67% of single / unmarried / divorced women vote for pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage Obama

Did you know that most single / unmarried  / divorced women are pro-abortion and pro-gay-marriage?


Two-thirds of single women voted for President Barack Obama on Tuesday – showing that unattached women are a powerful Democratic voting bloc.

These women were galvanized not only by traditional “women’s” issues such as birth control and abortion rights, but also by Obama’s jobs message and health reform, analysts say.

NBC News national exit polling shows that 67 percent of unmarried women said they voted for Obama. That’s in line with the 2008 election, when 70 percent of single women helped usher the president into office. This proves it wasn’t a single-election phenomenon: unmarried women have solidified into a powerful voting force, experts say.

“One of the reasons for that is the birth control issue,” says American Association of University Women Policy Director Lisa Maatz. “Abortion — reasonable people can disagree on that and do. But the whole issue of access to birth control…is something that most women thought was a settled issue.”

By the way — this isn’t just young women, Maatz pointed out. Many of the single women voters were over 50 — divorced, widowed or never married.

In the rest of this post, when I say “women”, I mean “67% of single / unmarried / divorced women who voted for abortion and gay marriage”. Please keep that in mind.

So what is it that these single / unmarried / divorced women really want these days?

Here’s what they want:

  • they want taxpayer-funded contraceptives, paid for by Christians and provided by Christians
  • they want taxpayer-funded abortions, paid for by Christians and provided by Christians (no conscience protections)
  • they want children to be raised by single mothers, supported with taxpayer money
  • they want children to be raised by same-sex couples, and harsh laws preventing anyone from disagreeing with gay marriage
  • they want no-fault divorce laws, so that they can easily get out of any marriages that don’t make them happy
  • they want taxpayer-funded day care, so that they can get back to their careers as quickly as possible

In the UK, you can also get taxpayer-funded breast enlargements. And in some parts of Canada, you can get taxpayer-funded in-vitro fertilization. Both countries have single-payer health care, which is very popular with single women because women typically need more health care and men need less – but you pay into these systems based on income, so it is a redistributive system that punishes work and rewards those people who require more health care – sometimes as a result of their own poor choices.

So women basically want to be unchaste, to depend on government handouts, to dismiss the traditional roles of men in marriage (protector, provider, moral/spiritual leader) and to dismiss the needs of children for their mother and father (either through day care, single motherhood or divorce).  If their plan to have a ton of recreational sex results in a baby, then they want to kill that baby, so they won’t be burdened by the consequences of their own choices. Women don’t  want to stay home with very young children. They don’t want to care for their husbands’ needs. In fact, most of them would prefer to have money extracted from working men through taxation, and then distributed back to to women through government programs and handouts. What they really mean is that they want to marry the government, and escape from the authority of husbands and fathers, and the obligation to respect them, too.

Now, speaking as a chaste Christian man, marriage is my goal and so I read a lot of research about how marriage succeeds or fails, as well as research on what children need in order to succeed. The evidence that I’ve written about before shows that marriages are more stable and better quality if both the man and the woman have no previous sexual experience. The evidence also shows that children need a mother for at least the first two years of life, and preferably the first five years of life. The evidence shows that fatherlessness is tantamount to child abuse. And the evidence shows that divorce scars children for life. And the evidence shows that men feel better about themselves when they are recognized and respected by their family as the protector, provider and moral/spiritual leader of the home.

Therefore, we should be encouraging men and women to be chaste prior to marriage. Not only is this good for marital stability and quality, but fewer unborn children will be murdered by women. We should encourage women to stay home at least two years with new children, and five would be better. We should be encouraging people to be more careful about choosing the right man for the roles of husband and father, and not telling them to choose a man based on superficialities like appearance, emotions and cultural approval. We should be making it harder for women to divorce men by removing the financial incentives to divorce and requiring a demonstration of fault.

That’s what we would do if we wanted a marriage that is good for God, good for society, good for men and good for children. But let me be clear: that is not what women want. They say they want “marriage”, but they don’t want what marriage actually is: husbands caring for wives, wives submitting to husbands, and protecting and nurturing children. Marriage, to a woman, means that government will make sure that no one can obligate her to do anything that doesn’t make her feel happy. Not husbands. Not children. No one.

