61-year-old British man convicted for cutting up fruit with a Swiss Army knife

Story from the UK Daily Mail. (H/T Overlawyered via ECM)


A disabled caravanner who kept a penknife in his glove compartment to use on picnics has blasted the authorities after being dragged through court for possessing an offensive weapon.

Rodney Knowles, 61, walks with the aid of a stick and had used the Swiss Army knife to cut up fruit on picnics with his wife.

[…]He said: ‘There is no previous conviction history whatsoever and it was not in his possession and was in the car glove compartment in a pouch.’

The retired maintenance engineer, from Buckland, Devon, had no criminal record before the case.

He said: ‘The tool was in my glove box in a pouch, along with a torch, first aid kit and waterproofs.

‘It is everything I need for the maintenance of my car or if I break down.

‘Now I have a criminal record for the first time in my life. I am upset by that.’

This is good, because once the public is disarmed, then the poor helpless criminals who are only criminals because of the social injustice of the capitalist system will have no one to fear as they execute crimes. Stealing isn’t wrong – nothing is right or wrong. And criminals shouldn’t be deterred from crime by having their victims defend themselves – even if law-abiding people have to be injured or killed.

Besides, it’s illegal for men to be protectors of their families in the UK – that’s the government’s job. Men just get to pay the taxes for the government. After all, men don’t really care about their families. It’s not like men have some sort of innate desire to protect and provide for and lead their families that would be thwarted by gun control, high taxes and mandatory public schooling. They’ll still want to get married, right? Besides, not having to defend the family leaves a man more time for looking at homes for sale and shopping for women’s shoes.

What went wrong in the United Kingdom?

I wonder if you all remember a while back when I linked to all the chapters of Theodore Dalrymple’s famous book “Life at the Bottom”, which is about the worldview of the British lower class. It’s also about how rich, well-meaning secular leftists hurt the poor by enacting public policies that reward bad behavior and punish good behavior. Dalrymple is a psychiatrist in a hospital, so he sees it all firsthand.

7 thoughts on “61-year-old British man convicted for cutting up fruit with a Swiss Army knife”

  1. This man had a penknife — a penknife, WK, in his glove compartment. It’s not a “penknife compartment”, WK, it’s a glove compartment. He was packing heat, or, if not heat, at least warmth. You post this as if there’s something wrong with this guy getting ‘rested, ‘cuffed, finger-printed, strip-searched, etc.

    Going soft on crime, WK?

    “Cutting up fruits” is an act of violence, and, arguably a crime against nature. Don’t forget — plants have rights too. Switzerland says so.


  2. Can I suggest you get back to writing about stuff other than Brit Bashing.

    It demeans you and demeans this blog.

    And let’s face it, America isn’t perfect by a long chalk but I’m not about to start blogging about the US’s foibles and shortcomings. You’ve obviously taken to reading the UK equivalent of The Enquirer.


      1. This isn’t Brit-bashing. WK is an equal-opportunity offender. There’s a spiritual law at work. When you reject the light of Christian revelation, as Britain has done, and under-regulate God’s morality, you over-regulate your own. In this case, Britain, and other western nations, are more concerned about illicit penknives, or eating a cookie at a Marks and Spencer’s, than they are about, say, abortion, adultery, promiscuity, sexual perversion, religious extremism, etc.


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  4. I often spend a lot of time in the wilderness, in different seasons for hunting or gathering. I can’t understand why carrying a knife is such a big deal in such an environment. Of course if you carry a firearm down the road in the middle of a big city, it might not be easy to explain, but a knife is by and large a tool – it is not so much a weapon any more to most people. We should apply the same laws about knives to cities as we apply to airports, you can always get one of those rubbish plastic knives from your local takeaway (or carry one if you need to cut up your spam on the run).

    But I do believe a law needs to have a sense of circumstance to it. If you can get done for having a knife in your car, they might as well ban knives in public houses. How are you going to cut up your stake without a knife? Use the menu perhaps… Papercuts are famous for causing big injuries to steaks ;)


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