Obama administration seeks repeal of conscience protections for health care workers

From the Examiner.


Religion aside, since 2008, health care workers have had the protection of law to say that they would not help with procedures such as abortion, sex changes, or other similar controversial medical procedures.

And now, the U.S. Health & Human Serviced Department (HHS) headed by Kathleen Sebelius is apparently attempting to remove the “conscience protections” for health care workers!  This would eliminate any protection of a health care worker that attempts to opt out of helping with abortion procedures or other controversial medical procedures where the worker feels that his/her conscience tells them, no!
Elimination of the “conscience protections” would put many health care workers at risk of being punished, or actually fired from their jobs.  There have been many cases prior to the 2008 implementations of these protections where the Pharmacist, nurse, or even doctors have been reprimanded, or even fired because they claimed “conscience protections”.  Without these protections, there is no limit as to what may be required of health care workers.

In a letter signed by 46 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, it asks her to explain why her department is seeking to repeal conscience protections for health care workers in light of known attacks on such workers. The two situations cited in the letter involve clients represented by attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund.

Another reason for the government to stay out of the private sector. The more money you give them is the more they can regulate your behavior.

2 thoughts on “Obama administration seeks repeal of conscience protections for health care workers”

  1. Well, this is further proof of how the term “pro-choice” is simply a lie. There’s no choice for the child, no choice for the father, often no choice for the mother, actually, and now, if they get their way, no choice for the healthcare professional. It’s all about promoting abortion and getting their way, even if other people’s consciences have to be violated in the process.

    Abortion is the unchoice: http://www.unchoice.com/


  2. I’m simply amazed that the government thinks they have the right to force an individual to perform their job, regardless of why they refuse to do it. Now, if a private hospital or pharmacy wants to reprimand an employee for refusing to perform a task/job given to them by their employer, by all means — that’s part of the employer/employee description. But a third party like the government has no business telling a person how & when they must use their talents & training.

    The people supporting this move on the basis of morality would be the same people arguing that morality is relative and not absolute, that it developed by natural processes as a product of evolution & of society…yet, in their eyes it’s absolutely moral of them to forcibly require these doctors, pharmacists, etc. to conform to moral standards other than their own & to perform these procedures.


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