapon, aggressive, evangelizing materialists count on our not knowing enough to argue back. That’s why, to follow and participate in the greatest debates of our day, you need to know about the science behind the controversies.

Each week, leading fellows from Discovery will join Mr. Medved to talk about the intersection of science and culture, how bad science and biased science are corroding the best American values. They’ll talk about the assault on human dignity and uniqueness, about attempts to silence dissenting scientists and suppress academic freedom. They will discuss the danger posed by revived Social Darwinism and the new eugenics. And yes, they’ll explore the debate over scientific materialism versus intelligent design.

The Michael Medved Show is one of the top ten most listened to radio talk shows in the United States. Syndicated to some 200 radio stations, it reaches an estimated weekly audience of 3-4 million people.

Here is the second segment from this past week, courtesy of the Intelligent Design: The Future podcast.

The MP3 file is available for download at the link above.

The description is:

On this episode of ID the Future, Dr. Stephen Meyer continues his conversation with Michael Medved on the Medved Show’s “Science and Culture Update.” Listen in as Meyer and Medved discuss a recent prominent criticism of Richard Dawkins and take questions from callers about intelligent design.

Each week, leading fellows from Discovery Institute will join Mr. Medved to talk about the intersection of science and culture. Listen in live online or on your local Medved station, or stay tuned for at ID the Future for the weekly podcast.

In addition to talking about Dawkins, he also discusses the Cambrian explosion and takes calls from angry Darwinists.

Now might be a good time to subscribe to the ID: The Future podcast.

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One thought on “Stephen C. Meyer discusses Richard Dawkins on the Michael Medved show”

  1. “Evangelizing materialists” – love it! When I was an anti-Christian, I would have been appalled (and REALLY ticked off BTW) to have it pointed out to me that I was engaging in materialism worship or the religion of atheism. At that time, statements such as “the universe created itself” and “the Cosmos [don’t forget the capitals – even materialists must show proper respect for their ‘god!’] is all that is or ever was or ever will be” sounded soooo (insert sound of falling over oneself gushing worship) profound!


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