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Obama administration refused to help pro-democracy forces in Iran

Middle East Map
Middle East Map

From Investors Business Daily.


During their brutally suppressed protests in 2009, Iranian freedom fighters sent the White House an urgent memo calling for help. Under Obama, America ignored it.

‘So now, at this pivotal point in time, it is up to the countries of the free world to make up their mind,” Iranian opposition leaders told the Obama administration in an eight-page memo in 2009. “Will they continue on the track of wishful thinking and push every decision to the future until it is too late, or will they reward the brave people of Iran and simultaneously advance the Western interests and world peace.”

President Obama made his choice, and like so often before it was to vote “present.”

The memo, written by leaders of Iran’s Green Party after the summer 2009 anti-government demonstrations, was obtained by the Washington Examiner.

The document confirms GOP candidate Rick Santorum’s charge that the U.S. squandered an opportunity to undermine the government established by the Ayatollah Khomeini three decades ago.

In the Arizona GOP debate last week, Santorum noted that “we did absolutely nothing to help” the Green Revolution. But “when the radicals in Egypt and the radicals in Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood … rise against either a feckless leader or a friend of ours in Egypt, the president is more than happy to help them out.”

The memo refutes claims still being made by the State Department that the Green Party “did not desire financial or other support,” because it “would discredit it in the eyes of the Iranian people.”

The secret memo’s warning that the Islamist regime “with its apocalyptic constitution will never give up the atomic bomb” also contradicts conventional wisdom that the Green movement wants a nuclear Iran.

The Obama administration is oddly proud that it does “not provide financial assistance to any political movement, party or faction in Iran.” But Foundation for the Defense of Democracies scholar Michael Ledeen has argued for years that supporting Iran’s real opposition can keep it from becoming the first jihadist nuclear power.

In his 2007 book “The Iranian Time Bomb,” Ledeen insists there must be “an explicit declaration that the United States wants regime change in Iran.” The Voice of America Persian Service could help.

As Ledeen notes, “Several Iraqi ayatollahs, including some who lived in Iran for many years, would love to do this, as would Khomeini’s grandson Hossein Khomeini, who has openly criticized his grandfather’s creation.”

The U.S. can also provide satellite phones and laptops to students, religious leaders and others, and fund large-scale strikes and mass demonstrations to bring Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s regime down.

With Iran close to a nuclear weapon, military action may be the only option. But the Green memo is a shameful blemish for a president who could have prevented a threat to the free world of nuclear terror, but didn’t.

This is important. A lot of liberals ask me what I would do to resolve the Iran situation short of war. One of the things we could be doing is supporting pro-democracy movements in Iran with information warfare, money, arms, etc. I was very annoyed when Obama backed dictators in Iran, Venezuela and Honduras, while helping the Islamists to take power in Libya and Egypt. Why does he do that? Is he stupid? Is he evil? Or is it a combination of the two?

Syrian armed forces murder 16 innocent protestors

Political map of the Middle East
Political map of the Middle East

Syria is really beginning to get on my nerves. This new violence against their own citizens is coming after several  assassinations of key political figures in nearby Lebanon, e.g. – Rafik Hariri, Pierre Gemayel, etc.


Syrian security forces killed at least 16 people Friday, including a teenage boy, as thousands of people poured into the streets across the country calling for the downfall of President Bashar Assad’s autocratic regime, activists said.

The unrest also appeared to be spilling over into neighboring Lebanon. A senior member of a Lebanese political party allied with Syria and an off-duty soldier were killed Friday after gunmen opened fire and lobbed a grenade near hundreds of people holding an anti-Assad protest in northern Lebanon, a security official said in Beirut.

The protests in Syria came hours after Syrian troops backed by tanks and helicopter gunships seized control early Friday of another northwestern town in the latest military operation to quell the dissent.

Since the protests erupted in mid-March, Assad has unleashed the military to crush street demonstrations. Human rights activists say more than 1,400 Syrians have been killed and 10,000 detained.

“What is our guilt? We just demanded freedom and democracy nothing else,” said Mohamed, who spoke to The Associated Press from a refugee camp in neighboring Turkey and asked to be identified only by his first name. He and other refugees offered fresh accounts of summary executions to suppress the pro-democracy movement.

“I saw people who were beheaded with machine-gun fire from helicopters,” and a man tortured to death when security forces “poured acid on to his body,” he said.

Mohamed fled with his family as the military besieged Jisr al-Shughour, a rebellious town the government recaptured last Sunday.

He said a sugar factory in the city was turned into a jail where they “hold quick trials and execute anyone who they believe participated in protests.”

He is among some 9,600 people are seeking shelter in Turkish refugee camps.

We are wasting $9.5 million PER DAY in a pointless war in Libya. We should stop that war immediately, and pull our troops out of South Korea, Japan and Western Europe, and attack Syria, while we have our forces already deployed in Iraq. A two-pronged assault from the West and the East would be ideal, and we would not even have to use ground forces. I don’t mind spending money on war, but we have no strategic goal in Libya. Syria makes a lot more sense as a target. We should take advantage of Syria’s aggression towards peaceful protesters to target and destroy their military power. It would be difficult, but it would certainly take the pressure off of Lebanon and Israel in the Middle East region.

Venezuela Miss Universe candidate Stefania Fernandez does a brave thing

Waving the OLD Venezuela flag
Waving the OLD Venezuela flag

Story here from Investors Business Daily.


Quick, what’s the murder capital of the world: Kabul? Juarez? Try Caracas, Venezuela, a city whose dictator, Hugo Chavez, has made murder a means of extending his control.

The silent protest at Monday night’s Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas was invisible to nearly everyone — except Venezuelans. On her final catwalk, the ranking Miss Universe, Stefania Fernandez, suddenly whipped out a Venezuelan flag in a patriotic but protocol-breaking gesture.

Fernandez waved her flag for the same reason Americans waved theirs after 9/11 — to convey resolution amid distress. Her flag had seven stars, significant because Chavez had arbitrarily added an eighth, making any use of a difficult-to-find seven-star banner an act of defiance.

Fernandez’s countrymen went wild with joy on bulletin boards and Facebook, showing just how worried they are about their country. Their greatest fear is violent crime.

She is so beautiful. And she looks pretty, too!

I love it when women are brave and defiant in opposition to big government socialism. And I love that dress. Big white/black shapes or patterns are my favorite – with a black top and white bottom being my favorite of all. I wish I could send her white roses, because she deserves some.

For the ladies, here’s Marco Rubio being interviewed on Fox News by Liz Cheney.

And Marco Rubio’s new ad – I love this ad because it reminds me of MY FAMILY!:

See, I’m being fair!

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