Are universities teaching students how to think critically?

Unionized teachers view the public school system as a way to indoctrinate children in anti-Americanism, socialism, moral relativism, pacifism, postmodernism, feminism, promiscuity and a host of other doctrines of the secular left. Professors collect the money taken from working parents through compulsory taxation, and then refuse to do what is best for the children’s future careers. Instead of educating children to be logical, open-minded critical thinkers, public schools indoctrinate children with the views of the secular leftist teachers.

And you can see the results of this left-wing indoctrination process in the videos below. (H/T Tina)

Affirmative Action

Redistribution of Wealth

Keynesian deficit spending

Free speech and fair debate

The only good thing about this sad turn of events is that the high unemployment rate for youth will help them to learn the way the world really is quite rapidly, after their exit from the Never-Never-Land of public school. A new study shows that only 25% of teens will be able to find jobs this summer. Imagine their surprise when everything enacted by the Obama administration, which they overwhelmingly supported, is shown to have failed to create economic growth. Who knew? They will learn that capitalism and corporations are good, and that lower taxes and less regulation are essential to job creation.

Eventually, young people will eventually realize that they have been played for suckers by the secular leftist academics. They will start to think critically about the Jon Stewart show, the Stephen Colbert show, the Rachel Maddow show, and the Ed Schulz show. They will realize that hatred and mockery are not arguments. They will learn that businessmen and economists know more about business and economics than comedians and opinion journalists. They will have to start from the bottom and unlearn everything they learned in the public schools. Unfortunately for them, that should be about the time that the austerity measures kick in to pay for the multi-trillion dollar national debt that the Obama administration ran up, thanks to their votes.

But these growing pains are only going to get worse as liberal government programs break up traditional families more and more. But again, it will be self-inflicted misery since the young people are big supporters of marriage-killing feminist, socialist and gay-rights policies. Fewer and fewer of them will grow up in traditional homes, with mothers and fathers who stick around to raise them. Won’t they be surprised to find out how much the traditional marriages they rejected as “sexist” and “intolerant” matter so much to their success. But by then it will be too late, and their meager salaries, should they be lucky enough to find a job that hasn’t been outsourced to a capitalist nation, will be automatically taxed to pay for the subsidized pensions of their wordsmithing professors. Naturally, those very entitlement programs will be bankrupt by the time they are ready to retire – too bad they opposed the privatization of those programs when they had the chance to vote to save their own futures.

6 thoughts on “Are universities teaching students how to think critically?”

  1. This is pretty scary actually. My guess is that these folks are very seriously ignorant of (American) History – really History in general, and what Human Rights are all about.


  2. Wow. The last clip is chilling. My son has come home from high school for the past four years telling me stories of the teachers pushing their leftist agenda and how the vast majority of the students eat it up. He’s told me crazy stories of just mind numbing contradictions with these kids’ screwed up hand fed political beliefs but seeing it is stunning.


  3. WK, here’s the thing: there are too many safety nets, too many buffers between stupidity and its consequences, especially given the government’s overarching interference in society. This means that your vision of teens learning–forced?–to think critically may not come to pass for a very long time.
    I don’t have a doubt it will eventually, but the system’s entrenched and that’s going to be difficult to overcome.
    Have you read Coulter’s Demonic?


  4. 1984 (the year) has passed, but the novel did correctly predict the future. The video of people signing a petition to deny free speech while affirming the principle of free speech is certainly “doublethink.” Defined here as (holding “…simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them…”

    Unfortunately, I am not as optimistic about a turn around or awakening as you, Wintery. I think that American society will continue to fall deeper into idiocy until the wake up call is too late. We will have “dumbed down,” mortgaged our economy and the people will feel too entitled to actually be able to do anything about it. Everyone will expect the government to fix the problem but it will not have the resources (either money or intelligent, willing workers) to begin the turn-around. The people of the former “United States” will be all too willing to hand over power to one of our creditor nations (likely China) on their promise to correct all the inequities, restore the “bill of rights”, and a chicken in every pot.

    Remember, some of those interviewed on these videos are the future leaders of businesses, government and educational institutions. Unless there is a serious Christian revival which captures the hearts and minds of Americans, I am not hopeful.


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