Canadian student union leader says pro-lifers are all potential murderers

Story from Life Site News.


Lakehead University Life Support (LULS), the Canadian campus pro-life club that recently lost its hard-won club status, is facing harsh opposition from board members of the Student Union (LUSU) – one of whom has compared the group to the murderer of late-term abortionist George Tiller – as the club seeks to regain its status.

The student union voted 7-6 on October 29th in favor of denying the pro-life group club status. The club had only won its status in February after fighting for two years to gain it.

On November 6th, LUSU Vice President of Finance Josh Kolic released a statement in which he called the effort to overturn the union’s decision an attempt to ‘hijack’ the democratic process.  He went on, further, to claim that the pro-life club “represents … the same mentality of those who gunned down Dr. George Tiller.”

[…]In Kolic’s statement, he claimed that denying the pro-life group club status was a “great victory for human rights.”  In his view, “the neutral stance is simply one that allows the individual woman herself to choose,” and, as such, he says this is the position that LUSU itself should take.

He went on to ask the student body for “help [to] restore democracy and the spirit of human rights to the Lakehead University Student Union” by attending their next meeting or emailing “a deputation to the board as to why a woman’s right to choose is important to you.”

How ironic: a pro-abortion person calling pro-lifers murderers. It seems to me that it is pro-abortionists who advocate the actual murder of hundreds of millions of innocent unborn children. And remember the recent murder of a pro-life activist by a pro-abortion zealot. And here’s a recent attempted murder of a pro-lifer. Those are from the last few months alone.

Let me ask you a question. How many pro-abortion people do you suppose have read a book like “Defending-Life-Against-Abortion-Choice” by Dr. Francis J. Beckwith, published by Cambridge University Press, or a book like “Embryo: A Defense of Human Life“, published by Princeton University’s Robert P. George? Are pro-abortionists informed about the case for the pro-life position?

Well, consider how they censor the pro-life clubs on campus. Do you think they are open-minded and tolerant of opposing views? I can probably make a more persuasive case for the pro-abortion view than militant pro-abortionists like Josh Kolic can. I’ve actually heard their arguments presented in debates that I chose to listen to. Josh wants to censor opposing views. That is pure intolerance.

Further reading

Suppression of pro-lifers is quite common in Canada.

Here are some resources on the topic of abortion.

Notice how pro-lifers focus on reason and evidence, while pro-abortionists focus on the use of force, to one degree or another, in order to get their way.

14 thoughts on “Canadian student union leader says pro-lifers are all potential murderers”

  1. I read that headline in the RSS feed and the first thought that leapt to mind is, “damn, I wonder if he grasps the irony of that statement.”


  2. This is the same student union that attempted to ban clubs from producing pamphlets that said anything was wrong. The Conservative Party club couldn’t produce pamphlets that would say the Liberal Party is wrong, the Vegetarian Club couldn’t produce pamphlets that said meat eating was wrong and the Christians couldn’t produce pamphlets that said Islam was wrong.

    And now in the name of choice, they have removed the right of students to choose to disagree with them!

    Having spoken on the campus, I can tell you the pro-life students there deserve our support for having to deal with such idiocy.


  3. Given the Fort Hood shooting, I am sure this student apply the same logic assuming all muslims in the US Army are potential terrorists.

    That person will be really surprised someday, likely in the far distant future, when they finally realize assuming correlation equals causation is faulty logic.


    1. Because, Josh, you exercise power over individuals to suppress their rights to free speech and freedom of assembly, based on the fact that they do not agree with your personal opinions. It’s worse than intolerance, it’s fascism.

      What you should be doing is permitting academic debates on the topic, with fixed-length speeches, no clapping until the end, no outbursts, no vulgar language, no shouting, no picketing. Just two scholars with college degrees making speeches in an auditorium using formal logical arguments and citing peer-reviewed data. That would be tolerance.

      I presume that you have seen the videos of pro-abortionists violently disrupting campus lectures and debates, sometimes to the point where the pro-abortion militants are arrested by the police. That fact alone is very telling, especially in light of the murder of the pro-life protester and the attempted murder of the other pro-life protester.


    2. Well Josh, you do work at a university and one would hope (and expect) that the free exchange of ideas, short of calling for acts of violence against those which one disagrees, would be tolerated for all and not simply those with whom one personally agrees.

      Clearly you do not subscribe to that rather liberal (at least in a classical sense) point of view, since you’ve gone and pro-actively decide to stifle their speech since they don’t agree with your point of view and that, sir, is bordering on the fascist. (Which isn’t surprising considering this is the walled garden that is the Ivory Tower, but it’s always disappointing to, once again, see this sort of thing in action.)


