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New poll shows overwhelming support for parental rights

This story about a recent Zogby poll was blogged at Caffeinated Thoughts. (H/T ECM)


Question #4 – A United Nations treaty on children’s rights is currently being considered by the United States government. If this treaty made international law, it would trump some existing state laws on parents and children. Do you support or oppose this treaty?

3.4% strongly support

8.2% somewhat support
9.9% somewhat oppose
44.5% strongly oppose
34.1% not sure

Question #5 – If you knew that the United Nations treaty on children’s rights would give government broad discretion to overrule parents and decide what it thinks is best for a child, would you support or oppose this treaty, or does it make no difference to your opinion?

1.5% strongly support
4.9% somewhat support
11.6% somewhat oppose
66.7% strongly oppose
4.5% no difference
10.9% not sure

Wow! This is an issue that Republicans should definitely run on, and school choice with it. Power to the parents! I am a huge opponent of the United Nations and their stupid anti-parent policies.