Neil Simpson on the minimal facts case for the resurrection

From Neil Simpson’s 4Simpsons blog.


This is a summary of the “minimal facts” approach, which points to commonly held historical facts as evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and the truth of Christianity.  Nearly 100% of historical scholars from 1975 – present agree with the following statements:

  • Jesus really lived and was killed on a Roman cross.
  • Jesus’ disciples believed He appeared to them.
  • Jesus’ brother, James, went from being a pre-crucifixion skeptic to a post-crucificion church leader.
  • The Apostle Paul believed Jesus appeared to him and he wrote most of the books attributed to him, including Romans, I & II Corinthians, Philemon and others.

75% of the same scholars agree that the tomb was empty.

I submit that the physical resurrection of Jesus best accounts for these facts.

He’s got a link to Mary Jo Sharp’s slide show on the minimal facts approach.

My best comprehensive post on the minimal facts case for ressurection is here: Ten resources to help you talk to non-Christians about the resurrection of Jesus.

Come on, folks. We all need to be able to talk about the resurrection as much as we can talk about our favorite sports team or our favorite celebrities/artists. I’m sure that Jesus likes it when we can talk about his resurrection in public with other people – especially non-Christians. The minimal facts approach is the best way to do that!

Be his friend – talk about his resurrection. Intelligently.

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