AFL-CIO union boss says that there is no budget deficit problem

Here’s the video from Gateway Pundit.


I wonder how the union boss missed that graph.

And when you look at that graph remember that the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate starting in January of 2007. When things started to fall apart, and Bush didn’t have the political capital to pull out his veto pen and cut wasteful spending and bailouts.

Michele Bachmann doesn’t like unions

Anyway, here’s Michele Bachmann explaining what the 26 billion dollar union bailout will mean for the November elections. (H/T Gateway Pundit)

That’s why government should be limited. You only get to choose how to spend your money in a free market. If the government takes your money, then they get to decide how it’s spent, e.g. – on special interest groups that voted for the party in power. A dollar is either going to be spent by you on what you want – or it’s going to be spent by them on what they want. Think about it – who knows more about what to do with YOUR money – you or a politician who wants to be re-elected? The only solution is to keep government small – and only the Republicans (some of them – not all) are willing to try to do that.

4 thoughts on “AFL-CIO union boss says that there is no budget deficit problem”

  1. Key phrase in the video, “short-term”.

    In the very short term, a deficit is not a problem. Say you’re at a Las Vegas Casino, Wintery Knight. Tux on, you’re down 100 Grand. This is not a problem in the very-short-term. It only becomes a problem when it’s time to leave. Then, you are in big deficit doo-doo and, “Wintery Knight? No frendamine. Never hoid of the guy.”

    The US deficit problem is two-fold. One, putting the brakes on runaway federal government spending — whee, free money!!! Two, the debt albatross. I know an economic guy who says the US economy cannot gain traction again until its debt is unloaded. And this could take a decade or a generation.

    Deficit/debt is great for people “in the cart”. Not so good for those of us who are expected to pull it.


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