    3. How are you militant pro-abortionist?

      Because if you were truly pro-choice, you’d respect the right of students to choose to disagree with you on abortion; you’d respect their right to choose to organize around that view; you’d respect their right to speak their views.

      Pro-abortion militants only care for the choice of abortion. What evidence do we have Josh that you care for choices other than abortion?

      Oh, and just because something is a choice, does that mean it should be legal? Does that mean that choice is right? Clearly, by banning the pro-life group, you are being anti-choice when it comes to the pro-life view.

      It’s too bad that Lakehead University forced the student union to change that rule that said campus groups couldn’t call anyone else wrong – isn’t that exactly what you’re doing to pro-lifers, telling them that they are wrong?


  4. 1) This group has been provided several opportunities and venues to engage in a respectful dialogue and refuses to conduct themselves in this manner.

    2) They instead villify and disparage any individual who disagrees with them.

    3) This group also has not had its ability to speak on campus infringed upon in any way. They just do not have funding from the student union. That is all not ratifying them has accomplished.

    4) Given the vast network of external agencies they are associated with, I would question why they would need access to our limited resources in the first place.

    5) Believing that an individual has the right to agency over their own body does not equate to a pro-abortion stance. That is precisely the sort of extremist thinking that this group has used in order to justify harassing the student body at Lakehead.

    6) It’s also the extremist thinking of those who have sent myself and my fellow executive death threats. Very interesting that those who claim to be “pro-life” would send death threats to those who disagree with them.


    1. 1) Specifically, what opportunities and venues have you provided to them? How does this compare with the treatment of other campus clubs that you agree with? Any inequality in the treatment of the different clubs? Have all the clubs been banned, or just the ones you personally disagree with? (names/dates/places)

      2) Do you have any proof that the pro-life club vilifies and disparages anyone? I’d like to see a news article showing where the pro-lifers in the (now-banned) club disparaged anyone. Should you be banned for vilifying and disparaging all pro-lifers by equating them with murderers? Which vilifying is worse – the alleged vilifying of the pro-lifers, which we have no evidence of as yet, or your slur against all pro-lifers equating them with murderers? (names/dates/places)

      3) What is the justification for denying the pro-life club funding, while providing funding for other clubs? Why discriminate against pro-lifers in particular? Isn’t it that you personally disagree with them and are willing to use force to deny them benefits that other clubs that you agree with get? Why treat the clubs you disagree with unequally? Isn’t that a form of unfair discrimination?

      4) Do you have any proof of this vast network of external agencies? Do you question whether any other clubs need access to your limited resources, or just the pro-life club? (names/dates/places)

      5) Can you be more specific about the harassment of the student body at Lakehead, by pro-lifers? Is expressing your view on campus using free speech “harassment”, and is that free speech more or less harassing that the harassment of being shouted down by violent demonstrators who are eventually carted away by the police, or shot and killed by a militant pro-abortionist murderer? (names/dates/places)

      6) Please produce evidence that you have filed police reports for these death threats. (names/dates/places) It is a well-known trick of the left to fake hate crimes against themselves in order to drum up sympathy for being victims.

      Your next comment will contain evidence of the type that I asked for EACH of your assertions, or it will not be approved. I want to see your evidence for those assertions. I want to see links to public documents and/or news stories, such as the one I linked to in which you are directly quoted.

      My case, re-stated

      Just to refresh you, I made 4 claims and supported each one with publicly available evidence.

      1) You accused all pro-lifers of being murderers, despite the fact that they are pro-life and cannot justify murder, by definition. I cited a news article in which you made the comment.

      2) I stated that pro-abortionists murder millions of unborn children – about 40 million per year according to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, and also murder peaceful pro-life protesters and try to run over peaceful pro-life protesters with SUVs. I cited news articles for all of these assertions.

      3) I said that militant pro-abortion extremists violently disrupt campus events and get carted away by the police. I cited a news article for this along with videos of the disruptions.

      4) I argued that the pro-life view is well represented in academic literature, and cited two books by prominent scholars. This is to show that pro-lifers should be allowed to conduct debates on campus because they have real arguments.

      I think there are real arguments on the other side, by people I’ve actually read, such as Michael Tooley, Judith Jarvis Thompson and Eileen McDonagh. Who have you read on the other side that would cause you to be more tolerant of other points of view, instead of banning them?

      This is how people argue in public: point, proof, point, proof. Please produce the proof for your points. I want public data that I can click a link and see the evidence. Otherwise, it just looks like you are making assertions that have no connection with objective reality.


  5. Pro-lifers get death threats too and are killed as Winteryknight already mentioned. But no one in the media or anyone fair-minded would say all abortion advocates are guilty of wanting to kill pro-lifers.

    Are you implying the pro-life students are the ones responsible for these death threats you’ve received?


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