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Paternity fraud case shows how pro-marriage conservatives see men as expendable

When terrible things happen to men in this society, you often get comments from people saying “well, it’s his fault, he chose a bad woman”. And I agree that men often make poor choices because they focus on attraction instead of on character. But what if a man is an innocent bystander, and is falsely accused by a woman he doesn’t even know? Is it still his fault then?

Here is the news story from Fox 2 Detroit.


A Metro Detroit man cleared his name after Friend of the Court sent him a letter saying he had a baby with a woman he never met.

“She don’t know me, how do you just put my name down? How do you just put anybody’s name down?” DeAngelo Smith said. “I don’t know her. Never seen her. Still to this day, haven’t talked to her, and it just proves the baby has no ties to my name.”

Late last year, DeAngelo received a letter from Friend of the Court in Berrien County saying that he was the father of a baby girl.

His wife was the first to see the accusation:

His wife first spotted the letter in the mail from Friend of the Court.

“Let’s just set the record, I trust my husband,” Tyahvia Smith said. “I know his character, man of integrity.”

They contacted his employer:

While waiting for the child’s mother to take the baby for a DNA test, DeAngelo said the school where he teaches received an inquiry for possible garnishment in case the child was his.

“It made it something that is not being alleged, but now it’s something that’s being taken into action and no paternity has been established,” he said.

Finally, the woman had the DNA test done, and DeAngelo has since gotten a letter confirming he was not the father.

Legislation introduced by Republican Jim Runestad to prevent this from happening has been tied up for eight years… in a Republican-led legislature:

“It’s very unfortunate, but paternity fraud is not a unique, unusual situation in Michigan,” Sen. Jim Runestad (R-White Lake) said.

Runestad said he has been pushing for new legislation on the matter for the past eight years. Currently, there is no penalty for lying and a DNA test is not required before a person is contacted about the paternity of the child.

The fact that there are no consequences for doing this means that women are going to keep doing it again and again.

Does masculinity mean that a man should give a woman whatever she wants?

I sent this story to a conservative pro-marriage friend, and she said “So what? How many times does something like this happen?” Her only concern was that this story made women look bad. She had previously told me that “masculinity is when a man uses his strength to protect and provide for women”. So, then it is just “masculine” for this innocent man to pay for a child who isn’t his own. Why would he object to paying? Does he not like children?

Most people today like the changes that feminism has made for women. They like public schools run by women that discriminate against boys. They like women taking out huge student loans for useless non-STEM degrees, then demanding bailouts from taxpayers. They like women taking part in hook-up culture. They like women using no-commitment bad boys for validation. They like no-fault divorce laws. They like false accusations during divorce trials. They like biased domestic violence laws. They like paternity fraud. They like massive welfare spending designed to reward women who make reckless decisions. And they like feminist judges stripping fathers of parental rights for refusing to agree with the transing of their kids.

Men are expendable when it comes to creating greater happiness for women. So what’s wrong with sending a man a bill for a woman who needs some money for a child that isn’t his? It’s horrible to tell a woman that she can’t do what she feels like doing. It’s horrible to tell a woman that she has to pay the costs of her own actions. Just make a man pay for it. Men are big and strong, they can handle it. And besides, women never tell lies. We have to believe all women. We have to force men to make women happy. That’s “masculinity”.

Society pressures men to get married

This “believe all women” attitude that is shared by many Christians and conservatives becomes a problem for men when men are pressured to get married. This society makes marriage a risky enterprise for men. And men have to understand that this pressure to get married is often coming from people who see men as expendable in the cause of increasing women’s happiness. The person telling you to get married is often the same person who thinks that a DNA test shouldn’t be performed in a paternity case.

Men have to understand that the command to “get married” is coming from pro-marriage activists who think that men exist solely to make women happy. Who cares about the risks and costs of marriage for men? Who cares about men’s needs and desires? Who cares what reasons a man has for marrying? Who cares about a man’s standards for his wife? Who cares about a man’s plan for his marriage? He should just be pressured to get married. Just like the falsely accused paternity fraud victim should have to pay.

