The U.S. government sends out 200 million checks per month

Marco Rubio talks about how the massive spending spree started when the Democrats took control of the House and Senate in 2007, and about how the Democrats have been running government for 2.5 years without a budget, and about Obama’s silly budget proposal which was rejected 97-0 in the Senate. He also hammers Obama for not putting forward a plan, the need to create more jobs in order to get more people to pay taxes without raising tax rates, anf the need to reform entitlement programs in order to save them. He also takes questions from John Kerry.

Why is there so much spending? Radical leftist Ezra Klein explains why in this Washington Post article.


I’ve been saying the federal government sends out 80 million checks a month, a number I got from the Bipartisan Policy Center. The president says the government sends out 70 million. Alec MacGillis says we’re both wrong:

The figures used by Obama and Geithner were, if anything, too low. They relied on Treasury Department figures from June that include Social Security (56 million checks that month), veterans benefits (4.5 million checks), and spending on non-defense contractors and vendors (1.8 million checks).

But those numbers do not include reimbursements to Medicare providers and vendors (100 million claims in June), and electronic transfers to the 21 million households receiving food stamps.

Nor do they include most spending by the Defense Department, which has a payroll of 6.4 million active and retired employees and, on average, pays nearly 1 million invoices and 660,000 travel expense claims per month.

Obama’s and Geithner’s statements were hyperbolic only in one sense: The vast majority of the payments are now electronic, not checks per se. Of the roughly 80 million payments that the Treasury Department made in June, just 12 million were paper checks, half of them to Social Security recipients who prefer to get their allotment in the mail.Yikes.

John Hawkins of Right Wing News tweeted this today:

Democrats are selling your children into slavery so they’ll have more cash to give to bribe their supporters with.

Most of the time the government writes a check, it is redistributing money from those who work and earn to some other group of people who did not earn that money. In some cases, these expenditures are legitimate – as with defense. But in other cases, it is just borrowing from children’s futures in order to pay off other people who should be taking responsibility for their own lives.

2 thoughts on “The U.S. government sends out 200 million checks per month”

  1. You said, “Every time the government writes a check, it is redistributing money from those who work and earn to some other group of people who did not earn that money.”

    My annuity check from the government is because I paid into the retirement system, and I have 38 years of government service (5 years Army, 3 years Postal, and 30 years ATC). There are many, many retirees out here who paid into a retirement account and are merely collecting what we are owed. You might want to make that a caveat from your statement.


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