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HUGE WIN! Obama’s communist-truther green czar resigns!

Breaking news seen at Ace of Spades. Van Jones resigns.

Ooops! Remember when he was good enough for Obama?

I think now is a good time to re-post Zo’s “Under My Bus” video.

ECM sent me this made-up evidence of Obama’s magical powers from Caffeinated Thoughts.



Michelle Malkin takes a look at how the left-wing media failed to cover this story as it developed over the last few months, and how they are spinning it for Obama now that Glen Beck and the blogs have broken it.

Here’s Charles Krauthammer explaining everything you need to know about Van Jones:

Judgement to lead!

Obama’s green czar explains how environmentalism is a front for communism

The audio is up at Powerline blog. (H/T ECM)

Listen to Van Jones, Obama’s green czar, explain how the green movement’s goal is nothing less than total redistribution of wealth in a communist system.

Scott Johnson writes:

We’ve written about Obama administration green jobs commissar Van Jones as a Communist in the White House. Jim Hoft posts the video of Jones unburdening himself before a friendly audience without inhibition. Jones gives new meaning to the term vulgar Marxist.

Now courtesy of Breitbart.tv and Naked Emperor News we have Jones explaining the deep meaning of the Obama administration’s devotion to “green jobs.” The goal of green jobs is complete revolution step by step away from gray capitalism until the forces of oppression are overcome. The video concludes with a tribute to Jones from Obama alter ego Valerie Jarrett.

Thank you for the explanation, Comrade Jones.

UPDATE: Jim Hoft also notes that Comrade Jones appears to be a 9/11 Truther. He’s the kind of guy Bill Clinton has previously said should be ashamed of himself (“how dare you?”), on that ground alone.

But don’t call Obama a communist. Oh no no no no.

The White House responds:

Asked if controversial White House official Van Jones continues to enjoy the confidence of President Obama given recent revelations about his involvement with those who suggest the Bush administration knew about the 9/11 attacks and allowed them to happen in order to justify a war for oil, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs Friday morning would only say “he continues to work in this administration.”

More on Van Jones:

Van Jones saysWhen somebody had taken the American flag and turned it into a war flag and used it to beat and whip and lynch anybody who didn’t agree that we should be bombing people and torturing people…”

Van Jones rallies for cop-killer

Van Jones says that the US is an “aparteid regime”

Van Jones says only white kids shoot up schools

Sounds like a pretty typical Democrat.

MUST-SEE: Glenn Beck exposes the radical roots of Obama’s Green Czar

Here is the video from Beck’s show. (H/T Hot Air)

David Horowitz has more. (H/T Gateway Pundit)

So what if Obama appointed radical leftists to key government positions?

What could go wrong?