Pro-lifer dodges SUV driven by pro-abortionist

Gee. I wonder who is more likely to take an innocent life? A pro-lifer? Or a pro-abortionist?

Let me think about it.

While I think, you can read this excerpt from a LifeSiteNews story.

James Canfield, a regular pro-life protester of a Planned Parenthood and Women’s Health Center in Chico, California, was almost run down during a protest last Wednesday, according to the Chico Enterprise Record.  His alleged attacker, Matthew Haver, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Witnesses reported that a man driving an SUV attempted to strike Canfield, who dove out of the way and was not seriously injured.  The license plate of the SUV was taken down and was traced back to Haver, who was then arrested.

I’m still thinking…

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