It’s not the purpose of men’s lives to get married and have kids

Always remember that according to the Bible, serving God is more honorable than getting married and having children. (Read 1 Cor 7:8-9 and 2 Tim 2:4) Many social conservatives try to guilt men into getting married and having children by denying the risks and costs of marriage for men. They think that Christianity’s main purpose is to force men to make women happy, regardless of what women offer to men in exchange. That’s the actual view of several of my social conservative Christian friends.

Men are designed to serve God first and foremost. And it’s much easier to serve God if you are not encumbered by alimony, child support, false accusations, denial of due process, paternity fraud, feminist judges, etc. Only women who honor that obligation, and want to help a man to meet that obligation, should be taken seriously for marriage and child-rearing.

11 thoughts on “Paternity fraud case shows how pro-marriage conservatives see men as expendable”

  1. Women commit 100% of paternity fraud. It is an egregious crime that warrants decades in jail. They rob men of their money, time, and freedom for decades and do so at the point of a gun (the power of the state enforces all of this). So sickening. And they are obviously lousy mothers to these children.

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    1. The same rule should apply for false rape claims by women: at least as long a period in prison as the man would have received had he been falsely convicted of rape.

      BTW, the woman who stood by her husband in this false accusation is honorable. She has no doubt seen female backstabbers.

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      1. That is an amazing woman.

        The part that scares me is that even though this man married well, and kept his nose clean, he still got in trouble. He got in trouble because the rest of society isn’t willing to confront women about their bad behavior, and hold them accontable. The false accuser in this case didn’t think she was doing anything wrong. She felt entitled to this mans money. She had a whole set of beliefs that made her feel justified in lying and stealing. And we just don’t live in a society where that behavior is ever challenged. Because women cant sin, and men are responsible for the trouble that women bring on themselves.

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        1. Right! She’s a “victim” because she’s a woman.

          I see that all the time at the murder mills – women proudly walking in to murder their unborn children, and even the “churches” and “pro-life” community (most of them, not all) label them “victims!”

          What a shock it must be for them when they wake up in Hell one second after they pass from this life. Same thing for these types of women, since liars go to the Lake of Fire.

          In fact, when I read articles like this, I understand why lying is considered so reprehensible by God.


        2. I really hope Mr. Smith sues this woman into oblivion. Sadly, it’s probable that the case would be thrown out before ever going to trial. Such is the deep-seated misandry of the entire system.

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    2. When we subsidize the actions of bad women, there are two results.

      One, women become emboldened to act recklessly and then dump the responsibility for their problems on men.

      Two, good men start to avoid interactions with women because the risks outweigh the benefits.

      But you can’t even talk to man-blaming pro-marriage conservatives about the problem, so nothing changes.

      Note: I am a pro-marriage social conservative, but I’m not anti-male.


  2. Women lie and women deceive.

    They just do. It all began with Satan in the Garden, but there is a reason he went to Eve first before Adam.

    (PS. To the relatively small percentage of true Christian women in the West, we know you are there and that you are not liars and deceivers and whores and baby killers and child mutilators like so many Western women. We thank you for TRYING to set standards for your fellow women.)


  3. Big government has teamed up with women against both men and, in general, God. They assumed men’s behavior would remain unchanged with this change in culture. However, responding to these incentives/punishments, young men no longer play by the rules implemented by big daddy Gov and feminists. Now, men get some, have live-ins, don’t marry, be childless, all to avoid child support and alimony, hence avoiding the heavy hand of the law. All of which is no problem and makes practical sense to most worldly men. Since we Christians are a very small minority, we either participate in the farce or we do not; I miss Dalrock.

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  4. The problem with the “pro marriage conservatives” is they see marriage and parenthood as the be all and end all of Christianity. They are not. The Word says seek first the kingdom of God, not run out this second and get married and have kids. First thing to do is get back to teaching the Word in its entirety and context. Then add in apologetics and how science and history can help confirm what the Word says, but teaching the Word must come first.

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    1. I agree with you 100%. Marriages will be a lot better, too, if they are being done by people who take the Bible seriously and got their own worldviews in order.


      1. …if they are being done by people who take the Bible seriously and got their own worldviews in order.

        And therein lies the problem. Most of those who label themselves “conservative Christians” put their political and worldly cultural values far as bove Christ and the Scriptures. This has not even a possibility of changing unless or until these people are called out publicly (from all sides) on their heresy and hypocrisy.

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