MUST-SEE: Michele Bachmann’s passionate and inspiring speech at CPAC 2010

OH MY. You really, really, really need to watch this speech.

Part 1:

Topics: The “Miss Me Yet” billboard in MN, her son persuades a liberal to be a conservative, grass roots conservative activism in ND, the importance of liberty, Obama’s anti-americanism, bailout mania, federal spending.

Part 2:

Topics: The national debt, nationalization of industry, public/private economy, socialism, inflation, Greece, “fantasy economics”, FDR and the forgotten man, small business, the Constitution, the vision of America, private property.

Part 3:

Topics: The revolutionary war, self-government, American history, the story of America, self-sacrifice, American exceptionalism.

This is great. What I like about Bachmann more than anything else is that she comes across as totally unguarded and genuine. And when you put her in front of a room of conservatives, she just does it even better. This speech is TWICE as good as Marco Rubio’s speech that I posted before. And it’s well-delivered, too.

UPDATE: Muddling Towards Maturity likes the George Will CPAC speech.

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