Supporting baby ending means supporting sex-selection baby ending

Is it OK to end a baby just because she is not a boy? If you’re conservative, or a Christian, then you probably think that’s morally wrong. It’s a living being with a human DNA signature that is distinct from the mother’s DNA and the father’s DNA. But, if you’re a secular leftist, then that’s a perfectly good reason for ending a baby. After all, they have to keep the good times rolling, don’t they?

Here’s an article from the far-left The Atlantic (link goes to, not The Atlantic) where they interview a doctor who performs sex-selection baby ending.


He specializes in ab*rt**ns late in pr*gn*ncy—the rarest, and most controversial, form of ab*rt**n. This means that H**n ends the pr*gn*ncies of women who are 22, 25, even 30 weeks along.

[…]In the 1970s, physicians did not induce f*t*l demise during ab*rt**n, and once or twice, during a procedure at 15 or 16 weeks, he used forceps to remove a f*t*s with a still-beating heart. The heart thumped for only a few seconds before stopping.

[…]The reason doesn’t really matter to H**n. Medical viability for a f*t*s—or its ability to survive outside the uterus—is generally considered to be somewhere from 24 to 28 weeks. H**n, though, believes that the viability of a f*t*s is determined not by g*st*tional age but by a woman’s willingness to carry it…he’ll take the case—usually up until around 32 weeks…

[…]H**n had told me about a woman who’d sought an ab*rt**n because she didn’t want to have a baby girl. I thought he had refused. But when I followed up to ask him why, I learned that I had misunderstood… It was their choice to make, he explained.

Keep in mind that sex-selection baby ending is supported by all Democrat voters. Regardless of what they say with words, when it comes to policy, they want sex-selection baby ending to be legal. And if you disagree with it, then the FBI and DOJ think that you are a domestic terrorist for disagreeing with it. So please be extremely careful in the comments, as the federal government doesn’t look kindly on people who disagree with them on this issue. And the only way to stop that is to win the next election.

When arguing this issue, I find it useful to get the person to agree that if the woman can choose to end the baby for any reason, or for no reason at all, then there are no limits. Sex-selection baby ending is OK. Race-selection baby ending is OK. And if the woman just changes her mind about wanting the baby, then that’s fine, too.

In the interview, the doctor talks about the “white supremacy” of his opponents. This is despite the fact that a disproportionately large number of baby endings are performed on non-white mothers. In fact, the practice was started by white supremacists who wanted to eliminate races that they didn’t think much of. And the doctor is helping them to achieve that goal, although he’s smart enough to lie about it, in order to help himself to feel good about taking in the fees. He’s being paid a lot of money to do what he does. Just like the slave owners made a lot of money off of their slaves. Every single individual person who supports baby ending today would have supported slavery in those times. It’s the same argument – dehumanize a group people in order to make more money.

I’m posting this so that when you argue this issue, you bring up these cases of sex-selection and race-selection, and make your opponent sign off on them. Don’t listen to their evasive words. “I’m a moderate” “I’m a centrist” “I’m politically homeless”. If they voted for Biden, they support these cases. The words don’t matter. Only their actions matter. Secular leftists like to talk to themselves about how reasonable they are. And it sounds so good to them. They feel better. They talk themselves out of the responsibility for their actions. “I’m not a bad person for destroying people made in the image of God” they say. But happy talking to yourself doesn’t work on The Judge.

Again, be careful in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Supporting baby ending means supporting sex-selection baby ending”

  1. Why does the article contain words with asteriks? Of course it is easy to know what the words actually are, but why use them? Is it because of Google algorithms?


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