5 thoughts on “Frank Turek on faith and why young people are leaving the church”

  1. It saddens me that I had to fight to get to teach kids reasons for being a Christian. At some point popular Christian culture retreated from intellect and the need for reason is seen by some to be an admittance of a lack of faith. I heard things like “if you really have a relationship with God you shouldn’t need reasons to believe in him any more than you do your friends.” Well, according to the numbers that’s not enough. When kids are taught that people believe in Allah as strongly as God they start to wonder about their own experience and without reasons to justify that experience as being authentic they either drop the faith or feel humiliated and foolish for having it. I know tons of Christians who tell me they want to take a stand for truth and that what the Bible teaches is objectively true and yet they fail to provide any reason for thinking that it is true when I ask them about it. They’re really no different than the postmodernists they claim to be better than. I’ve never read Frank Turek so I don’t know how good his arguments are but at least he’ll go to a church and wake people up.


  2. Maybe today’s teenagers are tired of being treated like toddlers and bribed with constant activities to get them to believe in Christ. Maybe they are tired of seeing their parents’ generation go to church trying to look and act like they are teenagers. (shorts, flipflops, t-shirts). Today’s average Christian adult seems desperate to act like a secular adolescent.
    Also, instead of focusing on discerning right from wrong, they focus on having a “positive mental attitude”, and they have turned Christianity into a self-help philosophy that focuses on self in the present.


  3. When my sons were in High School, I started talking to them about the reasons Christianity is true. I read Josh McDowell’s book “The Last Christian Generation” which gives stats similar to those in this video. My oldest, a daughter, had gone off to college and promptly walked away from her faith due to the constant barrage of atheism she encountered from her instructors. I intentionally committed time and effort to read and learn how and why young people leave the faith. Then I used that knowledge to show my sons the reason we can put our faith in Christianity. I am happy to report that both of my sons are out of high school and are still strong in their Christianity. The older of the two graduated last week from college. He has had many conversations with professors who are non-Christians about the Christian worldview. He has defended his position articulately despite the opposition. He enjoyed one of the atheist profs so much that he took many classes from him, but challenged the atheist view. I don’t know what, if any, effect this will have on the prof, but it probably had a great deal of effect on the other students in those classes. The prof liked my son too and they are friends outside the class room. Now that my primary focus of working with my sons can be less intense, I am using the information and skills I have gained to be a leader with my church youth group. The guys in my small group are getting a healthy dose of the kinds of things Frank is talking about in this video. I would encourage all of you reading this to do whatever you can to influence middle school, high school and college students to exam the Christian worldview to see for themselves that it is True. Hopefully this will encourage some of you to get involved in a church ministry to youth as a leader, an assistant of some type, to provide finances to for teaching resources, or a million other ways you could support others who have a passion to convey this message to our young people. Whatever God leads you to do is great, but please do something.


  4. We know God did not see the Jews through the blood of bulls and goats because He brought severe punishment on His chosen people when they refused to obey His commandments.

    God brings severe punishment on Gentile believers when we refuse to obey the commandments of Christ and His Apostles.

    The United States of America is in line for extremely severe chastening because the Christian people, the only light of the world, are not keeping the commandments of Jesus Christ and His Apostles. The young people do not respect hypocrisy.

    We have been taught that God does not see our sins. We have been taught incorrect doctrine. Our nation and young people is suffering as a result.

    It is time to repent. God indeed does see our sins-every one of them! He is calling us to repentance.


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