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Leaked messages: leftists in government want parents who oppose their agenda to be fired

Many leaders in the Christian church think that this whole “culture war” is just overblown. No one is out to get Christians, they say. Christianity isn’t under attack. We just need to win the secular left over by treating them nicely, and not believing “Republican party” ideas, like the Constitution, male-female marriage, secure borders, low taxes, and right to life. But what does the secular left think?

This article from ABC local news in Virginia (archived) is very interesting:

Some Loudoun County residents were threatened, and one even lost his job, after a social media group allegedly worked to dox them after the residents spoke out at school board meetings, according to documents a whistleblower sent 7News.

“I was taken back when I received a phone call from the sheriff’s department – a deputy – saying I was being threatened online,” Loudoun County resident Mark Winn told 7News.

The online threats happened in a Facebook group called the “Loudoun Love Warriors.”

The “Loudoun Love Warriors” group includes campaign volunteers, supporters, and staff for several Loudoun County elected officials, 7News learned after investigating the group members’ ties.

7News obtained hundreds of messages from a whistleblower in the group who thought the conversations were going too far.

Look how many people in the group are in government, law enforcement and school boards:

The “Loudoun Love Warriors” group includes people who appear to be associated with Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj, County Supervisor Juli Briskman, School Board Chair Ian Serotkin, school board member Brenda Sheridan, school board member Atoosa Reaser, school board member Erika Ogedegbe, school board candidate Anne Donohue, sheriff candidate Craig Buckley, and Chair Phyllis Randall. None of these elected officials personally made any threats.

What’s interesting to me is how many WOMEN there are in the group. Here’s a New York Post article about “Buta Biberaj”.

It says:

A top Virginia prosecutor sought jail time for the dad who was arrested at a school board meeting while protesting his daughter’s rape — despite having run on a George Soros-funded campaign against mass incarcerations, according to reports.

Bronx-raised Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj personally prosecuted dad Scott Smith, 48, after he was arrested at a raucous June 22 public meeting, Loudoun Now noted at the time.

The county’s top prosecutor pushed for jail time as well as a fine and anger management for Smith, even though he was only facing misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest — and his lawyer insisted he had been illegally detained, the court report said.

That’s what she did to a father whose daughter had been raped in a girl’s washroom by a student with male equipment. The father pays her salary with his taxes! But she didn’t feel any responsibility to treat him well.

Anyway, back to the original article. The threats made against the parents are very interesting. And keep in mind that the parents are paying the salaries of the government workers who are saying this:

  • “I’m gonna find his employer.”
  • “And holding that company accountable until he is fired.”
  • “Lets make him unemployable by love or by force.”
  • “I want to contact his employer to do just that. Ruin his livelihood.”
  • “Say goodbye to your job f***** [middle finger emoji].”
  • “I want every single person who clapped for that ousted en masse and their livelihoods ruined:).”

And these are even worse:

  • “Im telling you. SOMETHING has to happen to one of them.”
  • “Something public and permanent.”
  • “Lines drawn in the cement.”
  • “Lives needs to be ruined beyond repair.”
  • “Lets actually destroy them. Grind them.”
  • “If he had said that s*** about black kids or autistic kids I would shoot him.”
  • “We REALLY need to find this guy.”
  • “You guys need to stop protesting and start fighting back against these people Time to just do something different to shut them down.”
  • “F*** just getting him [fired].”
  • “Im soooo ready to show up with guns lol.”
  • “His life needs to be PERMANENTLY disassembled.”

And then they posted the addresses of the homes of the parents who they disagreed with. What bothered them the most was when one of the parents quoted verses from the Bible. That seems to be what really drove them crazy. But remember – the Biden administration said that it was concerned parents who were the real “domestic terrorists”.

I found another article about this story at Daily Wire, if you want to read more about the people involved.

And here is one of the women admitting that she e-mailed the employers of men who wanted to protect children from abuse and mutilation:

So, it’s very important for Christians and conservatives to understand where the secular leftists in government, law enforcement and the school boards stand. Christians think “oh, these are nice people, just like us”. But they’re not just like us. They’re just like Stalin, Mao, Hitler and the other socialist fascists who want to force their views on others. Parents who want their children to believe in God, morality, the Constitution, etc. are in their way. And they aren’t afraid to use threats, coercion, vandalism, and even violence in order to force parents to bow to them.

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  1. Steve Deace says the cultural contract is broken; its just demonic bro. Anything, any religion, the US Government, that is not of Jesus Christ as God, is Satanic. See

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