I think that Christian men like me need to be very careful about knitting our souls to a single woman today. Lots of women label themselves as “Christian” and even attend church. But if they haven’t taken the time to get informed about men and marriage, you shouldn’t be fooled by them. They are opposed to God, men, morality, marriage and children. They are pro-abortion. They will kill to make recreational sex consequence free. They are pro-gay-marriage. They don’t believe that children have a right to a mother and a father to whom they belong, and who are obligated to care for them.

Single men: be careful about marrying single women today – the odds are that you are going to get hurt. You can see the danger they pose to you and your children by looking at what they vote for. You might as well go to the zoo and marry an alligator and hope for love for you and your children from that. Don’t be stupid. Look how they vote and think about what it tells you about their priorities and sense of obligation. Marriage made sense when women were self-controlled and cared about the needs of men and children and their obligations to men and children. Now they don’t. If you want a traditional marriage, and the happiness of being a real man to a woman, and the joy of seeing your children cared for by someone you love and trust, then think carefully before you get married. Because that old definition of marriage is dead. The word remains, but the meaning is lost.

Please also check out my previous post on why single women vote for higher taxes and bigger government, and my previous post about how single women view traditional marriage with traditional roles as a threat to their personal autonomy.

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16 thoughts on “67% of single / unmarried / divorced women vote for pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage Obama”

  1. How the heck was access to birth control even an issue? No Republican has ever said he or she was in favor of getting rid of access to birth control. The issue was whether the government had the right to force the Catholic Church to pay for birth control for its employees under Obamacare. Not access to birth control. Women who worked for a Catholic entity would still have access to birth control on their own nickel, and even could use a non-Church health plan that covered birth control pills.

    How did that issue ever get twisted into the idea that Republicans are trying to cut down on access to birth control?!? It’s amazing how that was spun so effectively by the left, to be honest. It never was about access to birth control, but about the Catholic Church being forced to pay for birth control, when it has moral teachings that forbid birth control use.

    I remember when that issue was live (and how annoyed I was at Rush Limbaugh for walking into the trap that Sandra Fluke set). In my opinion, the Obama administration did this specifically to create a wedge issue. They figured it wouldn’t cost them that much among Catholics who were otherwise inclined to vote Democratic because most of those disregarded and disagreed with the Catholic moral teaching about birth control. So they basically baited the Catholic Church into a fight with them that allowed for a media frenzy about Catholic sexual morality (always good fun in our culture) while at the same time painting themselves as women’s defenders in terms of contraception and access to birth control pills — when of course this access was never an issue. When Limbaugh walked into the silken trap and called Fluke a slut, of course the Democrats made tons of hay about that and I’m sure that had an impact on the election in a more subtle, long-term sense as well. But the core gambit was to use the Catholics as a wedge to manufacture an issue out of nothing, and then morph that issue into a fear campaign that the Republicans were out to get rid of access to birth control pills.

    The fact that so many women fell for this does not speak highly of them, to be honest.


    1. I was expecting a lot of women to speak out against Obama and his tactics of equating voting for him with losing your virginity. But almost none did. Where is the outcry by single women in favor of chastity, marriage, motherhood and fatherhood? I’ll tell you – the majority of single women don’t believe in any of that any more – that’s why they voted for a man who is radically in favor of contraceptives, abortion, single mother welfare and gay-marriage.


      1. I agree with you about the vast majority of single women. Look at the election numbers. There was also a poll that was done in October by gallup that showed that for women voters the number one electoral issue was abortion, by a huge degree, whereas for men the number one issue was the economy. Matt Forney had a post about this at the time. It’s staggering, really.

        The key is as you write — autonomy. Women want autonomy from men — fathers, husbands, general. Sexual freedom — that is the freedom from the consequences of sex for women — frees women from dependency on specific men (i.e., the men who knock them up) and gives them “independence”, which is something that virtually all 20-something women want, especially the lower 20s set when they are at the absolute apex of their sexual power. This is the crux of the issue — the freedom from the consequences of sex. And the whole issue with the contraception brouhaha was that they wanted to force other people to pay for their casual sex romps in terms of making them possible by paying for their pills.

        It’s really hard to take single women seriously when their entire political orientation is centered around preserving their access to consequence-free casual sex.

        And they say *men* are the sex-obsessed ones? Pfft.


