Canadian economy growing at 4% – twice as fast as US economy

From CTV News.


The Canadian economy grew at twice the rate of its American counterpart in early 2011, posting its fastest rate of growth in the past year.

Statistics Canada released figures on Monday showing real gross domestic product grew at an annualized rate of 3.9 per cent during the first quarter in Canada.

South of the border, real GDP grew only 1.8 per cent during the same time period.

[…]Also of concern are the balance sheet issues the U.S. faces as a whole, with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty recently telling CTV’s Question Period that the debt and deficit problems there “are significant.”

[…]Output was up for nearly all major industrial sectors, with StatsCan identifying the mining and oil and gas extraction industries as being the largest contributors to growth.

Canada doesn’t seem to have a problem with debt or unemployment, partly because they have an all of the above energy production policy. The Democrats are blocking drilling in Alaska, blocking domestic energy production here, while giving away money to foreign countries to develop their energy production. (E.g. – giving money to Brazil, or giving money to China)

Obama has outsourced our energy jobs with his heavy-handed environmentalist regulations.

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