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Video: Dr. Ben Carson on the Sean Hannity show

I have no idea how long this will stay up on YouTube, so watch it now!

Here’s an earlier interview with Hannity as well. This is a good example of what you see on Fox News. Honest, long-format detailed explorations of the real issues.

My understanding is that HE IS open to running for President.

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Arlen Specter tells Michele Bachmann to act like a lady in radio debate

Michele Bachmann

Arlen Specter is a Democrat Senator from Pennsylvania.

Michele Bachmann is a Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota.

Bachmann tries to have debate with Specter, and Specter basically tells her to sit down and shut up.

This story is told in three videos. (H/T Muddling Towards Maturity)

  • First, the debate itself on 1210 AM’s Dom Giordano Show in Philadelphia.
  • Second, Michele’s response to Specter’s comments on Sean Hannity’s radio show.
  • Third, Michele’s response to Specter’s comments on Sean Hannity’s TV show.

Sarah Palin performs well in radio and TV interviews with Sean Hannity

I noticed this interview with Sarah Palin on Caffeinated Thoughts.

Part 1: (10 minutes)

Part 2: (5 minutes)

I hate it when people ask her about her personal life. In this interview, it’s strictly business.

Sarah’s Facebook page is here.


Here is the video from her appearance last night on Hannity’s TV show on Fox News Channel.

Michele Bachmann wants you in Washington, D.C. on November 5th at noon

Watch the video of her appearance on Sean Hannity. (High Quality)

(Click to see it even larger over on YouTube)

Michele and Sean talk over the health care bill.


  • Taxpayer-funded abortion
  • Government-run health insurance
  • Higher taxes
  • Death panels
  • 500 billion dollars of Medicare cuts

And they talk about page 92, which clearly states that individuals will NOT be allowed to purchase private health care plans after a certain date. This is socialized medicine: single-payer, higher taxes, waiting lists, rationing and death panels.

Here she is on the floor of the House of Representatives struggling mightily for your liberty.

God bless her!

Podacast with Michele Bachmann

Here’s a recent podcast with Michele from the Minneapolis-St. Paul-based “Northern Alliance Radio Show”. The interview starts at 14:30.

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Michele Bachmann is my favorite member of Congress! She’s just perfect in every way! Please send her a contribution here, and bookmark her blog and her youtube channel.

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