12-year-old girl shoots home intruder in the shoulder with legally owned firearm

Left-wing ABC News reports.

Full text:

Kendra St. Clair, 12, was at home alone in Oklahoma, when loud banging began on the door to her family’s home. Soon, the glass shattered and an intruder had entered.

“I was scared and I didn’t know what to do next,” Kendra told ABC News.

Petrified, she called her mom Debra.

“I said Kendra get the gun and go get in my closet now. And call 911.”

The young 6th grader followed her mom’s orders to the tee.

The 911 tapes tell the story as it unfolded.

Kendra: “I’m at my house. I’m in my closet. And I ran away from (inaudible) someone’s trying to get into my house and I do not know who they are.” Dispatcher: “Ok I have a deputy en route, I want you to stay on the phone with me. Ok?” Kendra: “Ok. Please. I think they are in the house.”

Kendra had taken shelter in a closet, clutching her mother’s .40 caliber glock gun while she listened to the intruder make his way around her home.

Kendra: “Please help me. Please.” Dispatcher: “Alright, alright. I understand. Do you still have your mom’s gun there?” Kendra: “Yes I do. I have it in my hand.”

Her fear intensified to sheer terror, when she saw the knob of the closet door beginning to turn.

At that point, that for the first time in her life, Kendra fired a gun.

Police said the bullet traveled straight through the closet door and struck 32-year-old Stacey Jones in the shoulder, scaring him out of the house.

They arrested him a few blocks away and charged Jones with first degree burglary.

“When I had the gun, I didn’t think I was actually going to have to shoot somebody,” the 6th grader recalled. “I think it’s going to change me a whole lot, knowing that I can hold my head up high and nothing can hurt me anymore.”

Her mother Debra agrees.

“I think that she did something that most grown-ups wouldn’t be able to do in a frightening situation. I think she handled herself amazingly.”

Jones was treated at the hospital and released into the custody of authorities. Police said he has not yet entered a plea but that bond has been set for $250,000.

My fear about Barack Obama is that if he gets a second term, then he will ban private ownership of handguns. And then stories like this will end in tragedy for the law-abiding people. Banning guns is an inherently pro-criminal policy. And when you read stories like this, it’s easy to see why.

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8 thoughts on “12-year-old girl shoots home intruder in the shoulder with legally owned firearm”

  1. The problem with liberals is that they seem to think that because they will accept whatever laws are passed, conservatives and libertarians are the same. Advocates of gun control are, in effect, setting the stage for one of the bloodiest civil wars in history.
    Assuming between 1-3% of gun owners resist that sort of law(I base this on the roughly 3% of the population that actually fought in the American Revolution) then killing up to 3 million armed citizens would be required to enforce said law. This doesn’t include the deaths of various government agents involved, and given what I know of training habits of police vs non-police it would probably be a greater than 1:1 ratio in favor of the resistors.


    1. LOL – you almost made me spit my drink all over my new monitor…and I don’t use that annoying acronym that easily. Bloodiest civil wars in history…if people are willing to accept corporations telling them what to do and buying their politicians and polluting their food and water and killing their kids with increased rates of cancer, autism, seizures, MR and practically every other even ailment known to medicine, they’re not gonna do anything about the government taking their guns. But I’ll return to this topic in a second.

      Why on earth would anyone fear Obama taking their guns when gun ownership has expanded faster under this president than practically any other president in history – it’s a fear-mongering statement with no basis in fact or evidentiary underpinnings…none.

      Now, back to this “supposed civil war.” Any smart president that wanted to ban guns wouldn’t do it through law – they would get their buddy’s and puppet masters the corporations to do it for them. We’ve let law firms sell us on the fact that suing for every stubbed toe brings power to the little man…no one has done anything. We’ve let the media corporations sell us on the fact that we don’t actually own the music on the discs we bought – it’s merely leased (and they’ve gone to great steps to curb secondary sales). Same with book publishing corps – it’s practically illegal to sell certain types of texts. Google got dragged through court for copying books that were hundreds of years old and clearly in the public realm. We can’t take pictures of artwork displayed in public museums that are hundreds of years old and post them in public websites or you can be sued for copyright infringement. You can’t use the new 3-D printer technology to print guns because of the DRM laws (again, you can but you’ll get sued and arrested). People cheered the slippery slope of indefinite incarceration – think that wildly vague but super scary term “terrorist” or “sex offender” (which public urination will land you on the second and swearing in an airport the first). Police can legally read any email you leave in your hotmail/google/etc accounts because that’s not considered electronic storage.

      I could probably fill a book with the rights lost in the past 12+ years and not a peep…in fact, most have cheered as their rights have been slowly stripped away and you expect a bunch of people to follow you in to war because some corporation – because no laws get passed unless it benefits some lobbyist, insurance companies coming to mind for gun control – will have convinced the scared masses that taking away guns will prevent the black man from robbing them? It can’t be to fight the government afterall – even a .50 caliber does no good against a drone flying 12,000 feet above at 500+mph with satellite guided munitions heading your way.


      1. 1.Yes, most people will do nothing, thus the 1-3% I used. However, in ’07 about 1.5 mil. kids were home-schooled and as of ’09 a little over 4.7 mil were enrolled in private schools. The same sort who take charge of their own defense and education are more likely to take responsibility for health and well being, instead of just accepting whatever the gov/corporations say is good. Thinking for yourself isn’t caged to one area of life.

        2.The problem is the government, not Obama. He just happens to be currently in power. And there most certainly is evidence that governments move towards restriction of freedom.

        3.It is blatantly obvious that it couldn’t be done through the law. It is unlawful. Violating law doesn’t concern bureaucrats.

        4. In regards to media restrictions file sharing has arisen. I’m not making a positive or negative argument, just pointing out that people are in fact responding to media companies actions. VPN services and encryption is also on the rise.

        5.There have been responses to lost rights and disinformation. Gun laws havebeen stopped, reversed or ended. Paleo/primal diets, alternate education, Mises Institute. Heck, the proliferation of the ‘red pill’ and the manosphere.

        6. Don’t take civil war too literally. I certainly won’t be leading a battle, because that won’t be how it works. There will be ‘a gun behind every blade of grass.’ It would never be battlefields and war zones. Besides, this is only the logical conclusion of totalitarianism as advocated by gun control proponents, not a prognostication of the immediate future. Given current economic conditions we have a more pressing concern. The US cannot financially survive by following it’s Keynesian blueprint.


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