Nebraska legislature introduces bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks

Article from the American Thinker. (H/T ECM)


Nebraska has a nonpartisan, unicameral legislature, so many of the shenanigans which can cause legislative bills to fall into a maelstrom of confusion are absent there. This is not a “partisan” issue, and no conference committee reports can swallow the bill and then regurgitate it as unrecognizable vomit.

Moreover, Legislative Bill 1103 will get a hearing: Its sponsor is Mike Flood, Speaker of Nebraska’s legislature.

Note that Mike Flood is a Republican. Republicans are pro-life.


The Nebraska bill carefully accounts for those sorts of concerns that all decent people have always had about abortion: Might the mother die if the child is born? Could a live birth cause permanent damage to the mother’s health? (Legislative Bill 1103, though, makes a point of requiring physical and not “psychic” harm to the mother.) Amendments may include those other tricky areas — children born of rape or incest.

[…]The Nebraska bill will put fans of unrestricted abortion right where they belong — supporting all sorts of evil, as long as it is committed out of sight.

It’s a brilliant move. It’s a wonder that the pro-life movement hasn’t adopted a more incremental approach before, because it works. Make the Democrats publicly defend infanticide as a woman’s right to choose.

I hope you’ve all practiced your pro-life arguments. If not, then just read this, and you’re good to go.

If you know about pro-life arguments already, then why not try guessing who is more pro-life: men or women? Those links go to charts from the latest Gallup poll. Isn’t it surprising? I’m surprised.

3 thoughts on “Nebraska legislature introduces bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks”

  1. great post, appreciate the optimism. I’ve been following this story a bit myself, and the potential is huge.

    I would make one observation: I do think the pro-life movement has been more incremental (at least behind the scenes) over the last couple of decades. State level initiatives don’t get as much attention usually (the blogosphere is changing that I guess) as the big national initiatives, but there might be a relationship between the slow but steady downward trend of abortion numbers in the early nineties, which coincides with the advent of pro-life legislation at the state level (women’s right to know laws, parental notification/consent, ultrasound Partial Birth Abortion, etc.).

    Sure hope this Nebraska bill is successful.


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