Dearborn police publicizes Christian evangelist’s home address

From David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics.


When Dearborn gets angry at someone, they don’t mess around. Last year, Nabeel and I exposed the thug tactics of Arab Festival security. (They were using these tactics against many other Christians; we just caught their actions on tape.) What was the response this year? Festival volunteer Roger Williams lied about us. Police lied about us (see here, here, and here). Even the Mayor lied about us (see here, here, here, and here). They threw us in jail on false charges and launched a smear campaign against us.

But they were just getting warmed up. Through the Freedom of Information Act, anyone can request our police reports. Before releasing our reports, however, police are supposed to block out our personal information, such as home addresses. Not long ago, someone forwarded me the report being released by the Dearborn Police Department. Nabeel’s address, Negeen’s address, and Paul’s address had all been taken out. My full name and home address, however, were prominently displayed on page six of the report! This is disturbing, as I know that Muslims now have access to the report.

Why would police include my personal information in the report being sent to the public? If you recall, I’m the one who made a video publicly rebuking Police Chief Haddad. Is this deliberate retaliation from Dearborn Police, or a mere oversight? Either way, police have endangered my family. I fully accept that I’m in a risky ministry, and that Muslims may kill me one day. But I try to make sure my family is safe, and Dearborn just drew a map for Muslims who want to invade my home.

The rest of the post shows some of the death threats received by Acts 17 from Muslims.

So the Chief of Police is basically deliberately endangering the lives of David Wood and his entire family by exposing them to reprisals from violent Muslims. I’m sure the media will be all over this story, too.

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