Pregnant South African women binge drinking in order to get more welfare

A horrible article from the UK Daily Mail.


Pregnant South African women are deliberately drinking large quantities of alcohol to harm their unborn babies in a bid to earn more welfare money, it has been claimed.

Expectant mothers living in the Eastern Cape, one of the poorest areas in South Africa, are bingeing on a ‘moonshine’ type drink which contains battery acid – with some drinking up to five and six bottles a day.

It has been reported they do it to claim a disability benefit from the government – using their disabled children as a source of income.

Video taken by Sky News shows a mother drinking a homemade brew called ‘kah-kah’ while heavily pregnant.

[…]The addictive milky brown brew is made from yeast, water and battery acid.

[…]The World Health Organisation said there has been an increase in the number of babies born with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in the area  since 2002.

The syndrome is also the most common birth defect in South Africa.

The irreversible symptoms mean children suffer from speech problems, physical deformities, learning difficulties and behavioural issues.

Families receive 250 South African rand ($29 US) per child, per month but a disabled child brings in around 1200 rand a month ($138 US).

It’s very important for Christians to understand that policies that sound compassionate can actually provide incentives to people to do more bad things in order to get more money from the government. A good rule of thumb is this: whatever you tax, you get less of. And whatever you subsidize, you get more of. We shouldn’t be paying people to do evil things. We should be encouraging people who do good things instead. It’s important that we not just feel good, but that we do good.

7 thoughts on “Pregnant South African women binge drinking in order to get more welfare”

  1. Yeah im south african…

    I heard a couple months back this was getting popular here… a wonderful rainbow nation indeed :/


  2. Eh, I’m not surprised. Saddened but not surprised.

    If it’s permissible in the minds of these people to kill a child for “economic reasons”, then maiming one for economic reasons is surely as justified, yes?


  3. Really sad to read this…. can’t believe that my fellow South Africans can do this to a precious gift from God in order to get more money….

    It’s sick!


  4. My friend used to work at the ‘county’ office in Bakersfield, CA. In his first few weeks he noticed that a large number of black women from their early 40’s-50’s were bringing in YOUNG teen girls (13 and up, some younger) , and very pregnant, to apply for welfare, section 8, EBT, WIC, etc. This was on a daily basis. After a while he noticed that the older employees knew all of these women by name and spoke to them like old friends. When he finally asked what was going on the senior staff members explained that the middle aged women had been raised on welfare their entire lives, few, if any, had ever married but most had multiple children and the girls they were bringing in were their granddaughters. Their actual daughters, the mothers of these girls, were usually living in the grandmother’s homes, supplied by ‘section 8’, of course, and once THEIR girls, these granddaughters, were of ‘breeding age’ as they put it, they were ‘encouraged’ by the family to get pregnant themselves to get those precious first checks. Eventually they would have at least two or three, or more, illegitimate kids, by different fathers(makes it too expensive for the county to track them all down) to get the maximum benefits.
    This story sickened me, and I sort of half-believed it, UNTIL, our little SoCal valley got very stupid and opened itself up to the ‘section 8’ program also. It seemed like half of L.A.’s inner city moved in over night and these matriarchal ‘families started popping up all over. Sure their would be an adult male in their somewhere, usually an ‘uncle’ and a few sons, but mostly it’s a lot of women and girls, very frequently pregnant. And remember California has nearly 1/3 of America’s welfare rolls, now we have a guess as to why.


    1. I know that social conservatives often shy away from fiscal conservatives and prefer ineffective approaches like trying to use the Bible to convince people to behave morally on issues like abortion and gay marriage. A better approach is to make moral arguments based on secular evidence and research and conjoin those moral arguments with the removal of structural incentives for socially liberal behavior. We should not be rewarding people for risky behaviors. We should be rewarding people for marriage and parenting.


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