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How to prove that Obamacare covers illegal aliens and funds abortions

Let’s get to the bottom of Obama’s health care plan.

Obamacare will allow public funds to be used for abortions

Here is the proof from FactCheck.org.


The truth is that bills now before Congress don’t require federal money to be used for supporting abortion coverage. So the president is right to that limited extent. But it’s equally true that House and Senate legislation would allow a new “public” insurance plan to cover abortions, despite language added to the House bill that technically forbids using public funds to pay for them. Obama has said in the past that “reproductive services” would be covered by his public plan, so it’s likely that any new federal insurance plan would cover abortion unless Congress expressly prohibits that. Low- and moderate-income persons who would choose the “public plan” would qualify for federal subsidies to purchase it. Private plans that cover abortion also could be purchased with the help of federal subsidies. Therefore, we judge that the president goes too far when he calls the statements that government would be funding abortions “fabrications.”

Democrats are pro-abortion.

Here’s a video with Megyn Kelly who reads what the bill actually says. (H/T Nice Deb)

Case closed.

Obamacare will cover illegal aliens

Here is the proof from the Congressional Research Service. (H/T Hot Air)


“Under H.R. 3200, a ‘Health Insurance Exchange’ would begin operation in 2013 and would offer private plans alongside a public option…H.R. 3200 does not contain any restrictions on noncitzens—whether legally or illegally present, or in the United States temporarily or permanently—participating in the Exchange.”

Democrats are pro-illegal-immigration.

Check out this video of an Obama speech where he is called out by a GOP congressman. (H/T Hot Air)

Instead of giving flowery speeches, Obama should be doing formal debates with his opponents. That way, the truth would come out.