Gay rights activists vandalize church for posting pro-marriage sign

Anti-marriage gay activists vandalize church
Anti-marriage gay activists vandalize church

From the Newcastle Herald (Australia). (H/T Bill Muehlenberg)


Vandals attacked Wallsend Presbyterian Church last night in response to a message criticising same-sex marriage displayed on the building’s outside notice board.

The church on Nelson Street had updated its message board last week to read “Even tradies know you need both male and female joints to make a marriage”.

The front of the 1867 building, which recently received a $12,000 makeover, was defaced with messages such as ‘‘sexuality is not a choice’’ and ‘‘love thy neighbour not hate gays’’.

Reverend Dr Ian Copland said the sign was a play on words and he wanted people to talk about the issue being raised in federal parliament.

He said he has no regrets despite the outcome.

‘‘This is not going to stop me,’’ he said.

Two bills to legalise same-sex marriage were introduced in Federal Parliament this week.

‘‘It’s obviously a reaction to the sign but I have no malice towards the vandals,’’ Rev Copland said.

‘‘It only takes one or two cowards you can’t blame the whole homosexual community. That would be wrong.’’

This is not the first time the church has been attacked regarding its stance on same-sex marriage.

The signboard was vandalised about six months ago when the reverend posted a similar message.

Don’t expect to see this story plastered on all the newspapers in the world for six months. It doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s secular leftist worldview.

Bill writes:

So this is how the tolerant brigade makes its case: by attacking and defacing and causing damage to a church. Yep, we sure do love how you guys do business. All that love and tolerance is just oozing out here. But if this were not bad enough, look closely at that photo again.

Did you see one of the bits of graffiti? It says this: “Tolerance is a virtue”. I kid you not. Look at it again! Don’t you just love how these guys demonstrate all their wonderful love of tolerance? They bend over backwards trying to be the most intolerant bunch in the country. And they are succeeding just fine.

As I mentioned, no commentary is really needed here. Just soak in the irony, the duplicity, the double standards and the hypocrisy. I love it when these guys make our case for us. I could never have done such a good enough job to demonstrate all this. So they kindly go and do it for me.

Thanks guys. Keep it up. We expect to see even more such cases of love, acceptance and tolerance in the near future. We know full well how you operate, and we look forward to more expressions of tolerance.

Click here for a sampling of anti-marriage vandalism, violence and harassment from anti-Prop 8 gay activists.

Please note: comments to this post will be filtered based on Obama’s law restricting free speech on controversial issues.

6 thoughts on “Gay rights activists vandalize church for posting pro-marriage sign”

  1. Minor correction: This is in Newcastle, Australia. Though I could quite imagine similar things happening in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

    But wherever it took place, there is bitter irony in people so tolerant and open-minded that they’re willing to damage private property on which a contrary view is displayed.


    1. GAH!!!!! I’ll fix it. I didn’t even know there WAS a Newcastle in Australia.

      Speaking of Australia, explain to me what is going on with that big vote – what is Abbott doing?


      1. To tell the truth, I’ve no idea. I haven’t lived in Aus for nearly four years now. What vote are you talking about? Since The Australian introduced a paywall, I haven’t been following Australian news so well – the Age and the SMH are still free, but their editorial slant is rather more left-leaning.


  2. That doesn’t surprise me. On controversial social issues in Australia and New Zealand, it’s traditional for the conservative parties to allow “free votes” or “conscience votes”, while the left-leaning parties are much stricter. The result usually is that such measures pass by narrow margins. This bill is likely, therefore, to succeed – if it gets enough time allocated to it in Parliament.

    It’s also worth noting that advocates for SSM have largely won the battle for public opinion in countries like Australia and New Zealand, and are well on the way to winning it in the US. Here in NZ, at least, moral opposition to others’ homosexual practices — and the accompanying resistance to SSM — is now widely seen as a quirky religious doctrine with no general relevance to society.


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