Chinese scientists announce stem-cell research breakthrough

Previously, I blogged about how scientists had discovered a way to prevent ethical adult stem cells from being infected with cancerous mutations. I’ve also written about some of the proven cures that have been developed with adult stem cells and compared it with the number of cures developed by unethical embryonic stem-cell research, i.e. – NONE.

But now we learn about a new source of functional stem cells: PIGS! That’s right, PIGS!

Check out this story from the BBC.


Chinese scientists have given cells from adult pigs the ability to turn into any tissue in the body, just like embryonic stem cells.

They hope the breakthrough could aid research into human disease, and the breeding of animals for organ transplants for humans.

The study appears online in the Journal of Molecular Cell Biology.

…Tests showed that the reprogrammed cells were capable of becoming any of the cell types that make up the three layers in a developing embryo.

Now you say, “Wintery! What good are pig stem cells for human beings?” So I’ll tell you.

Dr Xiao said pigs were a potentially ideal source of organs for transplant, as their organs were similar in function and size to those found in humans.

He said reprogrammed stem cells could potentially be used to make a pig organ compatible to the human immune system, minimising the risk of rejection.

The cells could also be used to mimic human disease in pigs, allowing scientists to test new therapies without requiring human volunteers.

There’s more in the story, it’s worth a look!

BONUS (depressing, though)

My elusive friend Richard e-mails me this article from the CBC, which talks about Quebec’s plan to pay for screenings for pregnant women to see if their child has Down’s syndrome. The article states that “statistics in other countries show that 90 per cent of women end their pregnancy after a positive test.” Quebec is the most secular and left-wing province in Canada.

What is it about the weak that causes leftists to want to kill them? Is it because they desire happiness for themselves above all and do not believe that humans have certain inalienable rights guaranteed by God? Is it because they believe that there is no value in suffering a little in order to take care of others has no value in a mindless, accidental universe where the only purpose is to have happy feelings until you die?

2 thoughts on “Chinese scientists announce stem-cell research breakthrough”

  1. Yesterday, I was having this conversation about abortion with a friend of mine who is currently studying in the USA. He said he was pro-choice, (that after I explained to him what pro-choice and pro-life meant. Surprising, considering he was all for Obama. I wonder what he really saw before he went about supporting him.) if it is found out that the child had a genetic disease then, according to him, it’s best to abort the child, then let it be born and suffer. He also added the life expectancy of such kids would be so low, so it won’t make a difference. When asked if the life expectancy is really going to be low, why not let the child die a natural death, his response was that society will be cruel to the child. What kind of a reply was that, really? I mean, it’s just the same with all these people, they don’t realize that ‘they’ are the society, that shaking of responsibilities might be an easy option but definitely not a wise one! So the society deems it fit to ridicule a child, so it’s better to kill the child than brave the ‘barbaric’ society? Why not try being supportive to the child and the family? Of course not! That won’t do! And why not? Because it would interfere with their happiness (by having to see the child suffer), too much work to do and of course, we can’t change society, so kill of the easy target in the name of mercy and continue with our revelry for a saving a life!! Duh!!! Mercy? Life saved? How ironic!!!


    1. What you said is exactly right. It’s about selfishness. We don’t place any value on fulfilling moral obligations – and we don’t give any respect to those who do. The only thing to do in this world, according to those who have forgotten God, is to avoid any obligations that might diminish our own selfish pursuit of pleasure.


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