Why do women have abortions? Are women responsible or are men to blame?

Dina said me this astonishing article from the UK Daily Mail.


Her first abortion came when she was 17, following a bitterly regretted drunken encounter with a colleague at an office party. 

[…]Her bold decision to speak out about her abortions comes after it was revealed that the NHS spends more than £50  million a year on repeat terminations.

One third of the 189,000 abortions carried out in England and Wales in 2010 involved women who’d had at least one before. In some cases, a staggering seven abortions had previously been carried out on the same woman.

Abortion one:

The first one… was when she… got pregnant when she ended up in bed with a  22-year-old colleague called Brian.

‘Although I knew I could get pregnant, we didn’t use contraception. I just didn’t think it would happen to me…

[…]Michelle visited her GP and found out she was entitled to a free NHS abortion at her local hospital. 

Abortion two:

[S]he met John, 35, an Irish soldier stationed at barracks near her home, and they embarked on a three-week fling. It left her with another unplanned, and unwanted, pregnancy. 

[…]Michelle was once again granted an NHS abortion at nine weeks — this time at a private London clinic, in July 2000.

Abortion three:

Then, a year later, she met her current partner, Paul, at a local pub.

[…]Michelle says she was open about her abortions, and told Paul, 36 — who is an estates manager — that she didn’t want any more children.

[…][I]n July, Michelle was going through a rocky period with Paul when she discovered she was pregnant again.

She says: ‘At the time we were barely speaking, as we were both so stressed out. We hadn’t been intimate for months, but one night relations thawed and we had sex.

‘Until then, we’d been using condoms but this time we didn’t. Although I thought about getting the morning-after pill, I ended up leaving it to chance.’

[…]At nine weeks, Michelle was granted a third NHS abortion, at another London clinic.

Three taxpayer-funded abortions for three pregnancies brought on by this woman’s own free decisions.

In the UK, abortions, IVF and single motherhood are all taxpayer-funded. If women had to pay for their own abortions, their own IVF, their own out-of-wedlock births, then maybe they would not be making decisions like this woman has. When you pay people to do something, you mustn’t be surprised when they do that thing more. Lowering the cost of anything means that more people will buy it. And making it free is the worst of all. The first step to ending abortion is that society needs to understand that virtually every woman who has one is at least partly responsible for her own decision-making. The sooner we stop feeling compassion for women like this one, and start feeling compassion for unborn children and taxpayers, the sooner abortion will end. This woman is not a victim – she made these decisions and the consequences were absolutely devastating.

And many Christian leaders are part of the problem – they seem to really like blaming men for cases like the one above. Man-blaming Christian leaders have to do their part and stop blaming men for women’s irrational belief that recreational sex will be followed by an offer of marriage if the woman becomes pregnant. Men who have recreational sex don’t want marriage, and pregnancy doesn’t turn them into marriage-minded men. Men who have recreational sex want… recreational sex. Marriage is a heavy burden, and men who fool around are not going to “do the right thing”. Men who have recreational sex before marriage are not the sort of men who can be depended on to “do the right thing”. The sooner we start holding women accountable for their own decisions – and shaming them – the sooner abortion will stop.

UPDATE: This comment from straightright is worth reading if you are annoyed by the “poor me, I’m a victim” tone of the article.

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3 thoughts on “Why do women have abortions? Are women responsible or are men to blame?”

  1. This woman is a total lost cause. She needed to have her tubes tied when she was in her teens. She definitely is an example of Dalrymple’s Life at the Bottom.

    The text of the article is mendacious and insulting. It’s a fitting vehicle for the tale of this woman.


    “‘lost’ through her decision to have terminations”

    This is the language of not taking responsibility. The attempt to make the sentence passive is disingenuous. It should read: she decided to terminate three of her babies. Or more to the point: she aborted three of her babies.

    “Michelle knows that by trying for another baby she will attract criticism — and in many ways she understands it.”

    Well go figure! You get yourself in an article, plaster a picture of yourself from your early days, and then think about criticism. What a total narcissist.

    “She got pregnant when she ended up in bed with a 22-year-old colleague called Brian.”

    Talk about amazing! It’s not that she chose to sleep with Brian; somehow, mysteriously, she just “ended” up there. Talk about miracles! No – you walked to his place, you took off your clothes, and then you had sex. You stupid twit.

    “It left her with another unplanned, and unwanted, pregnancy. Michelle admits: ‘We did use condoms, but not every time. ”

    Your fling didn’t leave you with anything – you ditz! You chose to have sex with the Irish soldier. This isn’t magic here, for crying out loud.

    “Then family life became a strain when Jason started getting into trouble at school for disruptive behaviour, which continued at home. ”

    Go figure! Her son, who doesn’t have his father in his life because she’s a sleazy bimbo, is acting out in school. She really screwed over her kids, no question about it.

    “When she told Paul she wanted an abortion, he was aghast. Despite his protests, she didn’t change her mind. ”

    Just further confirmation that she’s drunk the feminist kool-aid: why should Paul get a say – he’s just a sperm donor. Michelle, who just finds herself pregnant again, gets to decide if her baby will live or die.

    “Doubts about that abortion crept in straight away, and she vowed she would never terminate another pregnancy.”

    Considering her previous vows, I think I’d bet against her keeping her word.

    “Her daughter is still too young for such a discussion, but she has told her teenage boys about contraception, urging them to take responsibility when the time comes.”

    Given her stupidity, about almost everything, one can only speculate how this will go. “When you guys get hot and heavy, don’t forget to pause for a second and put on a condom. Don’t be like me, when I got into it, I wasn’t prepared, and just said, ‘screw it’, let’s go for it, and then I left everything to chance.” Like her advice will work.

    This woman is ridiculous. Like I’ve told some of my friends who have had a hard time having kids: when I get to heaven, I want to ask why bimbos like this were able to have kids so easily, and others not.


    1. I’m glad that I am not the only one who was upset by what this woman did, and the “poor me, I’m a victim” tone of the article. It’s straight out of Theodore Dalrymple’s “The Knife Went In” chapter of “Life at the Bottom”. Everything in the passive tone, always she is the helpless victim of circumstances beyond her control. Boohoo, pass the social programs to pay for the mess she made so that she doesn’t feel bad.

      I’m glad you wrote this, SR. Take the spin off.


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