Democrats kill Michele Bachmann’s attempt to freeze federal salaries

Here’s her own words from her YouTube channel:

After a series of procedures on the Floor of the House, House Democrats voted to table a bill that would eliminate the proposed federal employee pay raise scheduled to go into effect next year and also freeze the pay for Members of Congress. Rather than cut spending as the people have asked, Democrats have passed the buck yet again.

And here’s the video.

I’m guessing that this is the spending cut that was selected by the public as part of the Republicans’ “YouCut” program, which allows ordinary voters to choose which legislation will be brought forward by the Republicans to cut federal spending. I posted a video of Michele earlier this week explaining which cut was selected by voters. I guess she got picked to bring the proposed cut up for a vote. Well, the Democrats blocked her and now federal employees, including members of Congress, are all going to get raises. During a recession headed for a depression.

Here’s the blurb from a second video she posted:

It’s amazing to me that the Democrats here in Washington can say that they are seriously concerned with our skyrocketing debt and out of control spending, yet reject the people’s common-sense proposal to put a freeze on federal salaries, including Members of Congress. The Democrats can’t have it both ways, and it’s just another example of the fiscal recklessness we’ve grown so accustomed to under their leadership.

And here’s the second video:

This made me feel very sad. Why isn’t anyone listening to her? How is anyone supposed to have children when they know that the next generation of kids is going to be saddled with enormous debt from our overspending?

By the way, I note that Club for Growth now has Michele ranked #1 in their legislative power rankings. And I agree, she is the best. Ryan is #3, and Blackburn is #5. In the Senate rankings, Jim Demint is all alone at the top.

One thought on “Democrats kill Michele Bachmann’s attempt to freeze federal salaries”

  1. Since public employees directly benefit from tax-payers’ money, I’ve thought it might be a good idea to cycle these employees in and out of these jobs, so that the maximum number of citizens get a kick at the taxpayer-funded cat. In Toronto, we have unionized Toronto Transit Corporation (bus/streetcar/subway) workers who get paid $30-$40 dollars an hour to perform jobs like sitting and watching you put your token in the box. Cycling back through the real world once in a while might be keep you humble and encourage skills development. 5 years in a public sector job, and then (back?) out into the “real world” where you don’t get to bank sick days, etc.


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