Venezuela Miss Universe candidate Stefania Fernandez does a brave thing

Waving the OLD Venezuela flag
Waving the OLD Venezuela flag

Story here from Investors Business Daily.


Quick, what’s the murder capital of the world: Kabul? Juarez? Try Caracas, Venezuela, a city whose dictator, Hugo Chavez, has made murder a means of extending his control.

The silent protest at Monday night’s Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas was invisible to nearly everyone — except Venezuelans. On her final catwalk, the ranking Miss Universe, Stefania Fernandez, suddenly whipped out a Venezuelan flag in a patriotic but protocol-breaking gesture.

Fernandez waved her flag for the same reason Americans waved theirs after 9/11 — to convey resolution amid distress. Her flag had seven stars, significant because Chavez had arbitrarily added an eighth, making any use of a difficult-to-find seven-star banner an act of defiance.

Fernandez’s countrymen went wild with joy on bulletin boards and Facebook, showing just how worried they are about their country. Their greatest fear is violent crime.

She is so beautiful. And she looks pretty, too!

I love it when women are brave and defiant in opposition to big government socialism. And I love that dress. Big white/black shapes or patterns are my favorite – with a black top and white bottom being my favorite of all. I wish I could send her white roses, because she deserves some.

For the ladies, here’s Marco Rubio being interviewed on Fox News by Liz Cheney.

And Marco Rubio’s new ad – I love this ad because it reminds me of MY FAMILY!:

See, I’m being fair!

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