Atheist explains why Christians ought to evangelize him

Here’s a neat video from a normally mean atheist, named Penn. Since I don’t own a TV, I have no idea who he is, but this is a thoughtful talk. Penn does not expect Christians to act like atheists in public.

From this, we learn two things:

  1. Making fun of atheists on the Internet is one thing, but if you have atheists that you relate to in person, be nice.
  2. Some atheists are grown-ups. They admire authentic, consistent Christianity, boldly expressed.

I will be surveying Christians soon to see why we don’t do what Penn says, and I’ll publish the results.

By the way, blogging is light today, because I had to work on a guest post for someone.

If you haven’t read any of my mentoring posts, you can read some of those to keep busy!


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My testimony is here, in case you missed it.

2 thoughts on “Atheist explains why Christians ought to evangelize him”

  1. Penn is someone who you could call an anti-Christianity/Religion Atheist. He has made fun of it on his TV series “Bull___t” (which is pretty popular) and doesn’t at all care if he offends religious people, which he does.

    This video is a good example of how a Christian, by way of example, can really have an impact on people. His character really showed through and because of that even a staunch Atheist took notice, so much so that he made a video about it. This kind of stuff reminds me that much of the intellectual struggle isn’t so much about the quality of arguments for certain people but more about the people themselves.


    1. I totally agree. If every Christian in the world took it upon themselves to speak to one other person, we would never be in the mess we’re in now – killing millions of people for communism, feminism and environmentalism.

      For example, I noticed an anti-religion post up at Captain Capitalism’s site and I sent him the following note:

      Subject: Would you like to talk about religion?

      Dear Captain Capitalism,

      Wintery Knight here. I saw your recent post on religion. I know you are busy. I did
      not want to address you in public by leaving a comment, but is this something we
      can talk about privately?

      Let me know if you have time. I link to you about once a month, but we don’t really
      have a relationship in which I feel comfortable talking to you about spiritual things,
      especially in a public, combative environment such as your comment box.

      If you want a preview of what I want to talk about, check out my blog, in particular,
      check out this link, which has a nice summary of arguments pro and con,
      although the topic of the post is on something else entirely.

      Keep in mind: the purpose of Christianity is NOT to make people be good, but
      to have them enter in to a relationship with God on the basis of the evidence.
      Goodness is irrelevant to the question of truth.

      I promise that I won’t be mean, although I often am mean to atheists in general.

      I have a B.S. and M.S. in computer science, a published and presented IEEE
      paper and a patent in wireless. I work for an FT100 company as a software
      engineer. But I am much better at being a Christian defender. I am not a young
      earther, but other than that, I am an authentic, Bible-believing evangelical.

      Wintery Knight

      …integrating Christian faith and knowledge in the public square


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