        1. I want to be protected, provided for, and have love professed to me. I want to be loved the way Christ loved the church and gave himself for her. In churches today; single women are the fringe. We are the outcast. Most married women in the church don’t want us around their husbands, and most married men keep their distance. My closest friends are non-Christian married couples, three in fact; who embrace me into their family’s as one of their own for Holidays and their lives. Thank God for them. I don’t think or believe that even single or divorced men are as outcast as the “single-female” in church. It’s sad really. It’s really sad. Christian men want virginic, white dressed, halo having 20 year olds. They aren’t looking for 43 year olds forgiven by God’s grace and mercy.


  2. The government is her husband.

    Women don’t want government help, they demand the government be her husband. Hypergamy informs her decision to choose the strongest, wealthiest guy on the block and that happens to be Uncle Sam. Except that this is a Shot-Gun Wedding because Uncle Sam doesn’t have any money and Uncle Sam has to use a shot gun to take it from taxpayers.

    On Tuesday, November 6th, 2012, women everywhere got married.


  3. Just want to chime in here—I married “only” 6.5 years ago, but now and before meeting my husband, I hardly fit into this distressing portrait of the modern female. Not at all, actually (hint: I was working 50-80 hours a week while attending school full time at night and on weekends). Two of my cousins and a few (single!) girlfriends sit with me. Yes, many women are…um…incorrigible, but not all. There are a few gems out there yet and they are worth finding and waiting for.

    So far as wanting autonomy from men—not at all, not for all women. In addition to my marvellous husband, I adore my father and grandfathers, one of whom I just lost Saturday morning, and I will never, ever get over his loss because contemplating life without him to talk to is…it is unimaginable and so unreal to me. But then these men in my life are all God-fearing and God-loving men who raised not only fine families but businesses, too. My uncles are also really wonderful men who take great care for their families and work hard. These were my examples from the time I was an infant. I love and need these men around me. It seems clear to me, at least, that the men surrounding us have *much* to do with how women grow up and what we expect; clearly I was blessed because I was raised around fine men and sought and found the same. This same family background is in common with my similarly-minded cousins and friends.

    So, yes, the traditional gatekeepers of morality seem to be failing us now in great degree; at the same time I cannot help but think it started somewhere. Says the Daughter of Eve…Seriously, though, we are not all bad!


  4. When the question of “same-sex marriage” comes up, the typical defense is “What difference does it make?” The statistics go to show that genuine marriage makes a difference in worldview.


  5. Thankfully you don’t have to marry a majority of women, but you just need one. I’m sure the right lady is out there for you. Plenty of single women did vote for Romney, after all. Come on, cheer up!


  6. What gets me is that Obama’s base showed up in mass and Romney’s didn’t. Romney got a few million fewer votes than McCain. Obama got fewer than he did in 2008 as well (and a lot of it was probably due to Sandy), but I don’t think anyone was expecting that. When he selected Paul Ryan that gave me some hope, but deep down I knew this moderate from MA couldn’t win, which is why in the primaries I was hoping for anyone but Romney. You can convince some people that you are bi-partisan, but if you can’t motivate your base to come out you will lose. A part of me also believes without a doubt that “Obama’s base” includes massive amounts of voter fraud. A problem that is so easily fixed with ID laws, but in the name of “voter suppression” will never happen.

    I still believe the majority of the people are center right, and I am glad we still have the house.


  7. Well, I am among the 33%. I don’t know. I think that feminism was at one time needed. We actually have the right to vote now. We have the right not to be beaten by our husbands while police turn their heads. We can get out of bad marriages where our husbands beat us, commit adultery on us, or generally treat us poorly. We don’t have to walk around with shame and guilt and horror if we get pregnant before we get married. Christian people who despise abortion are often some of the most legalistic harshest critics of women who carry pregnancies to term. Let’s face it, what is easier? Have an abortion, so your church people DON’T know? Or, carry to term and be looked down upon by God’s people? I think that it is still horrible, as some of the same Born Again Christian church attending Godly Bible thumping men; LOOKING DOWN THEIR NOSES AND CONDEMNING Single pregnant Christian women? Are the same ones tossing off to internet porn every night or trying to feel up the 15 year old girls in the church. Sad thing is? I have had more faithful and moral Non-Christian boyfriends than Christian boyfriends…. Single, 43-year old, never married mom of 2 boys…..


  8. “The evidence also shows that children need a mother for at least the first two years of life, and preferably the first five years of life. ”

    Not good enough. Children need a mother at home full time, preferably a home-schooling one, until they are grown.


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